Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Where is our new baby sister?

Mama bought a new recliner for her home office. She told daddy and the people in the store that she wanted a Pug colored chair. We think she did a good job of matching the chair to us. She took this picture of us today while she was home on her last vacation day for 2005. She is very sad to leave us home tomarrow. We'll be okay, our human brother and sister will hug us and take us outside. Dad says there is room for one more girl on this chair. He is holding up a sign for a photo mom took for our Aunt Linda. Her pug Isabella is having puppies and one is coming to live at our house. Mama wants to name her Holly Rose and call her Rosie. She was supposed to be born on Christmas Day. Mama says she better hurry up and come or she will have to be named Shelby Rose...heh, maybe that's the name she really wants and that is why she isn't born yet. We hope she comes soon. The vet says that there are nine little pug babies in there. Wow, Isabella is going to be a busy Pug mom. We will have to teach our new baby about those cats that live here and try not to play too rough with her.

We really need to go to bed now...we are so tired!

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