Friday, January 30, 2009

Award - YIKES

UPDATE! Okay everyone...that cuted little ladybug award????? NOT SO CUTE! Girlville checked out the link...then I did! OH DEAR! We were all so busy trying to translate it that no one looked at the link on it.

We have deleted from our site...think maybe everyone else should do! Now we know what they were having those little bugs DO!

Our friend Rosie gave us this award last week and yesterday Sandra & Coco gave it to us too!. This award represents the blogs that truly love someone or something. It´s a ladybug and they are known for giving us luck whenever we see one! Not sure what those two little bugs are up too????

So we be passing the "love" on to: Gus & Indy, Nevis, Girlville, Swampgirl, and Elvis Pug.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Auction Ending Today

Zoey here to remind everyone that Green Mountain Pug Rescue's silent*auction ends today! Pop over and bid!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our other pet

We wouldn't want all of you to think we ONLY love Pugs, so this post will be about my fish, GILL FINNY.

I inherited Gill in July of 2007. He came home with our son that summer and all the other assortment of aquatic pets. He originally hailed from our house in our son's room, but when he moved to Buffalo for he went. I am sure at that time he had no name. A nameless little fish swimming about with other nameless little fish. Anyhow, back to him becoming mine....that July he came and was residing in a fish tank in our dining room. It was....temporary. I believe there were also a few guppies with him. The tank filter was acting up, the guppies went to the rainbow bridge and Gill held on. It seemed ridiculous him swimming around in that tank, so I changed him into our vacant goldfish bowl. P said "he's never gonna last in that bowl" "he's a tropical fish, he needs air, he needs warm water"....well, he survived. When our son moved in December of that same year, he decided Gill should stay with us and become my fish. That's when I named him. I figured he seemed to be a lucky little fish...hence the Irish name! We figure Gill is probably at least 4 years old now...not sure what that is in fish years? Oh, and we're really not sure Gill is a boy???? Imean, how would I know?????

Rosie says.."arrrrr, I want to be in today's post too!"

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Weekend

There was a boycott....or should I say Pug-cott this weekend. No walk, too cold! 13 degrees too cold. Can you see Zoey wayyyyyyyyyyyy back there by the radiator?
I finished a sewing order, painted, crocheted some Valentine towels for a friend and did 3 scrapbook pages for the Milaukee Scrapbook contest. I'll be sending my pages along with Swampgirl's. I wish I could see all the wonderful entries....such a touching theme... Senior Pugs.
I decided to use some pics of my favorite family of Senior Pugs. Ragus Pugs! Although Baxter, Chi Chi, and Tiny have gone to the Rainbow Bridge, Sandy went from having one Senior Pug left to adding 3 more to her wonderful Pug loving home. Thank God for people like Sandy who open their homes and hearts to those seniors. She knows the pain of loosing, yet makes a spot in her heart for one more....

We also had a meeting for our fundraising events. We are very excited about the stuff we have coming up. A walk in May and Pugstock in September. We are trying to be thoughtful of the economy and keeping costs down for sponsors, vendors, and attendees. We want to host events that are fun, pet friendly and most importantly we strive to raise awareness of the commitment of pet ownership, for the life of the animal!

Friday, January 23, 2009

What's it all about Friday

It's windy as all get-go here tonight. We even had a high in the 40's. No, it did not make us believe that Spring is around the corner....nope, not at all.

The "non-Pug" in my header is my granddaughter.....Bailey. This photo is from when they stayed with us for 3 weeks...according to the Pugs, it was a very, very, very, long three weeks. They don't mind her, but she is so big and so clumsy and plays so hard.

M's baby is still in NIC unit. Test results won't be in until late next week. Prognosis not confirmed. He is having a g-tube put in surgically next week, poor little guy. They may get to take him home after that...future unknown. It's still crazy to think this is all happening...that small percent....happening. We continue to pray.

The rescue Pugs are doing awesome! H has decided she wants them BOTH! I think her exact words were "how could I pick?"...that's how we end up with four...not being able to pick! They are so sweet and I know her mom is enjoying them too.

Don't forget the Green Mountain Silent Auction. I only got ONE scrapbook page to send in...Swampgirl! Guess she wins my secret prize by default. I'll show my pages soon. Sorry for the lack of photos. The Pugs are on strike and told me no photos until they go for a walk tomarrow!

