Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy 4th of July to all our friends!!!!!

For Willow &'s what you'll be doing on your pool deck real soon! Don't forget your sunscreen...not sure which SPF to use!

Hubby and Chloe have already arrived at camp. Their all settled in and waiting for my daughter and I to get there. We'll be leaving here around 11pm when my daughter gets home from work! YIKES!!! I thought I would take a nap after work, but it never happened. Zoey and Rosie are resting up for the drive.

AM hope you and the baby are home with Jason and the dogs and all is going well. Can't waiting to "hear" all about her!!!!!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thundery Thursday

Well, the weather has been very interesting around here. Hope all our blog friends in the flooded areas of NY, Penn, and NJ are safe and dry! We have had lots of thunder today and tonight here in NY. I love thunder!!! I especially love it at night while I'm in bed...crazy???

We'd like to send special puggy get well wishes to Gizmo and Baxterman. We all pray everything will be a.o.k. with both of you! We will be praying for you!

Yes, the stumps are gone and yes, we moved all that stump wood around. I changed the area where the biggest stump was and now my chiminea sits there. No pics - too much rain!

No, my car is not fixed. It was in the shop all week and no one even looked at it. Hubby went and picked it up this afternoon and took it to BJ's for tires, then bought ceramic brake pads and roters. He will replace those tomarrow morning himself, before he leaves for camp. I take it in Wed. am to have the recall work done on the catalytic converter. Cars - money - blah, but I love my little VW Bug and have NO car payment, so any money spent doesn't equal paying monthly! Yep, keep telling myself that.....

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What's up with my blog

I have tried to view my blog several times today and most of the info is missing as are all my posts???? What's up with that??? Anyhow, I am trying to post, to see if things "work themselves out".

FIRST - A huge congratulations to Alfredsmom, Jason and their sweet new baby daughter. I'm sure AM will have a lot to tell us about the whole thing!

So today, the girls pulled the keyboard cord out - yet again. They are always playing under the desk, while we are on the computer. Well, this time they really messed it up and it wouldn't work no matter what anyone did. Of course the SOS call came to me at I drove home at lunch with an extra keyboard from the office and FIXED IT.

The hubby called the tree stump guys and crabbed them out, so they came around 2ish and were done by 5. Right before we had a HUGE rain/hail/lightning/thunder storm. I never realized how much mulch a tree stump makes.

Lastly, my car, which has been in the garage since Monday, has still not been looked at. Now, I need this car to drive to camp on Friday night. I need those 2 new tires, I need those new brakes, and most importantly I need to know what the heck that creaking sound is in the front end of the car. Cross your fingers that they actually look at it tomarrow....if not, we are going to pick it up, go to BJ's and have them put on the new tires and renew my AAA membership!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Well, as of tonight we still have this.....

and this.....

that's right the stump grinding job has still not started. Basically, I think they needed a place to park their equipment for a week. The hubby says forget it...leave the stumps. Now that will take some creative gardening.

Here is a photo of my fountain (that needs to be cleaned)!

The rest of the garden is a mess.....

And I still have a mountain of pine mulch, yuck!

Monday, June 26, 2006

The patient is home and resting

Rosie did just fine at her surgery today. I dropped her off at 8:15 am with authorization for flouride treatment, nail clipping, wrinkle and ear cleaning..and of course the spay. The vet called at 10:00 am and scared the CRAP out of me...only to ask if I wanted them to remove her last baby tooth...heck, when did the others fall out???? I gave the go ahead and a while later they called to say she had done just fine and was resting...they also mentioned that they wanted her to stay FOREVER. HAHA, yeah, right. So, I picked her up at 5:30pm with directions to keep her quiet and no food. Thankfully she did not decide to get sick on my pink blouse on the way home, although it was raining and she was freaking out over the windshield wipers???? The big sisters here don't know what to make of a quiet Rosie. They spent the last couple of hours sitting outside the crate like "guard" dogs. I'm sure she'll be happy to be eatting tomarrow! She must be starving!!!! She is still wobbly and we'll just let her rest and we'll all rest too!

To answer a couple of comment questions...

The collar with her name is one we got Rosie as a newborn. It was actually a girl's wristband. I bought the slip on "bling" letters. I found the larger collars at PetCo and when the pink collar got too small - moved them up. All three girls have these for dress-up!

