Friday, July 28, 2006

Oh, here comes 4 sweet days off!

Today starts 4 days off to camp. After a rough start this afternoon, which consisted of LEAVING my cell phone at the post office and almost running out of gas. I'm just packing up my car, grabbing Biddy, and off we go! Phil left this morning with Chloe and Rosie, he drove separate as he has 10 days off! THE BUM Hope everyone stays cool and keeps bloggin'

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Little Maggie Moo

This is a photo of Maggie Moo, the little Puggy with the Liver Shunt problem, hard to believe she's sick, isn't it????

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Portosystemic Liver Shunt

Does anyone know about this disorder? or know someone whose Pug has it and has had surgery???? As some of you may know I belong to a Pug Group. Mainly our purpose is to help educate people on the Pug breed. We are BIG into socialization and hold fundraisers to support Pug rescue groups. This week we were contacted by a young lady...her story is reprinted here with her permission:

I am looking for anyone who may have information regarding pugs who have had surgery to ligate a portosystemic liver shunt and how they have done. I work at the C***** Animal Clinic near Syracuse, NY. The veterinarian that I work for sees puppies at a local petstore and in April they brought in a sweet little pug puppy. She was having periods of disorientation and blindness. The petstore did not want to spend the money to find out what was wrong with her and instead were going to send her back to the H****** C****** where she would be put to sleep.I thought that this was terrible and that she deserved a chance to have a life and be loved. I asked the petstore owners if I could have her instead and that I understood she problem had many issues and I would not hold them responsible or go to them for any help with her medical problems if they would just give her to me. Finally they got back to me and said that if I wanted her to come and get her or they would ship her out on the next truck. That day I took her in and ran several blood tests to find out what was wrong with her.The results pointed to a portosystemic liver shunt. Her Doctor put her on L/D diet, Denosyl, Marin, Metronidazole/Amoxicillin compound and Alternagel. Since starting medications she has not had any problems and on the outside appears to be a normal wonderfull baby pug girl. Her bloodwork has not changed much since starting the medications. On 7/12/06 we went to see Dr H**** for an ultrasound where we were able to locate her shunt on the outside of her liver. She feels that Maggie Magoo is a candidate for surgery.Today we went to Cornell for a pre surgical consultation. The doctors there all feel she is a candidate for surgery and could benefit but that as with any surgery there are risks. The surgery will be around $2500.00 which I have been saving for but still have a way to go.I would really like to know if anyone knows anything about pugs that have had this surgery and how or if it has helped.Thank you so much for reading my story.Katie

I have been emailing Katie and she tells me she has saved $1,100 towards the cost for the surgery. She is trying to get a part-time job to raise the difference. The surgery is scheduled for August 17th. Her real desire contacting me is for information about the shunt...not to solicite money, however; being the sucker that I am, I am trying to come up with ways to raise money to help her out. I believe our group is going to pitch in for the surgery. Anyone got any ideas? We all know the costs for keeping our little Puggies healthy. Time is short. If anyone is interested in donating, I will arrange collection and payment to Cornell on her behalf.

Last meme from Lisa

Favorite Show ~ Grey's Anatomy
What Celebrity do you want to meet? Mel Gibson
Sexiest Male music artist? Keith Urban
First Car- 1969 Buick Skylark Convertible!
The farthest Place you have been from home? Florida
What is under your bed? Extra box of Pergo...maybe a cat
Do you use Snooze on your alarm?'s way across room hitting snooze would be obnoxious to do
Most obnoxious male actor? Tom Cruise
Been to a concert? yes ... Lou Reed (gross) Waylon Jennings, brain cramp.....
Piercings? Ears
Favorite fast food? Usually get chicken ranch salad at McDonald's
Favorite ice cream? Hmmmm, soft vanilla, coffee and I would love to try that cake batter like W over at Willow and Belle had recently
Fears? Heights
Sport? Hockey
Children? Two - Son 23 and daughter 20
Pets? three puggies, 2 cats, not sure what's in aquarium right now
Shower or bath? Bath mostly
Pet peeves? Junk on the counter and dishes found NOT in kitchen
OCD? Not sure
Habits? You'd have to ask hubby that one
Favorite store? Don't have a favorite, although I'd probably say Joann Fabrics
Least favorite female celebrity? Hmmmm
Rings before you answer the phone? Second... I hate to hear the phone ring
What are you wearing? Black knit capri outfit, black sandals
What did you do last night? Grocery shopped, water flowers, swept deck and patio, vacumned, cleaned bathroom, woke hubby for work, made him dinner, packed his lunch, took a bath, read one chapter in new book, off to sleep!
What did you do today? Read the newspaper, got ready for work, drove to work....need to actually DO some work!
Who sent you your last e-mail? Wow, I haven't checked them yet today!
Who did you talk to on the phone last? Daughter, telling me her plans for the evening
What scares you? House fires, Sandy's Big Fat Devil Roaches like I NEVER want to see Favorite fruit? Pears
New addiction? Crystal Light Lemonade
Can't live without? Indoor plumbing!
Greatest fear? Something happening to my kids or Pugs or hubby
Miss anyone? my mama and my grandparents
What will you do after you finish this? Get back to work!

