Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Did you all see Miss Clover wearing one of my dresses?????

She is ADORABLE, don't you agree?????? Don't forget $5 of every item I sell on my site I donate. Stay tuned for tomarrow when I announce the new recipient of the donations!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Off he goes...

In January Green Mtn. held their silent auction. I donated a few items...including one of my knitted Pugs....yesterday he went on his journey to his new home, I hated to see him go! Some little child is going to have a big surprise in their Easter Basket!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Special Order...

My bff saw this blue crocheted dress I was ready to list on my etsy and wanted it for her Pug, Dixie....But that meant Rosie's mom, Isabella, would need one made to "match" lavender.... They really do love dress-up...I think she must have been witholding food and water to achieve this look....
I think they look cute together...and these aren't even their special Spring dresses I'm making for them...stay tuned....

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hard to believe this place opens in three weeks....

Last week after driving the transport, we stopped by camp to see how things had held up over the Winter.....
Looks pretty barren, that's for sure!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Moving up in the land of electronics......

My harddrive at work has been having issues for several months. It was 9 years old, so I guess I just worked it too hard! Anyhow, it was decided that I would be getting a new harddrive. When it arrived there was a new keyboard also. Smaller, keys in different places...strange....stranger at that point it was FURTHER decided I needed a new here is my new setup....see it all? That is everything...behind the phone is my harddrive!isn't it crazy small???? It doesn't have any cd capability..but I'm told cd's are going to be a "thing of the past"????? It does has a SD slot, so pictures and video are easy to upload. If I need to restore data or get a program, I either get it online or from our network. the new monitor rocks.....
I can't believe I can finally strech my legs out under my desk and kick NOTHING...and noise....there is is so quiet. I've come a long way from the days of carbon paper and typewriters!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How we (I) spent Chloe's prize money....

Back in January I entered Chloe in the Pawhaus Pet Boutique "Best Dressed" contest. Happily she was a winner of $50 worth of merchandise in their shop!

Here is how she (I) spent her money!
Shampoo....smells SO nice! I had used this shampoo before and LOVED it. I was happy to see it for sale in the shop! The conditioner was an extra "freebie"!
Cool-It Bandanas.....I've always wanted to try these!
Rosie begged for this new toy!
You all know with our many outfits hangers are always needed! I am embarressed to say 36 hangers weren't enough! YIKES!!!!
The ultimate dog toy.....a ball that talks (with your own recorded message) AND dispenses treats! We gave this to Charlie! He is now driving C nuts with it on a daily basis!!!
Pop over to Pawhaus and see what they have to offer!!!! There are TONS of unique items!!!!
Happy Shopping!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Because it's Monday......

and everyone needs a laugh on Monday..... So you see...just because I create fashion....doesn't mean I have it!

I stole these flannel pants from P many years ago...there was this tiny little hole in the got bigger. Then I went to put them on and OPPS - I put my whole foot through the hole. The hanging fabric became bothersome, SO....I ripped the leg off and continued about my business. P thought you should all see that I am TRULY NOT PERFECT!!! Personally I think the look on Rosie's face says it all!!!!

Happy Monday!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Blog friends..another blog friend of myself (and many others of you) needs our help. She has found herself in a situation where she needs to find a foster home for her two male Pugs. It would most likely be a minimum of six months. One is a senior Pug. If ANY of you thinks you have room in your house and heart to help her out please contact me asap!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

Transports....and a sale

Most of you know that I do transports for rescue. I know many others of you out there are also involved in rescue in some way or another too. I get such satisfaction from helping these guys! It is so sad, yet so rewarding to know their lives are about to change for the better! If you don't know about rescue I urge you to check out these two groups:

Green Mountain Pug Rescue
Kentuckiana Pug Rescue

and as a special fundraiser from me to rescue I am now going to donate $5 from EVERY item I sell on my etsy site to these two groups. I will be doing this from today until March 31st. I will be adding items daily as everything I have done is not currently in my shop. Also, you can pick which of these two groups I donate your purchase donation to. Just a little way for me to help them as I can! Please tell your friends!

I am happy to report that 3 out of 5 of these cuties already have adoptions pending!!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Zoey!!!!!!

The dog age charts say she is 44.....we don't think she's changed much, a little chubbier, a little more gray....still our little spitfire!!!!

age 2age 3

age 4age 5 plus her party dress still fits!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Puggies Day!

Seems these two started the party early!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is right around the corner....

and the birds? well, the birds in our yard are acting a little crazy!!!!

