Monday, December 19, 2005

I hate cars

Chloe waiting for a ride

Just want to say...I hate cars! Seems like we are always fixing, fixing, fixing. Since November we have put tires on my son's car ($125) fixed a sensor ($239) 2 tires and inspection for my daughter's car ($179) another sensor for son's car ($180 for part) hubby's truck needs FOUR tires and some strange headlight sensor that is over $100 but no one has in stock. It causes the interior dash to be dark and no tail lights...strange, strange, strange. He messed with it tonight and got it to work, hopefully for the two weeks that it will take the darn part to come in. So, I say to myself...would everyone consider these Christmas gifts???? Yeah, right.

The son is still waiting to hear about college acceptance for January 17th...the daughter is starting to look at transfer college for Fall as she is on last semester of community college. One thing is constant if life "change". I am secretly looking forward to the son getting out on his own and forging ahead with life. He got engaged on Halloween and they are now going to attempt "living together". Wonder what granny would think of that if she was still alive..she'd probably give him a piece of her mind! HAHA

Anyhow, this morning when I got ready to leave for work the Pugs tried to get in my car for "bye bye". I felt bad and promised them a ride after dinner. Hubby and I drove around with them and looked at the Christmas lights....seems people have none or tons. They are all, including hubby sleeping tired.

So please notice the attempt at decorating the blog for Christmas....I figured the easiest way was colored font. Easy to change and doesn't mess any settings!


Pugley said...

Oh...I'm not as excited to get into the car as Chloe and Zoey. I hate getting into the car. I have a little puggy panic attack.

Punchbugpug said...

Oh poor Pugley! Chloe and Zoey love their car rides. Good thing because in the summer they go away every weekend and it is a two hour drive!


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