Meme #2

This MeMe comes from Astrocoz!
What were you doing 10 years ago? I was working as a Paralegal for a scummy attorney and getting ready for our yearly trip to the Jersey shore
Five snacks you like: Ice Cream, Cookies, Cookies, Cookies, Cookies....
Five songs you know by heart: tons, but bad with titles
Five things you'd do if you were a millionaire:Buy my kids each a house, buy myself a house on the beach, help Pug rescue, pay all my bills; have a cool huge Pug get-together
Bad habits: Snacking, trying to solve everyone's problems, worrying
Five thing I like to do: Read books, Walk the Pugs or with my bf Sharon, Reading blogs, Sewing, Scrapbooking
Five things I would never wear again: Jumpsuits, big curly hair, tight jeans, 2 piece bathing suit, maternity clothes (ha)
Five favorite toys: Computer, cell phone, sewing machine, boat (really belongs to hubby) cd player

Meme #1

This one was created by Coco's mom

Favorite season~ Fall
Favorite holiday~ Christmas I love the music, decorations and memories
Favorite Color~ Red
Favorite song ~ Really don't listen to music real favorite
Favorite Nail Polish Color ~ Mauve
Favorite Dog breed (besides your own)~ Boston Terrier
Favorite guilty pleasure~ gold jewelry and shoes
Favorite shoe~ I love them all - for this time of year it is Flip-flops
Favorite candle scent~ Mulberry
Favorite sound~ nature - thunder human - laughter
Favorite scene~ Beach
Favorite place to walk your dogs~ anywhere
Favorite time of day~ early morning when I'm the only one up or late at night when it's quiet

Monday, July 24, 2006

Fun in the summer sun

We went off to camp again this past weekend. I took a half-day on Friday and we got an early start. I took all my scrapbooking supplies and my daughter worked on her scrapbook when we got there. I visited with neighbors and the hubby went fishing. Saturday it was a little drizzly. The hubby went golfing and my daughter and I went to see "Lady in the Water"....nothing spectacular there. We shopped a little after the movie got some good deals at Old Navy. When we got back to camp hubby asked our neighbor to go fishing....(does anyone see a pattern here?), neighbor's wife (my good friend) and I chatted on our deck and had a glass of wine until the guys got back. Ate very late and couldn't keep my eyes open to watch a dvd. Sunday we got up and I made breakfast for hubby and daughter, and then packed some drinks and snacks and went out on the boat....and hubby FISHED.

He wanted to keep these two, but my daughter and I made him throw them back!

Rosie hanging out in the front of the boat.....

Went back and closed things up and got home around 6:00pm..hubby went to bed and daughter and I went out for a bite to eat and stopped to get a few groceries.

Next weekend I'm taking my sewing machine to camp. Time to start working on some projects I have started and get some promised projects done too!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Digital Cameras

Okay, I really want a new digital camera. We've dropped ours more than a few times and now the viewfinder is a little "off". The hubby wants the Canon that can use the lenses from our 35mm Canon Reflex Camera. Our current camera is a Kodak version 3.2. He doesn't want another Kodak model (since he was downsized from Kodak after 31 years of service!), but several friends have the newer models and like them best. My son had an HP, which was junk. So, what does everyone out there use?????? Suggestions??? What do you like or dislike about your camera???? ;)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I know ~ my family thinks I'm fun
I believe ~ in God
I fought ~ occasionally with my little sister
I am angered ~ if anyone cheats or lies
I love ~ unconditionally
I need ~ to lose weight
I take ~ my Pugs to work sometimes
I drink ~ Water with lemon
I hate ~ being taken for granted
I use ~ sunscreen
I want ~ to stay at the shore for a month
I decided ~ I need to say no sometimes
I like ~ creating things
I am ~ a Gemini
I feel ~ tired tonight!
I left ~ the oven on once when we went to a funeral
I do ~ not sit down much
I hope ~ that my family stays healthy
I dream ~ random dreams
I drive ~ the speed limit
I listen ~ to books on tape
I type ~ without looking at the keys
I think ~ I'd like to meet all my blog friends
I wish ~ that I had the whole summer off work
I compensate ~ by being a peacekeeper
I regret ~ not writing down stuff my grandparents told me that I thought I'd remember
I care ~ a lot
I should ~ walk every day
I am not always ~ on time
I said ~ I'd always be there for my kids
I wonder ~ if I'll ever get laser surgery on my eyes
I changed ~ loving cats more than dogs
I cry ~ when I think of my mom being gone
I am ~ not going to fly on a plane if I can avoid it
I am not ~ going to smoke
I lose ~ papers sometimes
I leave ~ the hall light on

Paint by number..............

