Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rosie the destroyer

Rosie is a chewer. I have never had a dog that chewed. Chloe has the same baby that she got when we first got her. We hid it on Rosie because she destroys everything. Zoey has never chewed anything either. I'm not even sure when she does this stuff...but she does.

Only thing I can think to do is keep her confined to one room when no one is around...or buy her a case of chewies.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


A calm Lake Ontario

Hubby checking things out...

Lots more trees than our current location

Can't believe that Labor Day is right around the corner. Seems like it was just Spring and we were talking about selling or moving our camp. Now a whole season has almost past and the decision hanging over our heads! We have the opportunity to move to a location MUCH closer to home (not as close as you Lisa!). Our current camp is 105 miles one way. The new site is 46 miles one way. At our current camp we can not leave our boat in the water. The new place has dockage space, so there would be no more putting the boat in and out and especially driving our big truck each weekend to do the pulling of the trailor and boat! Both places are on Lake Ontario, but the new place is on a point with Lake Ontario on one side and a small enclosed "bay" on the other. We hear the bay is full of fish and since it is protected on all sides stays pretty calm even when the lake is rough. Let me tell you that lake can get rough! The drawbacks are many too. Leaving good friends, no cable (hubby cares about that), getting used to new owners, leaving behind terrific restaurants and beautiful Sackett's Harbor, only 5 minutes away. We have been here for 8 years, my dad has been there for 25 years. Lots of memories. But on the other hand being closer would be SO nice. Hubby could drive his motorcycle. The new owner doesn't care how many Pugs we have. We could get more friends to visit (they hate the 2+ hour drive where we are now). Did I mention the rent is cheaper too????? The new place would be less money!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cape May 2006

We're back from our vacation and happy to see we can post photos again!

The girls were great on the trip. Hubby took the "scenic" route to the shore and the trip was 8 hours. The girls slept the entire way. The condo we rented (circa 1960) was great. Lots of space, close to ocean and beach, great covered deck and soooooooo dog friendly! We took our portable pen and opened it to use it as a fence across the space between the kitchen and living room. The girls had a nice comfy and cool space for the times the humans were on the beach. We met TONS of Pug people. I wish I would have taken an autograph book for all the ones who stopped us to share a story of their Pugs. I lost count of the was amazing.

The girls loved the love seat.

Chloe and daddy enjoy the morning paper on the porch.

My little "pug castle".

More later...gotta sleep!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Sad news for one of our Puggie Friends

Chloe the Princess Pug

Tragically Chloe went over the rainbow bridge yesterday due to heat stroke. Please keep her mama and daddy and her Pug brothers in your thoughts as they mend their broken hearts.

Their blog was also hijacked last week and has been pulled. Stop over on Chloe's dogster page.

Looks like no photos - again

Still having issues posting photos. Guess I'll remain hopeful that Blogger will iron this out while I'm away and I'll be able to post tons of photos on my return.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rosie gets to go to Jersey.

Well, it's official Rosie is going on we would have ever left her! Hopefully she does not eat any furniture in the condo!

I still can't seem to post any photos. I tried from both work and home. Anyone else having problems????

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Rosie got tagged...heh, this could go on forever!

Rosie got tagged by Daisy....

Five weird things about me...only five????

1. I am the youngest of our family and the tallest.

2. I love to eat flip flops, toilet paper, newspaper, books, toys, the family room railing, ear plugs, ahhh, the list goes on and on.

3. I am afraid of my harness...even the new puppia one mom bought me.

4. I can howl like a beagle.

5. I act really quiet and shy in public, but I'm really WILD at home...REALLY WILD.

I tag anyone who didn't get tagged.....


