Monday, December 31, 2007

Rosie turns two and bad habits

As of a few minutes ago Rosie turned two, Crazy girl should be a little less crazy now? Seriously, I doubt it! Since I have no access to my photos and don't want to mess too much with C's laptop here, Rosie will not be showing her two year old photo until later.

In other Pug news I doubt you will ever hear "give mommy a kiss" to my furry ones for a very, very long time. Now honestly Marty's breath would sink a ship and I have NEVER asked him for a kiss....never. Chloe also has the bad breath working, but Zoey, ahhhh, sweet baby she has been fine and Rosie, well she dishes out kisses without asking. Gross your saying right? Well, it gets a whole lot grosser, We have taken notice lately that Chloe has been licking Marty's butt!!! So P says, heh put some hot pepper on his butt?????? What the heck P have you thought about how that would feel???? Gah, horrible....but that is not the worst part! Yesterday we caught Marty pushing open the laundry room door and helping himself to items in the cat box!!!! OMG...I can't even think about it. Three times yesterday he went in there! Then Rosie goes over to clean Chloe's face. It seems three of them now have the horrible poop curse. I know some of you have problems with this out there, but P says he has "never heard" of anything this gross...ever! I say is this anyway to end the year? Suggestions??????

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Posting from a laptop

Here I am ending the year posting on c's new laptop. Our computer guru came over today to hook up wireless in the house and get our desktop running better. We have been having "flash player" issues and hoped that everything would be up and running good as new. Unfortunatly, as I have found out over and over again, that is not always true.

The wireless is super, the laptop is great, our computer is having the hard drive WIPED OUT and starting over......gah.

I have copied off over 1,000 pics, saved emails, lists, etc.

Now we wait......although I have to say, this laptop is something I could get used to.

Friday, December 28, 2007

The holiday post....finally

Christmas Eve was at our house. The pre-made dinner worked out nicely. Especially since everyone's schedules were a little off and dinner had to be a little later than planned. Before the rest of the family arrived we (P, me, R, H (his finance') and C) exchanged gifts, since R and H would not be with us Christmas morning. One of H's gifts to me was this frame she made for me.

Here R tries to figure out why we gave him snowboard bindings? Perhaps he should look under the sofa to see. He was pleasantly surprised to find a new snowboard, especially since he thought he was getting nothing for Christmas since we have given him money for his new apartment.

My bf dropped off this cookie tray to us. She does this every year. Thankfully she has decreased the size over the years.

P was in charge of photos and obviously neglected to take ANY of the festivities. R did get this one of Zoey in the den. Oops, I think she has dress issues.

Rosie, well she was just plain EXHAUSTED.

We never did get to my aunt's house. After everyone left, around 9:30pm, P and I headed over to my dad's for some quiet time. He and A had been at our house, but she really wanted us over for more dessert.

Forward to Christmas morning. After sleeping in until 8:30am! Presents got underway. P decided the gang should get dressed again and Marty put on his Santa Suit.

Chloe was very intrigued by the whole thing.

Heh, C what did you get?????

Zoey - "She got a laptop Chloe, can't you read?"

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

From our family to yours, we hope you all have a blessed and wonderful Christmas. Remember happiness is not the size or number of gifts, but the love that gift is given with!!

We love you all! Punchy and her "fearsome, but exhausted foursome".....Chloe, Zoey, Marty and Rosie.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

We interrupt Christmas preparation for a nap....

I believe I may be ready for the holiday. I think I could have been ready days ago, but P and I have chosen to do a little at a time. I am trying to de-stress myself. I think if I get any more de-stressed I will need to hire PugPosse to refinish me!