Thought for today: "No one is in charge of your happiness, but you!"....keep smiling!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Woohoo Windy Whacky Wednesday

January is just flying by and I haven't taken a moment to post about my etsy shop this month! If you haven't had a chance to check out my shop, pop over and click on the sidebar link and see some of the stuff I have to offer. I've more to add, but it all takes time! I need more TIME!

For January I am donating 15% of all my sales to Curly Tails Pug Rescue. Please stop by their site and see the great work they do for Pugs!

Valentine dresses....


I'll soon be listing more artwork, St. Puggie Day dresses and soon after Easter wear.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Continue prayers for baby E

No good news on the horizon for baby E. Please keep him and his family in your prayers through this troubled time and the road ahead.

Pugger Update

For those of you who have asked the silly Puggers are doing fine. I made a belly band today to help H's mom keep the male under control and took an extra harness over for the female. We visited for over an hour and the male actually "asked" to go outside twice. I'm sure I look ridiculous outside clapping and hoorahing over potty. They have made themselves right at home!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Scattered thoughts....

H and I finally got to pick up C & C the rescued Puggies. They were both anxious about the car ride in doggie seat belts, so I climbed in back with them. They smooshed in and I told them about their new adventure. They are going to be fostered by H. Thank goodness for H! Rescued dogs are special, they are not for everyone. They have emotional and physical baggage. It is no small feat to housetrain an adult dog! I love all animals, but I LOVE Pugs. Many do not understand that love or devotion. They have probably NEVER been loved by Pug! To those that don't understand this love...your loss. To those that rescue and take in the broken and abandoned...God Bless You all!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Silent Auction

Green Mountain Pug Rescue is hosting a silent auction to raise money for their continually mounting vet bills for rescued Pugs. Pop over to their auction and look high, bid often...just don't bid against me!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Running around like a chicken.......

Today is a busy day. After work I'm off to meet H. H is going to foster two of those puggies that were taken out of that bad situation. H and I are going to make the longgggggggggg drive to pick them up and bring them back to her house. Paws crossed the weather holds! I called my vet to check his price on having them spayed/neutered. They were to go back on the longggggggggggg drive to have it done at a place that the shelter has arrangments with. I asked if I could get a good price...and make arrangements for payment, could we do locally. My awesome vet is giving us a great deal. H and I will pick up the slack in funds for these two! I can't wait to see them again and see how they are doing with food and water in their bellies!

Don't forget if you are entering a scrapbook page, to get it to me! Time is running out! I need to get them out before end of month. Also, need time to let my "judge" have a look and select a winner! Prize still to be posted! SO SORRY!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

How they feel....

What? It's Monday? We're going back to bed.....

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Update to updates....don't forget the scrapbook page contest for rescue!

The group of Puggies rescued are doing well. I'm happy to say that two will be fostered by a good friend who is local. She is opening her home and heart to this pair. Hopefully justice will prevail (wow, can you tell I work in law?) and the Court will rule that they are taken from their previous owner (jailor) and find new forever homes. I will post updated pics of them in the next few days. The little one will be having one eye removed and may have limited vision in the other. The two pregnant mama's continue to rest before their families arrive.

No news on co-workers baby "E". I continue to pray that "no news is good news".

It is FREEZING here. All you "wanters of snow" your flight reservations to our house. We got 8 inches last night and rumor has it more snow and below zero temps are on their way. Be aware us northeners still go to work in this weather! The Pugs HATE the cold weather and we may have to get a tread mill to all stay in shape! We all are resembling footballs at this point!

TV/Fireplace - the TV is 48 inches, and Sandy said we should get another fireplace for bedroom...I AGREE!!!! Although I might NEVER leave my bed...well except for food, water, and bathroom????

Enjoy the rest of the's almost over!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Prayers please

My co-worker had her baby yesterday...over 2 weeks early. Little E has been moved to NIC unit of the hospital due to problems he is having....please keep him and his parents in your prayers!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

the BIG tv

Personally I think the new tv is a tad large....P believes otherwise. I have not found myself watching any more tv than I ever did prior to this tv. But here it is looming large over the electric the fireplace....I LOVE that thing. Love it. At night I'd like to carry it upstairs and go to sleep watching those fake little flames......

