Saturday, September 30, 2006

Barktoberfest 2006

As you have read, today was Barktoberfest. Our "team" had 14 members walking. Between us we had 15 pugs - various ages from 4 mo. to 6 yrs...fawns and blacks. Following is a list of 10 things that said or happened today - or maybe I'll call it why I am not doing this next year -

1. Parking in muddy pumpkin field with 3 Pugs...walking through muddy pumpkin field with 3 Pugs.
2. Registration - Let's meet between 9 and 9:30am - hmmmm, where is everyone????
3. 14 Pugs and owners hanging out waiting for latecomers to arrive....stranger to group..."are they all related?".
4. Let's hurry and get team photo done before walk starts....sorry 45 minute wait...okay, let's go do the walk...where did everyone go...where does the walk start..."excuse me miss, where do we go?" - response "I really don't know, back there over to the side"....thanks.
5. Okay gang, lets walk over here...nice path, flat, dry, which was actually okay.
6. Woman to me - "how old is he?" my response "she's 3".
7. Woman to me - "are these bulldogs" , my response "no german shepards"
8. Back to picture taking. Oh, sorry, you have 7 PAYING people ahead of your group, you'll have to wait.....excuse me???? We just raised over $1,500!
9. Picture time finally shot..."oh you all looked perfect"?????????? 14 dogs, 10 people, okay we'll see.
10. Missed the contest contest...did I hear an announcement?

Add into that HUGE dogs, grumpy dogs, barking dogs, 100 people asking where did you get hose harnesses, retractable leashes. BLAH I think maybe I either need some kind of natural herbs or another vacation.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday - and cold brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Busy Friday...phew. Barktoberfest tomarrow and our club's PugOWeen on Sunday. The girls are home resting up for all the activities. Hopefully tomarrow will not bring rain, as we all know how much Pugs LOVE walking in the wet and rain! UGH. I am still questioning my sanity about taking these three by myself tomarrow! I am thinking of duck-taping Rosie's harness to her! Lot's of busy work to do before both these events. Special thanks to those that sponsored the girls and I for tomarrow. IF anyone is still interested - on line donations can be made until 5pm est today! See previous post for link! Thanks!!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Phew! Car crashes and loose Pug

Not sure I mentioned, but my sister moved from her "track" house to a larger house on a main road in our town. Her house sits directly across from the end of a north south road, so I guess you'd say she's at the "t". Anyhow, we talked about how weird it is and that she hopes no one ever forgets to stop....wellllllllllllllll, this afternoon, a young man traveling at a HIGH rate of speed...did NOT stop. He went to the right of her driveway, missed her boat, barreled up the hill and over the side and totaled his car! My dad was over there tonight and said the kid is fine. WOW!

Today I went to the pet store and got one of those couplers that you can attach to two dogs and use one leash. I was showing it off to the hubby and had it connecting Chloe and Zoey. Poor Chloe was getting dragged around by Zoey, so hubby said I should put Rosie and Zoey together. I hooked them up and took them outside. After a couple of minutes I looked down and realized that I had Chloe on one leash, Zoey on the other and an empty harness! YIKES I looked around..where the heck did Rosie go. She was about 15 feet away having the time of her life. I called her and nope, not coming back. I dragged the other two back into the house, yelling "cookie", "treat", anything I could think of BLAH!! I ran into the house, past hubby and said I lost a dog. I grabbed the entire container of sugar cookies and ran back outside. That little bugger would NOT come to me. We live on a main road, a corner, a busy corner. She was about 2 steps from me on the deck and I put the box of cookies down, open and had little pieces scattered on the deck, she finally got about a foot from me and I grabbed her by her head. I am now thinking of duck taping her harness on her. I thought I was so smart with this set-up for our walk on Saturday. Now, I'm worried. I guess I may just have to hook Zoey and Chloe back and deal with Rosie ALONE.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Barktoberfest at Lollypop Farm - 9-30-06

The girls and I are putting on our sneakers and walking in the Barktoberfest fundraiser. This is our second year walking. Last year I only had Chloe and Zoey, so this year should be VERY interesting with 3! Our team has already raised over $1,000!!! Poor little me is feeling bad about not raising a lot towards our group's total. I'm not a great one for asking for money for things, I always hated it when the kids had to sell stuff for school! Yuck. Anyhow we saw that ljc fyi has been doing a little fundraising over on her site and my girls want to beat Oscar with fundraising. If you'd like to sponser Chloe, Zoey and Rosie here is our link:

Any amount is appreciated in support of all these animals.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend recap - cleaning, sewing, Corning

Friday I set-up for my bf's mom's funeral luncheon. I met the delivery truck at the site at 9am, went to the service at 10am and afterwards finished preping the food for when they returned from the burial. I did not get home until after 2:30pm. My head was pounding! Hubby and I went to pay a bill, got an early dinner, and stopped at grocery store for a few things. When we got home hubby dropped off to sleep (that third shift - blah) and I cleaned the downstairs bathroom. I must have filled a garbage can with empty bottles, old products and stuff that just needed to be thrown out. I re-arranged all the vanity drawers and that was that.