Today I did something my mother would faint over if she were alive to faint....I ordered Christmas Eve dinner! Yes, ordered the dinner...dinner for 14 Punchy coming on up. Now actually I ordered dinner for 10 as I am actually still making my Seafood Newburg and Rice. P says he hopes I am not unhappy with what someone else thinks dinner for 10 should look like. I just know I am not up to the prep, the mess and the doctor says NO DISHES for another week. Darn, and I so wanted to do dishes. He also said no hot tubs or pools, but since Norman's hot tube has not been installed yet, and our pool is covered and frozen over, I don't think either of those will be a problem. But back to the dinner. Because of the second visit we must do Christmas Eve, I have made dinner appetizers at 4ish, dinner at 5. I like perfect. I like the food, the timing, the table, everything to be PERFECT. So I ordered

Oh, by the way I bought paper plates too! Now let me say I bought expensive paper plates, oh and matching napkins...and because I felt a tiny bit lazy about the dinner and the paper, P bought me "chargers" for the table. So the paper plates won't look, you paper. Oh, yeah, and now I'm off to nap....

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bloggy Parade of Homes Chirstmas Edition

First stop the nutcracker line-up....

This guy hangs out alone...
Next stop the dining room mirror which is displaying this years cards.

The vase...I think this arrangement has been around for at least 7 years. Each year it seems to be in a different spot, but I always end up putting it out. The antique photo behind it is a chalked photo of our house done in 1865. Someone had cut it into an oval shape, but I found this frame at a flea market and had a mat cut to make it all fit.
Dining Room chandelier. Girlville gave me the idea to hang ornaments. I didn't put the tree up in dining room this year doing this instead.

The ornament in the center is one my mom made for me. Each Christmas my mom ALWAYS made us something. One year it was candles, another year centerpieces. Always something made especially for my sister and I from her. I treasure this ornament with it's little crystal angel. She'll watch over us at our Christmas table.

Of course my red Pug Tree in my office. I need to take a picture with lights on..maybe later.
I made myself a mini Pug Angel tree-topper.

Rosie looking angelic by the tree...yeah, right.
My little "beach tree" in the second floor bathroom. These are shells we have collected on trips to the shore, hung with ribbon....simple but cute. Guess I should take a pic of this one with lights on too.
Kitchen table area. I put lights along my Pug garland.

The gingerbread house C and I made this year.

I didn't take photos of the den, porch, or outside....maybe another day.
In less than 16 hours no more stiches....I can't wait!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Secret Santa and more

Last night when P got home from work he took his "out to the mailbox" trip. He came in with 2!

The first contained adorable snowmen candles from Alfred's mom. So cute and I love snowmen! I always hate to burn cute candles. I think I may put these around for Christmas Eve dinner.

Then the next box....a couple of wrapped gifts and a tin of cookies! Now I knew from the box that this was from Norman and the woman...and I've had cookies made by the woman and the mean one, so I dug in...literally. P tried to check things out and I bit him...only kidding! What an assortment of treats! I told the woman that the doctor said to add a glass of milk to my diet, do you think she meant milk AND COOKIES????

I thought about saving the wrapped gifts for Christmas, but then decided "heck no". The woman made me this BEAUTIFUL SCARF!!!! Honestly, as a crafter, I so LOVE getting a gift made for me! My Secret Santa, Norman, gave me the beautiful necklace! It is so different. That Norman he knows I love the Pug stuff!!!! Thanks thanks thanks!!!!

I put on a turtleneck, my necklace and my scarf and my girlfriend here took me out for a bit of shopping.
Now move forward to this morning. C woke me to help with the banana bread she was baking for work. We put it in the oven and I set the "timer" on the microwave for 45 minutes. After 21 minutes I heard a popping noise and the house smelled like pumpkin spice...hmmmmm, strange....
UH OH.....that wasn't the timer.....that was COOK!!!! Apparently the drugs from surgery have not yet worn off. I put a cup of coffee in the micro last night to reheat. Obviously, I never reheated but did indeed COOK it for 21 minutes. Could have been worse, it could have cooked for 45! The microwave is clean...the cup....well, it may be a pencil holder now.

