Friday, November 30, 2007

30 Days of Coffee - Day 30 THE FINAL FRONTIER

Well, I made it! Here it is 30 days later. Time sure does fly by! Today's cup is from my "good dishes". I started collecting these before I was married. The grocery store (Wegmans) used to have the old "get a plate(or whatever) for 19 cents with the purchase of $10 worth of groceries. My grandmother and I had a lot of fun collected a service for 12 for me. They also had all the extras you could pot, creamer/sugar, butter dish, salt/pepper, serving dishes...everything. For my birthday that year (I was turning the ripe old 23!) everyone gave me the serving pieces. I have seen sets that better match my current likes and are prettier, but these, these have memories. I sort of get hung up on that kind of stuff....

The ingredients. P likes Coffee Mate (ugh!), he also uses sugar in his coffee. He like to make sure he has enough on hand.

He also likes to make sure there is plenty of coffee on hand..plenty

Here are some that didn't make the cut for postings. A small collection of miniature cups that I have, my great-grandmothers "chocolate set" is there in the back too.
Some full size cups in that same cabinet.
The home of the every-day set (you remember the ones that should have saucers?)

The glass mugs hide in here....

The "good" cups and saucers in here......

and all those mugs.............

Clearly, I have a problem..............

Thursday, November 29, 2007

30 Days of Coffee - Day 29

I think this may have been a mug was from a flower arrangement I received once. If not, I have no idea.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

30 Days of Coffee - Day 28

This mornings coffee was served up in this mug...guess this really isn't "sweet and juicy" strawberry season, but heck, a girl can dream.

Thought I'd also share with you our huge sugar bowl! This sugar bowl graced my grandparents table since before I was born. (I know a long time, no smart comments!) Anyhow, my grandmother left this for us when we bought the house. It is Sterling Silver and marked USN on the bottom. I know we didn't have any Navy men in our family, so I can only assume that she got it at some kind of sale after WWII.

Dishes and mugs mugs may come and go in our house, but the sugar bowl stays!

Special request for Sandy.... here's Marty for you!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

30 Days of Coffee - Day 27

I found this mug in the back of my cupboard. One of my previous tenants gave us a set of these one Christmas. There were four??? I seem to only find one????

Magnolia Sun, the mugs take up an entire shelf of one cupboard and 3/4 of another shelf. A few of the larger ones hide in the back of the glass cupboard, the ones that match my dishes are on the shelf with the dishes, the glass ones are in the dining room hutch, and the Pug mugs are on display on the hutch in the kitchen. Wow, that's a lot of darn mugs/cups!

Norman, our coffee maker has a grinder built right in it. We used to grind our own beans all the time, but haven't been doing that lately. I do LOVE the smell of those coffee beans...sigh.

I've been busy at home. Here's a sneak peak at my newest creations. Pug Angel treetoppers! I made the heads out of Sculpey Clay and then sewed and glued and burned and pinched outfits. They can either be a treetopper, or stand as you see them...what do you think?

Monday, November 26, 2007

30 Days of Coffee - Day 26 - It's card time, do we have your address?

yes, my friends....yet another pug mug...
what can I say, I'm "possessed"

We are busy here getting those Christmas cards ready. If you have not received a card from us before and would really like to be added to our list, please leave me a comment with your postal address and your email address. I moderate my comments (duh, like you guys don't know that) and promise not to publish your information to the ENTIRE global world! If you want to leave an additional regular comment for posting, please feel free to do that too. We love hearing from y'all!!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

30 Days of Coffee - Day 25....gah, only one month until Christmas

See this mug...the Pugs are still in bed, which is where I want to be! Where are those darn elves?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

30 Days of Coffee - Day 24

Maybe this big, whipped creamed topped cup of coffee will get me started today!