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Valentine's Scrapbook Contest for Rescues

Okay friend Karen at Green Mountain Pug Rescue put out a special request. Milwauke Pugfest if sponsoring a contest. You can see the rules here at Owned by Pugs . To help generate support and interest I am joining the bandwagon (I know, here I go again). I KNOW many of you can't hide! So, make a page! Follow the rules as noted at Owned by Pugs. IF you don't have a favorite rescue, please put Green Mountain Pug Rescue. If you have a rescue you support and love, list them....this is a democracy! If you don't have a senior Pug, never fear! Send ME your page with a spot for a photo. I'll add a photo and submit on your behalf. Now here's the good part.....IF you send me a page (OR pages), my BFF Scrapbooking friend will judge the pages and the winning page will receive a prize. I'll be showing that prize later today (when I actually take a picture of it!). Remember you do not need to have a photo of a Senior Pug! Entries must be received by me by 1-20-09 to allow time to get them in.
Please tell your Pug and scrapbooking friends!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Rescued Dogs

*Edit - the person owning the dogs apparently had "issues". He felt he was helping get animals out of bad situations. He stopped his medications and stopped functioning. None of the animals had food or water and there was no heat on in the house. It is very hard with these situations as sometimes people who think they are solving the "problem" end up having hoarding animals and then can't take care of them.

My bf L got news of a problem in her town.

A number of officials assisted in the removal of living and dead dogs found inside a residence Tuesday, on a frigid evening where the temperatures inside the unheated house weren’t much higher than they were outside.A a neighbor who had looked after JB since he moved to ***** last July, said she had reported her concerns to the Sheriff’s Department earlier in the day.Y was in tears as she provided a list of the names of living and dead dogs removed. After two County sheriff’s deputies, sheriff’s investigator, and district attorney’s office investigator went through the house, more than a half dozen live dogs in poor condition, a live pigeon, three dead adult dogs and 12 dead puppies were removed.

She went to see them Saturday and I drove down there with her yesterday and spent several hours holding them. Wow......

Has anyone ever seen a brindle Pug?????? The 2 brindle females are pregnant. Both are extremely shy and spent almost the entire time hiding in the corner cage.

This little apricot female is skin and bones under the sweater. She wants to be held all the time. What a doll. The little male has eye ulcers so bad it seems he is already blind.

The two brindles are very bonded. I can't even imagine what their babies will look like? It appears the father must be this other young male. Not sure but I believe only male in the group, but then I don't know which were found dead.

The only male. Skin and bones. He'll be a handsome guy with some weight and love!
The little scared apricot. She had apparently had puppies, none of which survived. What a love.

When we got ready to go they all went in the corner cage together to make a pile of Pugs...even mistreated Pugs get along!

Don't you just hate the "please don't leave me" look? Broke my heart......

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Starting the year with a wedding...

My youngest cousin got married on Saturday. He was our ringbearer..yikes!

It was nice to be with family again. Some of you know my aunt and I had fallout after my mom and grama died....all is well now......

Friday, January 02, 2009

Furry Resolutions

Continue to be as cute as can be! Rest more!

Worry less...

Human Resolutions....

I'm not big into the whole resolution thing, but following in the post of Girlville here are nine things for me....

1. Continue to purge myself of unwanted and unneeded items in my house.

When I change over my closet twice a year, I already donate the stuff that I have not worn, can not wear, will never wear again. I allow myself a couple of dream items...that's it! I want to continue to do this.

In 2008 I discovered "Crafts Bits N Pieces". It is a store run by the Senior Living Counsel in the town I work in. They take lots of different items. Pretty much if you find it in Joannes/Michaels they'll take it there! I have worked in getting my craft area cleared of the projects I no longer have interest in, never liked doing, or just have and don't want. I have streamlined myself to sewing/scrapbooking and painting. That's enough! Some of you were recipients of some of my stuff. Hope you put it to use!!!!

2. Cook more. P is a big steak and potatoes guy. Now that it is the two of us most of the time, I'm trying to get him to try different things and get both of us to eat better!

3. Get back to walking! 2008 was NOT a good walking year for me! I used to walk 4 miles a day. I seriously want to get back to that!

4. Loose weight. I have not been good to myself the past couple of years!

5. Travel to one new city. This should be easy with bloggy meetup!

6. Raise $5000 for Pugs! Continue to spread the word about Pug Rescue!

7. Redo our bedroom! I had to have at least one home improvement on my list!

8. Save money! This could prove interesting with a wedding coming up in the Fall.

9. Get another Pug....heck, a girl can dream, right???

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Out with 2008 in with 2009...Happy New Year!!!!

Last night's festivities at our house.....

What???? I'm three???????

Rosie sings along......


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