Last Thursday I found some green apples in our fridge that were going bad. Since we have deer, I decided to put the apples out by the bird feeder the deer are stealing from. Saturday when I went to let the dogs out (on the complete other side of the house) I saw something green in this little Sparrow nest. I was wondering why someone put a tennis ball in the nest? Then I got a closer look! Now....I'm wondering WHAT bird put this there? and WHY???? I mean obviously it filled the entire nest? Are the Squirrels playing a nasty trick on those cute little Sparrows????

Friday, March 12, 2010

Special Project

You all may remember these guys I have been making...... a good friend doesn't have a Pug, but LOVED the Pug doll...she does however have Boston Terriers and asked me to create a Boston Terrier Doll to match her little Sophia....

She matches right down to the half white ear, spot on her head and freckle on her front paw!She got her last night and was THRILLED! It is always great to create something and have the person getting it REALLY love it!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's good to win...right?

It looks like I won the "messiest sewing room" contest that Girlville and I had this week. I am not sure that is a good thing, but appreciate all your nice comments about it! I did start picking up and it is looking MUCH BETTER....better until I start sewing...again! I think honestly when I only had a sewing corner...I was much neater. I tend to expand to my space.

In other news it seems we are having a bit of Spring weather here. The high today is supposed to be 59 degrees. We can see grass again....and mud, lots of mud. Also the road are just horrible with potholes. Seriously you could really damage your car!

Last week when I took Chloe to the vet I dropped off a couple of dresses for one of the vet techs. She does a lot with rescue and I wanted to give her a couple of the smaller dresses for her little girls. The other tech took one look and immediately asked to put a dress on a Pitt puppy she is fostering. See any breed can wear a dress!!!! I am trying to imagine this "little" girl grown up in a seersucker dress....NOT.

PS - Stay tuned Flat Puglet arrived at our house and we will be sharing his adventures soon!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Who has the messiest sewing room?

Girlville and I have been discussing the sorry state of affairs that is called our sewing room. We both think our rooms are VERY MESSY. Since we both think our room is the "worst", we decided to each post photos of our room from this week and let you all vote on the "best" worst room?
Voting is in the sidebar area. is my sewing room....
As you walk in from the hallway this is the view that greets you. My actual sewing machine is to the left, the rest.....well the rest is my "workspace"

This is the view looking back across the room towards my sewing table. P keeps giving me different shelving to try to help me organize. I personally think I just need a BIG trash can. Please notice that I lay fabric on almost every surface. I also use the floor.A close up of the sewing table. Notice a nice cup of coffee....very dangerous coffee by fabric. Trust me on that one.
This is my extra table I set out to cut stuff on. The daybed is usually where I layout fabric ideas. The table makes it a tad interesting to make my way around the room.

This is the opposite wall from the daybed. It houses the closet - FULL. An antique wardrobe - FULL, an extra chair and the dresser. The dresser drawers are FULL of fabric and trims. FULL I TELL YOU.

Keep in mind this is where I sew. I have another room I paint in.....I leave that for another day......

Goodbye Sweet Girl.....

The Pug world lost a special little girl Monday...sweet little Sol over at Owned By Pugs has passed. Please pop over and visit Corrine and her sweet family as they mourn the loss of their special little old lady.......

Run free, sweet Solsey

Monday, March 08, 2010

Sweater dresses

Zoey gave me 2 minutes of her precious rest time to model one of the sweater dresses I have been making. I think they look adorable on! I am in the process of listing on etsy and hope to have more on later today. The site is down for maintenance...story of my life! I also have two St. Patrick's Day dresses left that will be on there for sale. Check back! post note....everything is listed now!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Going for the green.....

I took a short break from the crocheting to sew. Erin' go Puggy!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sweet "toothless" Chloe

Chloe had her first "cleaning" today. We were anxious as it is always a risk putting a dog "out" to do a procedure. It is especially hard for us as my SIL's dog died when she was put under for her cleaning. But....sweet Chloe did just fine! We are several hundred dollars poorer and she is now missing FIVE teeth!!!!! I told her she needed to brush more often!!!! She got a nice ear cleaning and her nails are trimmed and she is so happy to be home! Now she can rest knowing dinner will be served real soon!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

My mom...

3-2-39 to 11-12-00

She would have been 71 years young today....gosh how I miss her.........

Monday, March 01, 2010

Happy March Everyone!!!!!

Hard to believe it's already March! Spring must be right around the corner, right?????? Guess we'll have to wait and see in upstate New York!

Last week we received our winning auction item from the GreenMtnSilentAuction. Seems our mailman left the box by our garbage can? for a week? Anyhow, all turned out okay. Nothing ruined and we LOVE it!!!

It is a pieced quilt and matching pillow with embroidered Pugs. Marty gave it his seal of approval!


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