Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I am an overachiever

My daughter's cheerleading coach in high school told me I was an overachiever! HA - but of course if she wanted someone to do something guess who she called!!!! Anyhow, I got most everything done today that I set out for myself last night. A big chunk of the day went to my daughter and I and our nail appointments. My tech was sooooooooooooo slow that the owner took over to speed things up. We went back to the salon we used to go to two years ago. Much more fun there. I don't feel like their talking about me while I'm sitting there! After the nails we tortured ourselves and went to BonTon. Good sales, long lines, bought stuff I didn't need. I actually bought a few things for next Christmas. The cutout cookies are baked, but not frosted. I did not do the chocolate chip ones yet. I found those fun chips that have little Christmas shaped chips in there. Guess I'll bake those tomarrow after work. All but my son and dad's gifts are wrapped. Did some wash, decided the house was not dirty, so why clean it? I will clean the bathrooms and kitchen on Saturday morning. No one is coming over until 5pm, so I have plenty of time.

Chloe and Zoey would prefer I just rest this I am thinking that sounds like a good idea. I really wanted to run over to Barnes and Noble, but what the heck I have 2 more days to do that. Why overachieve anymore for today!

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Pugley said...

Oh you're so funny! I purchased way too much again today. I told my husband that I'm through buying for my son. NO MATTER WHAT!!! Glad you didn't clean your house. You didn't need to! Nice to see you taking my advice there, hahaha.


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