Thursday, March 31, 2011


I added matching buttons to the front of my pocket dress. Oh, I love it! I'm looking forward to making more of these with cute prints and buttons!
and speaking of sewing....I worked on a few dresses I've added to my Etsy shop. A couple are here....
and this little MONSTER
she launched herself onto the kitchen table this morning and ate the tulle underskirt off of one of the dresses going to A Barkers Dozen for sale.....oh gosh, that little girl is going to kill me.....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Little Pocket Pug

I've had an idea stuck in my head for sewing and this weekend I had the opportunity to try it out. It involved jean pockets. It involved a bit of trial and error, but I'm pretty pleased with how my first attempt came out! Miss Zoey requested to be the "pocket pug model"..... I think this will be a fun addition to my Etsy site.

P is getting nervous and hiding all his jeans......

Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Princess Chloe....

You are sure to notice our blog header change. The image used for the header came from custom artwork done for me from LiliChin. When GMPR had their last silent online auction, I won a certificate for a custom artwork piece from her. I was really excited and then realized I not only had to pick ONE of my group to focus on, but I had to pick what I wanted the portrait to show. Since Chloe is indeed the Princess of our family...being the FIRST Pug and all, I decided she should clearly be my choice. Years ago I created the dress depicted for a local Fashion Show. I had her add the tiara as a finishing touch. I think it came out awesome. Lily was terrific to work with. The turnaround time was very fast and she gives you the digital image to use as you wish. She also donates 20% of every sale to Boston Rescue. Here is a LINK to her post about Chloe and I.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Please vote for KPR and exciting KPR news!

Please pop over to my sidebar and vote for Kentuckiana Pug Rescue. You can vote once a month, so if you haven't voted yet in March, you can, AND I will remind you in April to vote again! We all know every little bit helps a rescue group and these sort of things are painless ways to help!

In other exciting KPR news: Some of you may remember hearing about Rudy the Rooftop Pug. You can see his story HERE.

Before - note the rope marks around his neck...poor baby.....Now!!! He's ready to go!!!!
From Annie " We want to share our news with you all! Rudy is a lucky Pug Dog! he is being adopted by Actress/Author/Director Mackenzie Phillips! An animal advocate, Mackenzie fell in love with Rudy when she read his story on our website! Rudy will be heading to the West Coast soon to start his new life! "

Go Rudy!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Holy Bull Mastiff.....

On St. Patrick's Day P and I took Zoey and Rosie over to the bakery to pick up the birthday cupcakes we ordered. They were also serving free Shamrock shakes! Anyhow, we had just walked in and I looked out the door and saw a big dog. A really BIG DOG.

Hello there Largo, nice to meet you! Zoey was entralled.
Rosie was scared. Largo brought his "little" sister and she was scared too. Little scared meets BIG scared.
Zoey was not scared. Not one little bit.
Heh there are you my mother?
Seriously your coloring looks very familiar.
Hmmmm, there is a slight resemblance.

Isn't she beautiful? She's one year old!

Excuse me miss...I'll take one of those...and one of those....and a tray of those.....
Got any samples up there?

Can't you see we're all starving down here? Heh, look Rosie isn't scared anymore!
We sure had a lot of fun hanging out with Largo and his family. He has another brother and sister at home. FOUR HUGE DOGS. The dad, he loved Pugs! So funny. They are also involved in rescue. We hope we can visit with them again someday!

Friday, March 18, 2011

My sweet Zoey turns 7!!!!

Our little spitfire is celebrating another birthday! Hard to believe she is turning 7. She came to me on Mother's Day in 2004! Her AKC name is "Chloe's Little Bitty Zoey".
grown up and loving her Gertie....We added Rosie in 2006 and she became the middle child....which put her flat little nose out of joint for a bit....later that same year we added Marty to the bunch and she was happy not to be the "middle child" anymore.She has such a smiling little face....a little spitfire! Then in 2010 we brought home Miss Kiki. In her usual manner she just shrugged it off.Happy Birthday to our sweet little clown face Zoey!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Puggies Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all our peeps. The festivities started out with a treat from our favorite dog bakery A Barker's Dozen....Sweet little Marty was ready... Zoey was ready......

then that crazy Kiki showed up.....the craziness started.....and someone ended up in jail......It's all good until someone gets hurt! Tonight we're off to the bakery for doggie Shamrock Shakes!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chloe has an announcement....

she lost 4 pounds 5 ounces!!!!
Yeah Chloe!!!! We all know what a struggle it can be for some of our little puglets. We finally got it through to everyone that there are NO treats at the table, no people food unless veggies, and portion control. Hopefully by next year we can have her around 21 pounds, but we're real happy getting the 4 pounds off the vet recommended from last year!

Monday, March 14, 2011


We participated in Sweater Day hosted by There was a drawing for chocolate. Sweet. Yummy. Chocolate. Well, their sweet mama sent ALL participants their own "prize" package!
A treat for sure!!! Thanks!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Come. Sit. Stay. Eat.

A friend owns her own doggie treat company and recently decided to open a public location. We were pretty thrilled when the location found was a mere 2 miles from our house! We were even more thrilled when she asked if I would be interested in being the "local" provider of dog clothing! Hopefully she and in turn I will be successful!

Tonight is the "soft opening" ...the sign arrived just in time!a peek at one display of "dog beverages" and bulk treats.For the opening I did some St. Patricks dresses, Easter dresses, Pajamas and Bowtie & Cuff sets. We were so excited after hanging the dresses up I forgot to get pictures of the other displays. My stuff is on the left end and the display on the table. Her dog treats make me hungry....


very hungry....

I love the idea of a local place to drop by that welcomes humans and their pets! Our evening walks are going to have a happy ending! I can't wait to see where this takes us!


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