A couple of years ago I saw a painting on ebay and the hubby decided to bid on it and win it for me. I have posted a pic of it before. It is a Pug face done in browns/tan/purple/teal and I have it hanging in my office. Now at that time I only had Chloe and Zoey. Well, today I was checking out ebay and came across this listing

Strangley enough the painting is named Rosie! I thought that was so weird. I didn't even remember that. Seems someone else bought one and is selling now...thankfully the hubby didn't pay that much for mine!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Busy Day

Yes, I did manage to make it ON TIME to all my appointments today. The eye doctor's was crazy, but I got my exam, my new contacts, paid and left....drove home, picked up Chloe and made it to the Vet ON TIME. Chloe was not impressed. The whole anal gland thing was not very fun in her book. She behaved very well, but oh, the look on her face. I then had the vet check her ears. Hubby said she kept scratching at them. Turns out she has yeast infection in her right ear. The vet cleaned it out and then gave me medicine for it...9 days worth. From the vet I drove home, put away dishes, folded a load of wash, and then left for my pedicure/manicure. My daughter was working tonight. I took my camera, but no one there wanted to be a part of my photo shoot, which is probably okay since I still can't post a photo tonight! DARN. Guess I'll have to post my pedicure/flip flop photo later!


Chloe was tagged by Willow

Five weird things about me.....

1. I can dance when asked "do a little dance".

2. My mom dressed me as a Pilgrim last year for Thanksgiving.

3. My chin started turning grey when I was only 1 year old.

4. I used to think I was a cat...I changed my mind.

5. I can tell time.

I tag....






Zoey was tagged by ChiChi...

Five weird things about me.....

1. I purr (snorty kind) when my mom picks me up.

2. My wet nurse was a Bulldog.

3. I am afraid of NOTHING.

4. All the black hairs form a stripe on my back when I'm mad.

5. My real name is Chloe's Little Bitty Zoey, but my family calls me, Zoe, Zoey, Bid, Biddy, Bug eyes, and Middle Child (I HATE that last one!).

I tag....





Monday, August 14, 2006

No photos here either

Well, I was going to join into the parade of homes and show my family room and living room...but can't seem to post photos...did I catch that from you Lisa?????

Finished up a couple of sewing projects tonight. Ran to Kohl's to buy this white summer sweater I've had my eye on since June...and guess what, it was still there, on sale of course!

Tomarrow promises to be a wild day. I lost my glasses a few weeks ago...yep, I did say a few WEEKS. I have bifocal contacts, but they drive me nuts. My eyes are not the same and when I wear them I don't see far away or close very well. I made an appointment for an eye exam tomarrow. I am going back to distance contacts and will wear glasses for reading, sewing, etc. I thought I should really get going and get the new prescription before we leave... I really can't read road signs, etc. Not a good co-pilot. So my eye exam is at 3:20, then at 4:15 Chloe goes to vet to get her anal gland expressed..charming, but beats stinking up the car, which is where I KNOW she'll do it...on me, of course. Then at 5:30 I am having my pedicure/manicure that my daughter got for me for Mother's Day! In a perfect world I will be on time for all these appointments and they will all take the time alloted for them and I will come home being able to see...with lovely feet, hands and one Pug without a stinky backside!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Weekend catch

This week's fishing produces 2 Northern Pike....which the hubby caught with my "netting" assistance. Another good reason to swim only in pools...Northern Pike has TEETH! Like a good sport fisherman, he threw them back!


Pug Roast

Rrrrrrrrrr, me pug leg...I mean peg leg!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Countdown to the beach

This is a photo from last year's trip to the shore. The girls were practicing for lifeguard positions, although I am not sure how they would be with actually doing a rescue. They may actually be a little more concerned with what the beachgoers are snacking on!

Today is LISA'S birthday...let's give her a happy birthday comment today!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rosie does the flip flops flop

These were some new flip flops my daughter bought me. Notice anything strange????????

Perhaps this young lady could tell us what happened??????

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Puppia harness

Yesterday, after the second episode of Rosie pulling her harness over her head...I ordered this...actually 3 of these. My friend has them for her Pugs and loves them. I have looked at them online for several weeks, but kept putting off spending the money, until yesterday. I ordered them in their newest color...PURPLE - hear that Sandy????? I ordered black leashes to match. So now the mauve sets will go in the camp bag, and the previous turquois sets that Chloe and Zoey had get donated.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