I did venture to work today. I drove P's truck. Turning the key left handed was interesting. I think I may have drove like a granny, but I got there and worked until 1pm, then headed to drs. appt. and home. P wanted to go shopping, but my hand was hurting and I said I needed to take a quick nap....I got up 2 1/2 hours later. I'm not sure having this surgery before Christmas was such a good idea.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Get your butt outta that RUT

This past seven days I have felt myself fall into a rut.......

rut - noun, verb, rut·ted, rut·ting.
1. a furrow or track in the ground, esp. one made by the passage of a vehicle or vehicles.
no not that kind of rut...2. any furrow, groove, etc.
no, not that one either..
3. a fixed or established mode of procedure or course of life, usually dull or unpromising: to fall into a rut.
Yes, this one!

I'm not seriously ill, abused, homeless, hungry....just in a rut. I'm not used to being home all day. I don't watch tv. I'm used to being the worker, the mom, the wife, go, go, go. The hand is achy, stiff, waiting for release. I'm not ready for Christmas. I haven't even turned the Christmas Tree lights on lately. It sort of feels like February....

Then I went to let the Pugs out and find a delivery on the porch. Wow, treats!!!!!

Thank you "Priscilla". Delicious and thoughtful, chocolate rut medicine!
Then when P got home from work he admired the Californy' treats and then I sent him out to the mailbox. In came another package and lots of cards. He laughed and told me "this has to stop". As I sat at the table opening I came upon a notice that flowers for me had been delivered next store, so back on went his boots and over he went. Sweet Sugar...Roy & Gwen....Girlville...30 Something....
Yep, darn good rut medicine....

From 30 Something, an adorable ornament. This will have to hang on the Pug tree in my office! Roy and Gwen that is the ultimate Christmas Card!!!! The best ever!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Snow day?

The schools are closed today, although I am not entirely sure why. The newspaper says we got 10 inches of snow in our town. Not sure where they measure, but lots more than that on our deck. I guess a lot of side roads were not cleared and slippery. I have not been out since Saturday evening, but hope to get out some today. I have my car, I have my keys, just can't drive that "stick-shift"....drat....

Not sure why but my hand has taken to swelling again today. I will be glad to get bandage off and stiches removed and get a chance to talk with doctor on Friday until then sitting peacefully with Pugs.....

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dig, dig, dig

This weekend has been a wintery one. I am glad to not be able to drive, so forced to be home, inside and warm. Darn, can't help shovel either...darn, now that's sad! Last night as the snow started the furry ones took a trip on the deck....


Please let us back in, it's freezing out here...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hodgepodge Post

I am calling this pic, "Pug through gate with lights". Heh, I'm a little bored here.

We have had some excitement this week....what? an entire shipment of Pup Corn????

Sorry, Chloe, this is for mama...

Thanks to RPM for the fun rug and sign. The new porch at camp is going to rock tropical!!!
and I also got our group shot framed from Lisa! It is on my desk where I can enjoy it!

Thursday's shopping did not turn out well. The weather and roads were horrible, so we had lunch at a local retaurant and went into a couple of nearby stores. I was gone a total of 2 1/2 hours and came home and slept for 3 hours!

Staying home all day is more fun with 2 hands. I spent almost all day yesterday fielding telephone calls. First a call to my SIL to thank her for the Get Well Flowers and chocolates, next a wonderful call from Norman' s woman. That was followed by a call to my BF, a call from my sister, another call with BF, another call with sister, call to aunt, call with step-dad, the Christmas Eve fiasco is finally ironed out and I felt like the life was sucked out of me!

