Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween & Spooky Story

From our gang to yours.....

Indians and Cowgirls
Airline Stewardess (whatever happened to Tinkerbelle and Snow White?) Nail polish shot for RPM

So you all remember my weekend post of cleaning the barn? Well, I was downstairs in the lowest level and P went out and upstairs. So I hear him walking around and I yell up to him and he doesn't answer. So I walk out and around and he's not up there. Later in the day after we get home I walk over to take some barn shots for posting. I'm downstairs and hear someone very clearly walking around upstairs. I go out and around and no one one at all. Later that night we sat down to dinner and we were talking about the barn and I tell P about the walking I heard...his face got funny and he said that when he was over there alone earlier and downstairs he heard the walking too. Very clearly, the sound of someone walking around upstairs....very clearly. YIKES!!!!

I hope "whomever" is over there stays over there!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bloggy Parade of Homes

Shannon started this BPOH.

Here are a few of the things I've put out around our house...........

Monday, October 29, 2007


Buster likes the big bed and frankly doesn't care if there's a dog in it or not. The girls have to admit it...they sleep with a CAT...don't tell!!! It's all okay until someone says out loud...BUSTER! Then the chaos begins.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

C wanted to carve Pumpkins, so we jumped in the car and headed out. First stop the cider mill not far from home. It was VERY crowded, small pumpkins, but we decided to get cider and donuts....
I'm not a big fan of donuts, but I have to say these were delicious!!!

We ended up getting nice pumpkins at another farm market. When we got home, we got ready.....

and set to work cleaning them out....
I was lucky, my pumpkin barely had any seeds or guck inside, so I finished up quickly. (I also just set to carving, I didn't outline an idea like P & C did). I may have also hurried since it was only 41 degrees outside and I was wanting to get INSIDE and have one of those donuts!

We finished up and put them in a nice visible place, which P insists makes them open targets to smashing!!!


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Life on the farm sure has changed

As many of you may know I own our family's homestead. My grandfather purchased this farm in the 1920's. My dad was born here, I was brought home here as a newborn. This was a working farm of over 100 acres. As a child I can remember farm animals, hay fields, tractor rides and the barn....

This is not the original barn to the farm. The farm was started in the 1840's. The original barn was lost to fire at the turn of the century. In the 1960's only a few farm animals remained...pigs, geese, an angus calf, a horse.
When I go into the barn I can recall the sounds and smells (ugh) of the barn. I remember going with my uncle to milk cows by I'm not THAT old!!! There was no electricity in the barn until the late 1960's!!!
Anyhow, in the 1970's my dad moved his plumbing and heating business up the road to the barn. He built a little office and supplies took over where animals once lived. My dad HATES to throw anything out. You never know when you might need a part, right???? Later in the 1980's my cousin decided to use the lower level for car repairs. So the barn became a warehouse of parts and pieces. When someone needed storage space, "can we keep it in your barn". Somehow when we purchased the all became ours.

Old lawnmowers, furnaces, all was in the barn. We have always wanted the junk out. We got a dumpster once...filled it and still no end in sight. We thought of recycling. We didn't want all this going in the landfill...
Heh, that's not junk, that's P's antique pick-up truck!

Oh, can't take that....

Sorry P, I'm keepign this too....wait until I fix it up with flowers....

oh, can't have this either....more garden ideas.....

So we loaded up the trailer....

and off we went to the dump...I mean recycling center!

Phew, we weigh this much????

Wow, look at the stuff back here...

wait, isn't that a perfectly good top to a pot?

Honestly, people recycle boats?????

and best of all, they pay us for our junk!

So we made two trips. Made $237 and had a lot of laughs. The barn is looking better. Heck, if we do this every week, we could get cows again by spring!
PS Anyone want to buy a car hood?????

Friday, October 26, 2007

Bloggers new comment idea

Have you seen the new "check box" on comments for follow-up emails to tell when people comment? Very cool! What fun today I had reading all the Norman comments about stalkers (I mean admirers) and cats and on and on! This takes commenting to a new level!!!

Owned by Pugs Calendar

Our gang, along with tons of cute other Puggies, have made the Owned by Pugs Calendar again this year. Hope, skip or jump on over and order yours today. A portion of the proceeds helps those Pugs less fortunate!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Phew, I did pay the subscription....

Thankfully, P's copy of the November issue came today. He was very excited....phew.