Now this is a caffeine indulgence, yum. Hopefully today will be a day of more finished projects than yesterday. Yesterday I seemed to bounce from one thing to another and not get anything finished. My son has still not started moving, so now his "stuff" has been moved from the living room (to allow for that tree to be put up) to the dining room...gah! My entire car is also filled with donations from my dad to him for his new place.
I did manage to get 32 candle lights put in the windows, which is a major project. The ones in the cupola require a lot of extension cords and a lot of grumbling. I think I will ask Santa this year for some plug outlets up there...oh, and real ceiling lights instead of that old lamp. I honestly don't know how I have completed all the decorating in the past. I need some elves...send coffee....

Friday, November 23, 2007

30 Days of Coffee - Day 23

Sadly Maggie has become an angel, joining her sister Josie Belle. Please stop by and visit Michelle, AB and Nappy and send them healing wishes. Run free sweet little girl.....

My coffee today...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Videos

30 Days of Coffee - Day 22 - Happy Thanksgiving

Today's coffee mug is not only filled with coffee, but filled with love and thanks to our friends near and far. The mug chosen has a Pug face, and you say.."heh Punchy what else?", but because of the introduction of Pugs into our family 5 years ago we have made countless friends. Some friends have Pugs, some don't, some want a Pug, some will never own a Pug. We are thankful for each and every one of you who have touched our hearts. God's blessings to you all from all of us......

Our Pilgrims......

Purdy "Chloe" Smith (she's been dressed since dawn waiting for dinner to begin)

Rebecca "Zoey" Smith (she just wants dinner to end so she can chase the other Pug-children)

Mary "Rosie" Smith (she has been yelled at several times already this morning and is prayerful that dinner end and mama gets busy and doesn't notice her hel*raising ways)

WHAT??? If I don't behave no dinner?????

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

30 Days of Coffee - Day 21 Home Office Edition

Yes, this is really a mug! LOL This may be the strangest one in my entire house! There is something weird about drinking out of a cat's head!

Girlville asked to see my new office in our house. Since my dad moved LAST YEAR this room has been nothing. Now it is more private in the front of the house off the dining room....come on in....

You remember the Pug painting, right?? It's new home is here.
I revised the Pug curtains from my old office to fit these much bigger windows. Notice I have my nice recliner for quiet reading. I have a lot of Pug artwork from artists around the country.
This is the closet. It actually goes the length of the main staircase of the house. The door opened "into" the room and was usually left open, so we just took it off. (Pam, my dad got me the "Hound Dog" sign at Graceland!)

The desk in it's new spot. You'll notice there is no computer right now. Maybe by summer I'll have my own computer down here. For now it's a nice place to sit and work on projects.

Seems no surface is safe from my Pug decorating. That bulletin board holds all the fun cards I get from everyone through the year. The Pug on the door handle (with his head closed in the door) is a purse my son bought me last year for Christmas. This is the way out, so time to go!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

30 Days of Coffee - Day 20

This is where it all begins.....

I got this coffee maker for Christmas many years ago...probably at least 5. I had a red coffee maker before they were even in "fashion". At the time Cusinart was the only company who manufactured red. Now it seems you can get all colors...except I still love red.....

Today's mug was found in the back of the mug cupboard. It was one that my son collected back in his days of dinosaurs. He was probably around 10 years this mug an antique?

In other news P finally took my desk apart and moved it from the community office upstairs to my private office downstairs. Somehow every time we do a project trouble unfolds. This time trouble reared it's head as a non-working ethernet cord. So last night after the computer was re-established on the other desk blogging. Hopefully today a trip to the cable company for a new cord will solve the problem. It could also be the "card" where the cable hooks into the hard drive? In that case we will be using a USB connection for the modem. Wow, you'd think I really knew what the heck I was talking about! Wish me luck!
PS - I am asking for Adobe Photoshop for Christmas...thoughts?????