Sidebar (or only read if you are bored and love others family drama): You all know I have just rekindled relationship with my mom's sister, after 7 years. Well, seems my sister, got caught up and decided it would be nice to do Christmas with them all again. My immediate family alone is 15 for dinner. I have always hosted Christmas Eve dinner and for the last 7 years we have carved out our own tradition. My aunt's family is also 15 strong...not impossible, but not something I was interested in doing. So my sister and aunt decided that my aunt will do "one last Christmas Eve"...gah. My dad says he does not want to go there, it is not his family (remember my parents divorced when I was 17), his girlfriend does not want to go there, and my step-dad is not invited, nor does he want to go I solve the problem..sit down dinner 5pm Christmas Eve at my house, we can exchange our gifts, visit and then 8pm down to aunt's for visit. Whomever wants to go, goes. They know I am trying to keep the peace....yep that's me, one-handed peace-keeper. Christmas Day P and I will travel alone to his sister's for dinner. My kids have "other sides" to visit too. I understand and want them to not feel pressured to spend each day with us. That's how my mom was and it sure made life easier for me when my kids were little and MIL and FIL were still alive.

P took me to Dick's, Kohl's and Staples....I bought nothing. He was starved, so we stopped for late dinner. All I wanted to do was go home. My hand feels like a toothache. I am cranky! After dinner we stopped to pick up a few groceries. I'm sure you've all heard we are due for a blizzard. Woohoo!!!!

Sorry, the reporter got in the way, but along lake where we live "lake effect" it says 18+ inches and could be 2 feet or more! It is due to start later tonight and continue through Sunday night. My office party is tonight. C is taking me to get my hair washed , trimmed, and styled...thank goodness! Hopefully we will be home before it starts!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

How can I still be tired?

Okay, I spent day number 2 in bed.....all day. I'm not much for tv, and I haven't felt much like reading....gah. Anyhow, today my girlfriend is picking me up to get a little shopping done. I am still trying to figure out some getting dressed issues....hooking undergarments?, zippers?buttons. I think she is picking me up at 10:30....I probably should start now!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One handed

Thanks to all of you for your emails and comments! I am finding that being left handed is strange..... I can't use right hand at all. GAH My hand is very swollen, but the pain is tolerable. I only had the mind numbing drugs and honestly I don't even remember going into surgery. I did have a horrible bloody nose in recovery, which freaked P right out! Got home at 12:30pm and went straight to bed, slept until 5, got up ate, back to bed, and on and on. I have mainly been napping with Marty as he cries when left downstairs and he will sleep the longest...although he has the worst breath!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Baby it's cold outside....

Yesterday after meetup, P asked if I wanted to go "check out camp". We were about 1/2 hour away, so we went. The owner puts HUGE logs over all the roads so no one can get in by car and create damage or steal. We are at the most northern end where the main town road ends. We parked there and walked up the was so windy and freezing cold. There is not nearly as much snow there as at home only 50 minutes away! It's crazy how the lands along the lake all get different amounts of snow. It looks really weird here without the porches and furniture and the rooms on the trailors put out. We didn't go inside, honestly, I was just too darn cold!

Do you feel cold looking at these pics?

How about now, listen to the wind!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Party time...Marty news....

Last night I spent most of the evening doing some sewing and packing for today's Pug Meetup event. I never went to bed until 1am and was up at 7:30am! We were out of the house by 9:20 for the hour drive. We got there and setup my little sale table, the printer, and the tripod for the photos with Santa.

Rosie was stressing a little over the whole "Santa" thing....

Each Puggy got a beautiful stocking decorated just for them! Zoey liked Santa....

Rosie didn't.....

Chloe thought it was fine too....

Marty was just plain happy!

We took the stockings home and put them on the "fireplace". Don't they look festive?

and I won one of the raffles.... Hard to see, but it contains a photo album, dog travel bowl set, stuffed dog (Pug of course) and a toy!

Everyone had a great time. I printed the pictures and card-framed them on the spot. Everyone got to take theirs home when they were ready to leave. The Elk's club served us a wonderful turkey dinner. I ate last and ended up never eatting my salad until we got in the car to leave! I missed out on the cake :( and never even had time for coffee!
MARTY NEWS!!!! The lump has disappeared!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! As the vet predicted it was the darn shots!


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