Yes, the equipment is still in my driveway. No I did not move any hanging plants to it, although I did call and they apologized that they had not gotten over yet...heck, didn't they need their truck????? Hopefully, they will be here and gone tomarrow!

Yes, it is legal to use speakphone in NYS....but don't be holding the phone!!! HANDS FREE ONLY!!!!

Off to check on the patient.

Good luck AM..hope tonight is the night for the baby!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rosie does not want surgery

The vet sent pre-surgery paperwork to our house for us to sign and bring with us when we drop Rosie off Monday morning....this is what Rosie thinks of the anetheisa release forms!

Now, she didn't rip the cover letter, but tore to shreds the sheet that required my I am worried.

Garden - tree removal update. The guys that were doing to stump removal from the 6 trees that we had down called last Tuesday to ask if they could drop off the stump machinery. Now having no idea what type of machinery they actually use, we said sure just put it in front of the area where you will be working. They said they would be by "later in the week" to do the Wednesday afternoon I came home to a truck sized piece of equiptment behind a large truck - parked in the center of our circular driveway. Okay, fine we have several driveways so that's not a one one one Sunday, I still have 6 large tree stumps in my garden areas and also have a large yellow something machine and a large truck.....possession is 9/10ths of law, right???????

Friday, June 23, 2006

Daddy's little helper

Chloe loves hanging out in the garage with her daddy when mama is not home. He would love to take her for a motorcycle ride, all she needs is her helmet and goggles! I do have some black "pleather" ....I'm thinking a jacket needs to be in the making!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Can't be a puppy forever!

Rosie is looking so grown up! She is only turning 6 months old and so TALL. Monday she goes in to be spayed. Maybe she'll calm down a bit! HAHA
And the new "snack of choice" for the girls......

It has to be better for them then cookies!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Good Luck Alfredsmom!!!!!!

Special thinking of you wishes going out to !!!!! Thinking of you while your anxiously awaiting that wonderful baby girl!!!! Can't wait to see her!!!!

Now thought she'd pop over and pickup alfredsmom and and I could meet them PA or something.....but, guess we'll have to wait for that baby to show her sweet face!!!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Good news and life jackets

First of all, my surgeon called at 10:00 pm to let me know my lump was benign (did I spell that right?) no indication of precancer or anything. Just FINE!!!! Yeah for that one!!! I have been troubled with that lump since last August and am happy about it being GONE!

I recently bought the girls life jackets at PetWise...yes, three of them. Well, the hubby had a fit that I bought 3, I mean really we have three dogs, right? I mean did we only have a life jacket for one of our human children???? So, I promised him I would try to "make do" with one. Letting them share in the pool and stuff. So Chloe got to try it out first. Put the jacket on her, hooked her leash to it and let her swim around the pool..great fun, worked great, she loved it. Now Zoey's turn, only this time I get in the pool with her, Chloe gets so excited about us in the pool that she jumps down from deck onto pool edge and FALLS INTO THE POOL. I was right next to her (remember Zoey is wearing the lifejacket) and watched her surprised expression as she SANK TO THE BOTTOM. Eyes wide open! I grabbed her up and calmed her down and hubby said...well, how come she didn't have her life jacket on????? So, now we are keeping THREE lifejackets. Here are a few pool photos.

Yes, pools are a lot of work, but ahhhh, so nice!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Our camp

Lisa made me want to post photos of our camp too! They say the sunsets in our area are some of the most beautiful around. These are a few photos my son took.

Zoey loves to sit in this window...all the time. The other day I realized she had actually leaned so much she has pushed the screen out. I can't imagine how she would have reacted to falling out the window!

And most fun of all....the boat!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ready for summer

Well, hubby finished cleaning up the pool today. He does a good job with it, glad it's his job! Since he works nights he is able to enjoy the pool during the day, as does my daughter. I'm still working on the gardens by the pool deck/patio. We are still waiting to have the HUGE tree stump ground out before I can finish that area. We actually have 8 tree stumps to take out...but....depending on the cost, we'll see. Anyhow, hubby went out and bought some sweet turquoise chairs for the deck, put up the table and chairs and umbrella and had the little "self-cleaning" thing running around the pool. It is going to be in the 80's this weekend, hopefully the water will be toasty! I really need to charge my camera batteries to post some photos, but will leave you with Chloe....ready for summer!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hump Day

So today my sister called the camp owners about my dad's spot and they said they had reconsidered and were going to drop the $450 fee. Now we don't know if we should pay and have him stay and maybe sell it during late summer/early Fall or pay just the $450 and get it out of there. I think it would sell better up there on the site with the deck and stuff. Thanks WillowBelle and Ragus for the support about all that! Loon Lake looks really nice, but kind of a long drive each weekend! Darn!!! My hubby really likes more of a woodsy atmosphere....I prefer beachy, oh well.