There's a full moon coming

Wow, you can sure tell there's a full moon coming! Things have been CRAZY around our place....home and work! Our tenant gave notice to move last week, then kicked her boyfriend of one week out, asked to not move, then asked for a couple of days to work things out, then let "friend" back in and moving again! So I've put in the ad and now the rental process! OH I HATE THAT PART. Over the weekend the owners of our campground informed us that if my dad wants to sell his trailor he can't sell it with option for it to stay in our park. They have "decided" that they don't want any trailors over 10 years old in their campgrounds. UGH!!! This is just one of the many new rules and regulations. Every week something else. My son was doing a carpentry project for my BIL at a client's house for extra money. After tearing off a poorly constructed handicap ramp, buying the material, cutting the wood, and going to install today...STOP WORK ORDER. His hours at his new job haven't gone to full time yet, and he REALLY needed the money from this extra job. I am a little tired of "funding" him, especially with vacation around the corner. In addition work has been wild. I do Matrimonial, Family, and Estate work at my office. I have a new motto..."send me your weird, crazy, undecided, client's"....I need a vacation!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Rosie, rosie, rosie

Hubby admitted today that he had a little problem on the girl's walk. Seems he loosened Rosie's harness and opps...she slipped it right off her head! She thought it was all fun and games playing "keep away" from him and Chloe and Zoey. He couldn't make her mind, so he took off running through the baseball field of the middle school behind our house..she ran and frolicked and was having a super time. He was VERY worried she'd start running for the street, so he just laid down on the grass with Chloe and Zoey and over she ran! I'm sure he was freaking out just thinking about what I'd do to him if anything happened to her!

On another note our vacation to the shore is around the corner. A very good Pug friend of mine has offered to keep Rosie for the trip so we would only travel with two. I am torn as to what to do. On one hand, it would be TONS easier with just two of them. Mind you my son, his fiance, my daughter and her best friend will all be along, but Rosie is, well...she's Rosie. Crazy, crazy, crazy! What do you all think????????

Of course right now she's the angel girl sleeping under my feet!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Home, tired from another long weekend of resting????

I didn't feel well this weekend, so I spent Friday and Saturday close to camp with the girls. I read and sewed and they rested and rested and rested. On Sunday we all went fishing....

After our afternoon of fishing, it was back to camp to make dinner and pack up. We had a little fun with the girls and the left over fabric.....very ethnic looking aren't they???? Remind me of my little German granny!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Meme number ???????

This MeMe was originated by Jodie...through RPM and here goes!
Favourite body part(on yourself) ~ I don't have one
Plain chips & dip or flavoured chips ~ Neither
My eye colour is ~ Hazel -Brown/Green
If I had a million dollars ~ Buy the kids each a house, donate to Pug Rescue, give some away to some peeps I know need it, buy that darn beach house! Although I doubt a million would do all that!
One regret I have is ~ Not having that third child
Ever thought about adopting? ~ Yes
Name of the first boy you really loved ~ Jerry
My dream job would be ~ art studio
My least favourite animal ~ bat
Finish this sentence, I like me because ~ I always try to help others
The last item I purchased was ~ new washclothes
My biggest pet peeve is ~ people who don't follow through on their promises
I feel prettiest when ~ I have a fresh hairdo
When I was growing up I wanted to be ~ a teacher
I feel very alone/vulnerable when ~ my hubby is mad at me!
I take or took for granted ~ having my mom around until I was old

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Weekend - hot - recap

The long weekend at camp was veryyyyyyyyyy hot. Thank goodness we're right on the lake and there was a nice hot breeze. The girls spent all their time indoors with the airconditioning turned on. They seem to have decided that they wanted to be able to see outside and this is where we found them...

and a closer look at all that innocence...

On one of our outings we drove across the bay and lake to Stony Island, there is actually an entrance in this island and this beautiful length of still water which runs through the center of the island. It is so quiet in here in is unbelieveable!

and of course, always the ultimate of sweetness...sleeping pugs


This is my big white cat Buster....he was missing and we thought he got outside. Turns out he was in the basement for a whole day. Can't figure out how he got that dirty, although my dad thinks he fell in the closed off cistern. Yikes!!!! He has been working very hard to clean himself up. Hubby said I should give him a nice bath, afterall he doesn't have claws....ahhh, but he has teeth!


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