Yesterday my son called me in a panic from home. Seems his hours were cancelled yesterday at work, so he returned home (about 20 minutes after I had left) to find that Rosie and Zoey had gotten into a paint by number paint pot! Seems one of the little pots had fallen on the kitchen floor.

Now those little pots are only about an inch high, but oh what two little Pugs can do with an inch of pink paint! Their faces were covered, their feet, their tummies, my brown leather sofa, the family room paint everywhere. He called the vet to be sure there wouldn't be a problem with them injesting some of the paint and the vet said since it is non-toxic, clean them up, rinse their mouths and keep an eye on them for vomiting. Unfortunately, he did not take any photos! Seems he was too alarmed by the whole thing.

Darn, I would have loved to see their little pink faces! Rosie still has pink whiskers, but that is it. Leather cleaner took care of the sofa...the rug, well pink. Heck, I wanted a new rug anyway! HAHAHA

PS Chloe remained innocent throughout the whole thing!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Summer Pug Party

Sunday was our annual July summer party at Aunt G's house on the lake. Lots of fun for all the humans and Pugs.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


It rained over 3.33 inches in our area yesterday. This is a photo of the cemetary where my mom, grandparents, great-grandparents and several aunts and uncles are buried!

"Roughly 300 grave sites at the Webster Rural Cemetery are now three feet underwater.
Andy Hill of the cemetery association worries that about the condition the cemetery will be in once the water recedes into the ground.
"It fills up all the graves and then you have the problem of lawn mowers tipping over because water fills up all the graves,” he said. " WOKR

Glad my family is in the back sections...hopefully not as much flooding there.

Here is a photo of the road way that I crossed over last night on my way home from work. This happened later in the evening.

Wow, that would have been one way to get a new car!

But today the sun is back out and hopefully the waters around the area are drying up!

More Zoey

That "surprised" look even back then!

Sleeping with daddy

Best of friends

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Let's talk Zoey. AKC name "Chloe's Little Biddy Zoey"

Photo taken in Cape May, NJ
Mama was in the basket shop and Zoey was waiting for her to come out when this was taken

Nicknames Biddy, Bid, Bidster, Peanut Pie, Clown face, Middle Child

Zoey is the smallest of our three girls, but definetely the Alpha of the bunch. She is feisty, funny, and sometimes moody. She came from Pennsylvania. The hubby and I drove to get her on Mother's Day and from that point on I became her mother. Her Pug mama died from a fall when she was only 2 weeks old. From that point on her mama was the family Bulldog. Her breeder cried when we left.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Camping, again

Hubby and I and the girls went to camp again this weekend. We left early Saturday morning.

Rosie and Zoey are always ready to have some dinner....

My neighbor decorated the road sign at our corner

I bought these crazy hats at Walmart last year...
they hate them!

These beautiful baskets line the main street in Sackett's Harbor, all different colors and types of flowers.

We were on the boat for 7 hours on Sunday. The girls were out there for 3 hours of the day. I did have the camera along, but didn't take any photos...opps

We stayed until Monday afternoon. The hubby golfed in the morning and the girls and I relaxed.

We got a little bored on the way home and decided to play with the camera.

Chloe - napping


Zoey...hmmm, what's with that look?

Friday, July 07, 2006

Chloe and Zoey may become famous....

Today Chloe and Zoey were involved in a photo shoot for a local photographer doing a project for a pet supply company. They were shooting photos of Pugs to be used on sides of their trucks. The campaign is including all different breeds for advertising. They photographed each dog individually. Rosie's mom Isabella did it and so did Olivia, Rosie's sister. They were really looking for a more adult look so we didn't bother to have Rosie pose. They really loved Zoey...with her funny, almost laughing face, but it was SO hot in there and they were SO excited her tongue was taking over half her face!! They asked me if I could get her to stop putting her tongue out...yeah, right! Chloe did very well with her turn. Sitting left, sitting right, and standing. My friend and I were each given gift certificates from the company for doing the shoot. It will be fun to see which Pug photo they choose. They can't share any of the photos with us in case the company decides it may want to use that photo, but they promised to take a photo of the truck with the Pug on it! Personally, I think it would be funny to see Zoey's big grin and tongue on the side of a truck!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More weekend pics

A walk around Sackett's Harbor, NY

Some puggy fun.....

Looking pretty....

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's hear it for the red, white and blue! The girls wanted to show off their patriotic dresses. My neighbors at camp applauded for us when we visited them with the girls in these..they have Pugs too and said their Pugs feel "naked" in our presence! HAHA

The long weekend at camp consisted of....swimming


Weekend to be continued...when Blogger let's me post more photos!


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