Monday, November 19, 2007

30 Days of Coffee - Day 19

This mug was in the back row of my cupboard. It's a "different" type of mug. I think I've had it for almost 20 years...maybe longer. Wow, I'm getting old!
Yesterday, I took a day off from sewing and went to a baby shower. It was on the other side of the city at a party house. I had forgotten what a HUGE baby shower was like. Three hours later we stopped at the mall out that way. I have not been there in many years and what did I see, but a Disney Store. We walked around in there and discussed the items that C would have wanted and probably gotten. Time sure does fly. I'm not too fond of that mall so we headed back home to go to the plaza near our house. C wanted three things from Target....Starbucks on the way bedroom curtains.....Pizza Hut breadsticks on the way out. We walk in and the steamer machine at SB is broken....okay, so back to the curtains....NOTHING GOOD. So go through to leave and NO BREADSTICKS! If C was 5 she would have had a meltdown at this point! We went over to Joanne's to look at fabric for me to make the curtains....nothing she liked that would have worked out. Finally back home. We just were getting settled in and my dad and A showed up to see how I was feeling. By the time they left it was after 7pm and not a very constructive sewing day! I did finish up one project and called it a day.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

30 Days of Coffee - Day 18 & 500th Post!!!!

Today's cup of coffee is served up in a Harley Davidson mug P got while visiting the plant in York, PA.
He was traveling for his previous company and made a couple of trips to the York area. The packaging company he was doing accredidations for made arrangements for him to have a tour of the Harley factory. Being a motorcycle man - he loved it. There was talk of us moving to the area, but I was way too nervous to relocate. C was a senior in highschool, R was in community college, my dad still lived with us....way too much baggage to do a move!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

30 Days of Coffee - Day 17

I'll bet almost everyone with a Pug has received this mug as a gift. I actually have 2 of these, both gifts. I have noticed some of my mugs are sort of scratched and beat up. P likes to take coffee in the car and the mugs usually end up in the back seat and bounce around. I'm surprised more aren't broke.

Since I am having my hand surgery December 11th. I have put myself on target to have things in order and done for the holidays. I plan on having all the sewing done, cards ready, and house decorated by the end of next weekend!!! Then I'll work on shopping.

So today was designated "sewing day".

Notice the residue of orange tape? I borrowed this tape from P to mark a spot 2 years ago for a project I was sewing....that tape is obnoxious. I should get something that will remove it!

So I started around 8:30 am.....

and finally stopped at 6:30pm! I'm very happy with what I completed today. I finished up this year's Christmas outfits for the furry ones. Sorry no pic, it's a surprise! LOL I also finished another doggy dress for my Etsy site. I have a boy vest almost completed, 2 other dresses and another vest cut-out and ready to go. I also finished a complete set of the boy dog idea set that I had an idea for. I haven't decided if I will sell those on ebay, Etsy, word of mouth, on the street corner, wherever.

Friday, November 16, 2007

30 Days of Coffee - Day 16

Today some of you may recognize my mug. Perhaps you'll get yours down out of the cupboard and join me in a cup of coffee (or fav drink).
Yesterday P called me when he got home from work and said I had a package from Florida...oh, I know what that is!


These are DEE-LI-CIOUS! It is fun to receive them (although it costs Sandy a fortune to send them!!!!). Seems weird to think she and her family picked them out of her backyard, washed them up and now their here in upstate New York!!!

So P and I ate some before dinner....

Then for after dinner my son brought us home a small cheesecake from you know where....

Honestly, I only had the tiniest of pieces as it was a 7 inch cheesecake. I prefer mine without the strawberries, but suffered through! Wish I could have shared with you Sandy!

Stay tuned later tonight for Shanny's photo project challenge.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

30 Days of Coffee - Day 15 - Part 2

For those of you that have any doubts I can make 30 days of coffee, I give you my collection.....

If you count there are 18 mugs. I have only posted 2 of them, leaving 16 problem making the rest of the month. Not to mention I actually have MORE regular mugs to choose from too. You may be asking yourself "why does Punchy need all those mugs?" and I would say for when my bloggy friends come over for coffee of course!
Priscilla, these are the series from either Franklin Mint or Danbury Mint or one of those, try them and let us suck you into buying more than you can ever need............


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