So after work I race home to the girls, go to take them outside and....step on a BEE. Okay, I give up! HAHA Wow, that little bugger hurt! Seems there are lots of the little devils out there in the lawn today. I'll have to watch it with the girls, never can tell if they are allergic or not.

Went ot Petsmart tonight and got dogfood, met a Pug named Henry, very cute, but then once again...aren't all Pugs? He was only 8 months old, but I think Rosie is bigger than him. She is soooooooooo tall and lanky and CRAZY.

Yardwork update. We have a large area in our yard that had some white pine trees that were in bad shape. The branches of these trees used to touch the ground and the area was like a small forest in the middle of our yard. Well, over the past 20 years these poor trees have done very bad. Ice storms, wind storms..lots of broken limbs, etc. We have been afraid that they were going to fall over and take out our carriage house, pool, or garage, so we finally had them cut down. What a mess!

Unfortunately Blogger is giving me a problem posting the rest of the photos.....blah!!!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Trials and Tribulations

Saturday my baby girl (the human one) turned 20! We had a arena football game that night and were pretty busy. She decided to leave in the final quarter to go out with friends. I had a bad feeling.......intuition???? Fast forward to 8:49 am Sunday morning. Phone card bureau calling to report "unusual activity" on daughter's debit/visa card. Hear daughter upstairs...comes down crying...debit/visa card stolen - cell phone stolen! YIKES!!!!! Call Verizon report phone, call credit dude back, yep stolen. Card blocked, phone blocked. The creeps used the card to purchase gas, several times, and a trip to Walmart for $121+. Call bank, leave message about replacement card. Fast forward to Monday has not called back, don't open until 9am, daughter had to be at work at 7am, I leave at 8:30am. Hubby calls cell, call bank right bank from cell phone while driving. I NEVER USE CELL PHONE WHILE DRIVING...but, today I do....AND I GET A DAMN TICKET!!!!!!!!! Try to tell officer what a bad time I am having...oh, sorry, where did daughter get her stuff stolen, gee that's too's your ticket, get hands free! BUDDY - I DON'T USE CELL PHONE IN CAR - I DON'T NEED HANDS FREE!!!!!! blah, blah, blah - That was an expensive phone call. Get to office, painter is there using oil based primer, entire office stinks. Just a perfect day! Fast forward to tonight. My dad has the campsite next to us. He has been there for 25 years, we have been there for 8. He is month late to pay his yearly fee due to financial difficulties. I call to talk to them about helping him out and they tell me he owes 1) regular yearly rent 2) $50 late fee and 3) $450 for the month he didn't pay?????? So the $1200 rent becomes $1700 because of 30 days late????? Oh, lord help me! Sorry Mr. and Mrs. New Owners...that is too much money, he can't pay that and you just charged us $100 extra dollars for our dogs! Response...well, we'll be moving the trailor off the site and now you can pay $5 per day for storage.

I'm going to bed...............

Friday, June 09, 2006

Yeah, yeah, I went to Bath & Body Works too!

Thanks Alfredsmom! Just a few things I picked up at the sale!

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Taking the cue from Blackbird, here are a couple of my houseplants.
I actually started this plant 10 years ago. I was doing an internship at the Attorney General's Office and thought my desk needed a little life. It was basically the $1.99 special in the 2" pot. Now, it is this....

As you can see, I have rooted cuttings along the way and made the tiny little plant, a big plant....and even created another plant.....this one

Cool huh?

Here is a "cat" planter I painted 15 years ago. It represents cats I have owned.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Flowers love food too!

I wanted to post photos of my Rhododendrons. My mom always stressed to me the importance of "feeding" my plants. Being our property was once a farm, we have been blessed with wonderful soil and most anything will grow where I plant it. Anyhow, since my mom died,for the past couple of years I have been fertilizing my potted plants and hanging baskets and must say the plants really looked fab. So, this year, I thought I would actually fertilize my flowering shrubs too....well, I think they loved their food..what do you think?