Saturday I did laundry with yummy Tide with that smell. I worked on the girl's peeking!

Sunday, hubby had a gold tournament, and my daughter and I and the girls drove to Pugs in the Park in Corning NY. It was 110 miles there...phew! We met up with my friend who has 4 Pugs. It was kind of crazy there. The person running it did not have a microphone or anything and it was hard to know what was going on and when. While there I really decided I hate those retractable leashes. Seems I always had someone's elses Pug wrapped around my legs with one of those and they were 10 or 15 feet away. Not good for a big group. We ended up leaving early for the drive home. It was a beautiful drive, if nothing else.

My daughter handles 5 - our Rosie and my friend's 4!

Phew, here's what we would look like owning 7 Pugs!!!

On top of stroller...Isabella (Rosie's mom) and Dixie (Rosie's baby 1/2 sister),
Spanky and Dakota in stroller, and of course on leashes, Chloe, Zoey and Rosie.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lack of posting - friend in need

Things have been a little crazy lately. My best friend's mom died Monday after a lengthy illness. She was there for me during my mom's death and shortly after my gram's. Now it's my turn. Today is calling hours and tomarrow the service and luncheon. My family and I will go tonight to calling hours and then tomarrow I am taking care of the luncheon. I ordered the base foods today for morning delivery. Our local funeral parlor has a remodeled house semi attached to the parlor by a pergola. It makes it really nice to family to break away for a cup of coffee or a quiet moment and is a great place for a luncheon. It is like being in someone's house only no one had to clean first!

This photo reminds me of what being a friend is all about!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Weekend recap

Well, as you all know Friday was our anniversary. Since we were leaving for camp right after I got out of work, we knew dinner was out anyplace good..especially traveling with the girls. So first I let hubby open his gift..

Yes, he did get my idea.... and actually thought I was VERY creative. He told everyone about it all weekend.

So off we went to camp. We got halfway and stopped at his favorite..."Wendy's". He ordered his digusting triple meat gross burger and I got a 99 cent frosty and 99 cent chicken tenders...which I shared with the girls. Now I am not sure I was actually sharing, more like they were taking. As we sat in the car attempting to eat, I looked over and said..."honey, happy anniversay" and we both broke out laughing. Saturday, the boat engine broke - the boat would only go in reverse, not forward, which can be a problem. When the hubby was putting it back on the trailor, it started to shift and he had to jump out and he FELL...fell and hurt his shoulder. After he pulled himself together we got ready and went into town for dinner. We ate outside at a restaurant called "The Boathouse". We had a nice dinner, a few laughs and hurried back to camp for celebration cake for our anniversary and a couple of birthdays. After that we went to another friends and had homemade apple pie and ice cream. (Does anyone see a pattern here?) Almost forgot to mention that my dad came up to finish cleaning out his camper. He is selling his and wanted to be all set before the end of the month. Sunday morning we went out for breakfast with him and his girlfriend (new and NICE, thank goodness), after breakfast I cleaned up our camper and packed up some loose stuff. Since we still don't know if we are getting another place closer to home we really need to be better prepared. IF the camper moves ALL the loose stuff has to be out or secured. BLAH - 8 years of stuff. I felt a little sad all weekend thinking about my dad leaving there after 25 years. I really don't think I will stay there no matter what. It has been great having him next door and I'm not sure how I'll feel with his spot empty or with someone else there. I was also sad because so many people have already closed up and gone and others will be leaving this week. We haven't told anyone we might move, so we have been saying our goodbyes wondering if these really are permanent goodbyes. Oh well, I always get a little melancholy with the Fall! Anyhow, we will not be closing up until October 15th and will probably be one of the last there for the season.

Friday, September 15, 2006

September 15th, 1979

27 years and counting.........

Thursday, September 14, 2006

27 years ago....

27 years ago tonight I was anticipating my marriage. It was raining horribly that night too, just like tonight. I was so bummed out about the rain. We had a fun rehearsal dinner party at my in-laws house and then my poor mom got REALLY lost and took like 2 hours to find her way home (really a 20 minute drive). We had already bought our house and I was living in it, so one of my college friends came into town and spent the night with me. Time sure does fly.

