Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ahhh, yes I am becoming a blog wizard!!!!

I guess you can teach "an old dog, new tricks". I have managed to make some changes and additions to my blog. Yahoo! I have added a Stat Counter (oh, how exciting) and a section for "Fellow Bloggers". Now, some of you may be out there laughing, but for someone who basically writes and solves legal problems for a living - this is a major accomplishment. Of course I probably shouldn't feel too impressed, since mostly I just fooled around in the template and copied and by trial and error got it to work. I shall pat myself on the back anyway!

Now if I can get that little map thing to work, I'll be really happy.

Puppy Update: No news yet on their arrival. Today is day 64 of the gestation period. We heard Pug puppies usually come on day 63, so much for that! Hopefully they will arrive (safely) tonight or tomarrow, so I can make the hour trip this weekend to see them! I don't have to do my "first pick" thing until they are two weeks old. I think it will be hard to choose.

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♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

oh good maybe you can help know thet I am new to this blog thing right..well how on earth do you edit your links....grrrrrI tried and tried..I must be doing something wrong...


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