I have another red one and white one ton the side that have not fully bloomed yet. Wow, I wish they lasted all summer!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Get away - recap

Having a little posting difficulty with blogger, so here it is already Tuesday and just posting about the weekend! I have tons more photos, but blogger issues! UGH!!!!

Well, it's back to reality. We had a great time in New Jersey, despite my recovery process. It was probably actually a really good thing that I went away, that way I wasn't tempted to try to do any excessive jobs around the house!

Friday morning we left our house and drove to SIL's house, which is 40 minutes South of us. Got our stuff in their car and drove 3 minutes into the town they live in for breakfast. Yeah, we got really far. After breakfast, bank, post office, and pharmacy for my BIL we were ready to leave, finally! About 3 hours from home we stopped for gas and my SIL bought this lovely ring:

It became the "hit" of the weekend, her "keeping an eye" on everyone! We arrived at the Seaview around 4pm. We decided to freshen up, change and drive the short distance to Atlantic City. We went to a new casino there called the Borgata. It wasnt' right on the strip, so it was nicer than the others. We played a few "slots" and then went to a FAB buffet. I hesitate to even call this a buffet. They had everything Chinese, to steamed clams, steaks, prime rib, wonderful veggies, and more! There was no way to even "taste" everything there.

After eatting, back to the "slots". Now I told myself (a non-gambler) that I was only spending $40 - no matter what. Well, at the end of the night I had won $150! How fun is that???? We left and went back to our villa and called it a night.

Saturday morning the guys went to get a massage and we ladies went to the spa. Here is the beautiful Elizabeth Arden Red Door entrance!

My SIL got her nails done and I hung around, relaxing. We went from there to hear the sales "talk" about the Marriot Vacation Club. After that back to the villa to get changed. We went to the Country Club (Seaview Hotel) area and had a great lunch in the clubhouse. Did I mention that the LPGA was being held there at the same time? We were right in the midst of all the excitement without even buying tickets. We could see a lot right from where we ate.

After lunch we took a tour of the hotel. This hotel was built in 1914 and retains so much beauty! We saw some beautiful suites (NO PUGS ALLOWED!!!!).

After our tour we went back and all rested before going out again. My BIL wanted to go back to the casinos....which we did. My $40 that night turned into $18.50! DARN. By the time we got back it was nearly 2am, so right to bed.

Sunday morning we got packed up and left the guys to go back to the spa. I had a massage (paid for by SIL) scheduled for 10am. It was wonderful! After, showered, changed and off to the hotel's famous brunch!

Ahhh, makes me hungry just looking at them!

All in all a very nice weekend. Lots of laughs and rest, just what I needed.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Day two recovery

Well, today is my second full day home after surgery. I got a pretty good night's sleep, woke up at 5am, but forced myself back to bed (boy were the girls happy about that) and didn't get up until 8:45. What a sleep in that was.

Tomarrow morning we leave bright and early for our trip to New Jersey with hubby's sister. We are going to Seaview Resort & Spa The LPGA is there this weekend, but we won't be attending any of that. We'll be stopping by Atlantic City. I'm not much of a gambler, but it is an interesting place to watch the people. I may spend a roll of quarters on the slot machines...heh, you never know! Saturday, we will be doing the spa thing and Saturday evening driving down to Cape May to the wharf. They have a great dockside eatting area...yummy. I can smell and taste it there already! My sister-in-law is lots of fun, she loves to talk, laugh, and shop!

The girls are staying home with my daughter and son. Chloe saw me take out a bag to get ready and has not let me out of her sight. I told her she has to wait until August for her week at the shore. She loves traveling and has been to Williamsburg, VA, Virginia Beach and Cape May twice and she's only 3!

Now for Blackbird's Show & Tell Thursday....

This dresser belonged to my grandparents. It was actually a beautiful maple finish that I decided was ugly (???). There is actually a whole set, but we split the pieces up to use in various rooms. I did some horrible gold faux painting on the dresser and mirror..ugh!!!! It now resides in the front hall upstairs, unseen to other humans. When (IF?????) my son moves out, I hope to make his room a guest/sewing room. I would like to refinish this piece and the mirror for that room.

So time to rest up for my outing to "Wally World" aka Wallmart. Need to pickup a couple of things and my daughter said she'd take me driving for me until tomarrow.


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