Those Famous Faces Again

I received an email yesterday from a stranger telling me how cute my Pugs were in the new issue of Lakeland Boating. They have a section called "the name game" where readers can submit their boat showing it's name. P has been sending in photos and complaining about not being selected. Personally, I can never understand his desire to read a magazine about boats???? I mean really, we have a boat, it's perfectly fine why do we need to read a boating magazine. I mean I could understand if it was a gardening magazine, or cooking, or Pugs! Anyhow, our issue has not arrived and he is I dare tell him I never paid the subscription????

I will be stopping at the local shop to buy a all remember the pic......

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bloggy Meetup - the seven state adventure

The recap you've all been waiting for!

I can not possibly explain to everyone how amazing this trip was! What started out as an idea "heh, we should all try to meet sometime" actually became reality. All the planning, emailing, talking became real. After blogging with these wonderful ladies for 2 years, it IS like we know each other. The internet can be a wonderful tool, and I am grateful that none of you turned out to be serial blogger killers or worse!

Magnolia Sun , AM, me, Norman's Woman, Girlville, Aunt Sue, Pugposse, Ragus, Little Pugposse, 30Something

The adventure began for me on Thursday evening, or should I say...very early Friday morning. At 1:30 a.m. I finally got in my car and left for my long drive......

It was dark through the entire states of New York and Pennsylvania. When I got to West Virginia it was still gloomy and rainy, but I did try to get some pics of my drive.

What???? I have to drive through a TUNNEL?????

I would have taken some pics of all the freaking bridges I drove over, but come on, I had to close my eyes I don't like heights!

When I finally arrived at the hotel, some 14 hours later, I wanted to kiss the darn pavement. As I checked in the lobby I glanced over and saw Lisa standing. I yelled in front of everyone "Lisa", she looked over and came running! She and Tory walked with me to take my stuff to my room and we chatted for a bit before they went to rest. I went back to the lobby to make sure Norman's Woman had a key to our room and there next to me was Girlville...we hugged and were so excited! After everyone else had arrived we all met for our wine/cheese party before going out for dinner.

I unfortunately didn't get any photos of dinner that night. I think I may have been way too busy TALKING!!!! After dinner, back to the hotel for more TALKING around the non-working fireplace with the imaginary hot chocolate!

Saturday everyone decided to go to the mall. 30Something drove, Girlville was map reader and I relaxed in the back seat taking in all the beautiful houses. At the mall we split up into groups and went different ways. My group, Ragus, Aunt Sue, and Girlville looked at a lot of VERY expensive purses and shoes and then ended up in the lounge area TALKING!

We ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, again splitting into 2 groups due to seating. My group at lunch was AM, Pugposse, little Pugposse, and Magnolia Sun.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel and Norman's Woman and I decided a walk would be nice. We saw a few of the others in the lobby, told them and they joined us. It was a beautiful day to walk around.

That evening it was out for greek food and more TALKING.

Bless your heart joined us there for dessert and then came back to the hotel where we all TALKED MORE.

In the morning we gathered for our final breakfast together. As you can see we never seem to stop TALKING.

After breakfast we went back up to visit with baby Emma and get ready to leave. At 12:30 we had our goodbyes. I was thankful to be going to Norman's house for another day, so I wasn't too sad as I didn't really feel like I was saying goodbye yet!

The drive to Asheville was beautiful!

and Norman....well, he was wonderful!!! He tried on The Woman's wings for me and showed me his vegetable garden, flower gardens, and his beautiful house. The Mean One made us a fabulous dinner. After dinner he made us fabulous hot chocolate...the best EVER. We TALKED for a bit more and then off to bed. Norman got to share the futon with me as I was feeling very Pug deprived by then! We woke about 7:30am and Norman and I talked about Pug stuff.

Then it was time to say goodbye. We took some pics to remember our visit by and off for home I headed.

The drive home was awesome. The Mean One and Norman's Woman gave me some good directions and I made it home with no trouble.

I have to say these "run-away" strips for tractor trailor trucks are a little scary to see!

I HAD to get out of the car here to take a panoramic photo. It was breathtaking!
I pulled into my driveway at 11pm Monday evening, 1,682 miles later!!!!!
I do have other photos, but Blogger is giving me issues and I wanted to FINALLY post! As y'all (LOL) can see we had a great time and can't wait for the next get-together!
When are we getting together again?????


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