Tonight I went to a friend to scrapbook. Didn't stay long, but got a couple of pages done and organized some stuff. I am half-way done with two of the baby afgans I am working on....blah! Tomarrow after work we are off to camp. If we get there early enough we will go out to dinner, if not we will celebrate Saturday evening. It will just be the furry ones, hubby and I, so hopefully the weather will cooperate and he can fish and fish and fish, and I can scrapbook and relax and relax and relax!

By the way, in honor of being married 27 years, I bought my husband 27 pairs of socks! He is always complaining "where are my socks", "someone took my socks", "how come my socks are missing?" I bought 27 pairs. You know the lady in Penney's didn't even question why I was buying so many pairs!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

RIP Baby Kitty

Sadly today I had to take our "Baby Kitty" to be euthanized. A hard decision to make, but needed to be made nonetheless. We got her as a 5 week old kitten from the hockey rink my son skated at. The resident cat had kittens and they made an announcement over the loudspeaker and the rest was history. She was over 15 years old and it's hard to remember a time when she wasn't "parked" on the bench in the kitchen. She had surgery for tumors several years ago and after that surgery I told her she would never had surgery like that again...a promise is a promise. Unfortunately the tumors reappeared and sometime in the last couple of days 1 actually burst and broke through her abdomen. Certainly not a pretty site. She leaves one brother cat...Buster and the girls..whom she never quite developed a liking for!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Pugs gave me a social life.....

I was just checking out the calendar for the rest of the month and there seems to be a real trend....
9/16/06 - Most Smooceable Dog Contest-Kibbles N'Bits - Ellison Park, Roch. NY
9/23/06 - George Eastman House unveiling of Pet photography entried (of course you know I sent in photos)
9/24/06 - Pugs in the Park - Corning, New York
9/30/06 - Barktoberfest @ Lollypop Farm, Egypt, NY (Animal Shelter)
10/01/06 - Pug-O-Ween - Brockport, NY (our group sponsers this event)
Just think that's only through October 1st! Do the girls have a busy social life or have they given me to replace the one I had raising kids?

On a different note here is a conversation I had with my daughter yesterday:

Mom - "Wow, I can't believe our anniversary is Friday and we'll be married 27 years!"
Daughter - "where do you guys want to go for your 30th anniversary?"
Mom - "maybe we should see if we make 28 first!"
Mom - hahaha

Anyhow, yes, Friday marks 27 years married to my hubby. Of course you know we married at 10 yrs. old! I am at a real loss what to give him for a gift. Do those of you married out there give each other gifts or just do a nice celebration with dinner? I'm not really into the gift thing, but the hubby REALLY likes the gift part. He always goes overboard. Any ideas?

Monday, September 11, 2006

More meetup

One of our Pug friends has a wonderful digital camera and takes really good photos. These are a few he took ~

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pug Meetup

Today was our September Pug meetup. Our organizer had it at her house and the theme was football. The first hour was Pugs only and after that our other meetup group...."Small Dogs" joined us. Would you guys consider a Bassett a small dog???? It's interesting to see all the different breeds and how different acting they all are! A photographer and writer from our city's newspaper was there and plans on featuring our groups in a special "pets" section of the newspaper. It threatened of rain, so we donated our party tent for the day. Thankfully the rain held off and everyone had a great time. We arrived at 10:30 to help set up and didn't leave until after 4pm...needless to say the girls (and their daddy) are all fast asleep!

Ready for football - Buffalo Bills style

Rosie wanted to be the photographer's assistant...not sure what Cinnamon was doing in his pocket!

Zoey hanging out with dad

Zoey and Rosie showing off their "jerseys"

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Health Report/Knitting Report

Health -
The verdict is in and $71.02 later, yes Chloe does have a UTI. She is on meds for 14 days. She is terrible about pills, so I have to put them in the center of cheese...hmmmm, 14 days, twice a day. I think she will certainly be gaining some weight or end up hating cheese!

Knitting -
Baby Afgan number one is 1/3 done. I should take a pic, but I am too lazy to go back downstairs! HA

I would probably be further along, but Rosie tries to help me as much as possible with the yarn......

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

Well, as most of the east coast we had a VERY rainy weekend at camp. Even with all the rain, hubby managed to go golfing twice and fishing 3 times. I think he was on a marathon of summer fun! My daughter and I watched a dvd, napped, and went to the mall. She is fun to shop with, always willing to actually smell the candles, and try out the hand lotions...not like the hubby! He is a good shopper, but.....

In the salon where my daughter works 3 women are having babies. She is being invited to all their showers, so I told her I would crochet baby afgans for her to give. We know one is a girl, so she picked out a pretty blue/pink/white varigated. I also bought yellow for my new tenant's baby due in October. That should keep me out of the cookie jar at night!

So, Chloe wanted me to let everyone know that she has recovered from her ear infection and now has some type of bladder/kidney infection. Poor thing! Off to vet with her again tomarrow morning.


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