Monday, October 30, 2017

Look world it's me!

We have been missing for so long!  Sadly with the blogger app no longer working for iphones, blogging has become complicated!  Taking photos from your phone and posting was SO simple, now to take a photo, save to laptop and then post...just seems too much???? 

Anyhow, many of you who know us on F*book or Inst*gram know we are still a busy family of Pugs!

This past Summer, Petey, Buster, Sophie and I went to PugCamp...

P, Sophie, Stewie, Petey, Buster and I went to Green Mountain Pug Social and then I traveled solo to have my booth at the Pug Rescue of New England event.   I'm still sewing up a storm and enjoying life! We still miss our Chloe and Marty a lot, even with 3 newbies in the pack. 


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