Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rosie turns 3

Our CrAZy BaBY RoSIe is turning three today. I have to say, she is has calmed down, but is still the most playful girl ever! She is always ready to bring a toy, rough house, run, jump, and play!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bathroom Unveiling

Clearly this bathroom may be a little "gaudy" for some of you! Keep in mind our house was built in 1840, so we have a different thing going on....

This is how the vanity looked when I first started. Previously it was oak. P said NO to a new one, so I decided to paint. The wallpaper has been done for a few years. You can see the old flooring in this photo. That darn floor was 21 years old.

The finished vanity and mirror.....

The gang came in while I was trying to photograph the new floor. They're always happy to help.

This flooring goes down in lengths that interlock. I can't believe how nice the floor feels when you walk on it. Very cushiony. It said it "goes down in a few hours"...P says they lied...or based it on a room that was perfectly square.
Here is a pic of the tub/shower area. Above the area used to be wallpapered. My family basically "melted" the paper off the walls with their hot showers. When we decided to tile that area we purchased the creamy yellow tiles. We (?) thought we had purchased enough....clearly we hadn't. When we went back to the store, that color was now "special order". They had nothing close, so we took a trip to a different store. Nothing there either. We decided to get creative and purchased sage green and off-white tiles to make a pattern with. It seemed all was good until the time came to lay the tiles. For the life of us we couldn't make the tiles work. P, C and I literally spent 3 hours one night laying tile patterns. P came up with this pattern. We all decided it worked okay and figured out we had too many of one color and not enough of the other two colors. We calculated and the next day I went to purchase the missing tiles.....BUT when we calculated SOMEONE missed a when we got down to the wire, we were missing ONE off white tile and had ONE extra green tile. Luckily C works near the store, so she went and purchased the missing tile and all was well in the world....or at least the bathroom.
By the way...I HATE those shower doors...but P says they're staying. UGH.

So the project started 12/21 at 3pm and finished 12/24 at 10am. Nothing like a party at your house to move things along!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Prize Arrival

Our prize from Melissa & Emmitt arrived on Saturday. The furry ones seem to believe this belongs to them......sorry gang, this is mama's.

Thank you M&E, it's adorable! Check out their blog, website and etsy shop for lot's of wonderful creations! I tell you I want a pair of those pillows. It may be my "gift to myself" this year.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Puppymill -opps I mean commerical breeder closing....

Many of you know I work with a group that fundraises for Pugs and Pug Rescue. Recently a breeder closed shop and 52 Pugs needed to be saved! Yep, that's right 52! No easy task for sure. Several of the females were pregnant too. 3 groups that cover parts of NYState took these sweeties in last week. Of course taking in that number of Pugs when there are already those in rescue...still a sad, sad, thing. If you or someone you know is looking to adopt, please consider visiting.

Click on Green Mountain Pug Rescue to read about the rescue and go to the available Pugs link to see those currently seeking homes. Many are now available for "out of area" adoptions. You still need to fill out adoption forms and have home check. If you are someone I know through blogging or personally, I have been given permission to assist with this. Some of those babies waiting for homes are from the transport I did in August! You all know I'd take another, but P says NO. He won't even let me foster as he knows any Pug that comes through these doors...stays....

A few of the faces....

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day & Pug Video

Pug stuff.....

Chloe believes she hit the jackpot!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve Photos

Santa behind bars.... the tree....
hmmm, I see a trend here? A, dad, P and my step-dad....

C's bf's parents and brother....

C and my youngest niece.....

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to all!!!!

Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you! We count ourselves lucky to have each and every one of you in our lives! God bless you all!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a complete success! I could have melted, but held strong and gave up on the last minute craft projects! Dinner was delicious! Dad's "A" is such a blessing to me! I spent many years thinking on what I had lost when my mom and grama died and realized tonight that yes, I lost a huge thing, but other people fill in the cracks of my life. Tonight we were lucky to have PJ's mom, dad, and brother join us for a while and fit right in. R and H made it over for awhile and everyone had lots of laughs....I have to say...a perfect night!

I hope all of you had delightful get-togethers and rejoice in what you have!


If it's not done yet, give up????

I'm happy to report the bathroom is 99% done. We cleaned up and went up to bed at 1a.m.! Good grief! Devil Dog offered the mom's help...we wish she could have helped too! Because our house is OLD and UNLEVEL we couldn't do ceramic tile in the bathroom. We found a product that is vinyl, but looks like 12x12 tiles. It interlocks like laminate flooring, but seals. It looks amazing, but was a lot of cutting for poor P. I was deligated to do the grout around the ceramic tile in the shower...ugh.....grout is MESSY. Thank goodness it is over. The Pugs were out of sorts sitting by the door of the bathroom wanting to come in. I think Marty just wanted to "christen" the new flooring! BAD MARTY!

I'm also happy to report that the "grinch" is not making us work until 3p.m. today. We will be closing down at 1p.m. I actually have several craft projects I'm hoping to finish up for tonight! YIKES! They are extra things, so it won't be horrible if they are NOT finished, but the over-achiever in me will try!

Monday, December 22, 2008 not start a project the week of Christmas!

I actually logged this post last night, but for some reason it didn't publish.....

P and I purchased tile and a new floor for our main bathroom. I had the grand idea of painting the vanity and cupboard in there, which I have to say has turned out to be the easiest part of the project! Sunday we set to do the tile above the tub enclosure. Problem was...we couldn't remember the pattern we were using. There was a whole issue about special order tile color, etc. We took a trip to pick up 2 more tiles I believe I needed and a tile cutter. After we FINALLY decided on the pattern we realized we did not have enough of two of the colors. We did the main wall and left side and decided I would make a trip to Homedepot today at lunchtime. We counted twice and figured out the number of tiles we needed.....then tonight went to finish the right wall and realized I was short ONE TILE in off-white....seems I had an extra clue how I did that, but luckily C was out and stopped and got us the tile we needed. At this point we took to pulling up the we believed that when we had this installed over 20 years ago (what was I two????) that the floor was not glued....wrong! The entire thing was glued....crap. We had to pull up the baseboards (which I painted to match the vanity) and then P started with the floor....the entire time muttering....I DID NOT WANT TO DO THIS TWO DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS. After all these years of marriage I know to just keep working along side him and not say much. So we got almost the entire floor and glue layer tomarrow he will have to work alone as I have to go to work. Tomarrow night we also need to grout the tile and rehang the shower doors.

Update - Tuesday 3:25pm - The old floor and subfloor are out and P has started putting down the new floor. Hmmmm, wonder if he could finish before I get home at 5:30????

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mean boss, snow, gifts, more snow, and more snow....and more gifts!

I'm sure you all heard that the north was expecting a large snowstorm on Friday. Many of the local schools did not open on Friday and many others that did, closed early. Around 11am it was coming down at a pretty good clip. Girlville checked our local weather cam and told me I should leave NOW!
Our parking lot at work. See Herbie out there?
Anyhow, the afternoon appointments all canceled. One of my bosses was acting like an idiot. When my co-worker and I mentioned the canceled appts., he said he didn't know what the big deal was snowing...well, we were expecting 6 or more inches...still big deal to about we both live 20 miles away, he lives about 3 miles. None of us took a lunch, instead cranking to each other how he was acting like a jerk. Seemed to be making us stay to make a point. Have I mentioned my co-worker is due for a baby in 4 weeks? Anyhow he FINALLY said we could leave at 3pm.
We trudged out to the parking lot and started to clean off our cars. Mine looked like a marshmellow. I would have liked to take a photo for all you "southern belles", but it was TOO DARN COLD. I got in the car and looking down from door you can see snow had been higher than doors and I basically pushed it away when I opened the door.
The drive home was treacherous. Slow, slippery, scarey. I wished Girlville was in the car with me so I could show her a fun ride! I FINALLY got home at 4:15pm! It took a couple of trys to get in the garage.

When I got in the house I was steaming. Poor P had to hear how mad I was at my boss. But he told me here, feel better you got a package....

Woohoo! A package from Norman & his Woman! See those cut-out cookies...they were gone so quick I can't remember eatting them! Poor C had to pry one out of my hand!
And more...scone mix, vanilla, and an ADORABLE ceramic Pug ornament! I swear I could drink that vanilla...I actually thought about putting it behind my ears for perfume.....I know......over the edge. Thanks Norman and Tammy!!!!

Saturday morning the snow had subsided and P and I took a trip to the mall. I just have a couple of things left to do, but just can't seem to get them done! We walked around and the mall got fuller, and fuller, and fuller. We left by about 1:30pm it was just too busy and I did NOT want to be there. As we drove home (20minutes) we watched the sky get darker and darker. Although it had been sunny and not snowing by the mall, it apparently had been snowing at home most of the time we were gone!
When I went to let the dogs out I found another package on our deck! Priscilla, Frank, and Maya B sent a surprise for us!

All the furry kids got their own treat bag! She even handmade their tags. I will definetely be putting these in their scrapbook! (Oh, you didn't know my Pugs have a scrapbook????, what kind of Pug mama do you think I am????)

A cute hanging towel for me, along with Pumpkin Coffee (my fav) and Biscotti! OH OH OH...DEE-LICIOUS. How sad P does not like sad, I'll have to eat it ALL!!!!

How about this....she used real popcorn for stuffing the package!!! Priscilla you are amazing! Although I did consider eatting it (HAHA) I will feed the poor birdies instead!

Rosie says...I heard you say Frank and Maya B sent us treats!!!! Bring 'em on!

Meantime..there will be no grilling at our house tonight!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Secret Santa.....

Oooo la Secret Santa gift came. C was there, she wanted to unwrap too. We oo'd and aa'd (are those words?).
Yummy, yummy stuff from Biltmore and Florida. Can you guess who my Secret Santa is? Need more clues? She is generous, has four Pugs, and a sweet sister. They love to travel about and tell us about places they go to eat....can you guess yet?????

Maybe you need a moment? Well, I need a moment....a moment to drink this........

Okay,'s Sandy from RAGUS Pugs! A HUGE thank you for the dee-licious treats. The Pugs have been enjoying their Pup-Corn and me, well I sure have been enjoying the rest!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Award

Clover gave me an award. I think this may be the first award I have ever gotten??? Thanks Clover!!!

This award is passed to bloggers for showing great Attitude and/or Gratitude. I would like to pass the award on to:
Thanks again, Clover!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New fireplace....

Who knew it would be this easy to install a new fireplace.

First you start out with a wall. Of course you have to move the 125 pound broken projection tv, the cable box, dvd, and 200 pound entertainment stand to get to the wall.

Then you open the box, plug the fireplace in and push into place.....

Then, go ahead, turn it on.

Chloe thinks it's great and so do I!!!
and...some of you may be wondering "what P has no tv???".......

not true, there is now a very BIG tv hanging over the fireplace. I love the fireplace and all the room in the den now....P loves the BIG tv...I mean REALLY LOVES


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