Friday, December 16, 2005

Glad it's Friday!

Here's a photo of the winter coats I made for the girls. We had this taken at our Pug Meetup and used it for our Christmas Cards. I think they look adorable and you can see by their smiles that love them too.

We didn't really get the storm predicted for our area, although travel into work today was a little scary. I drive a VW Beetle with a 5-speed so I feel pretty safe in it. I'll just look like a spinning red top!

I got contacted yesterday by someone needing help placing a Pug! Poor baby only 1 yr. old. He is beautiful and we already have 4 families that want him! I hope to pick him up in the next few days to have him in his "forever home" for Christmas. Isn't he adorable??????

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Tara (Zena's Mom) said...

I'm glad it's Friday too!!!!

I'm one of the people that is thinking about getting Turk, the black male Pug. Well, really I've already decided it's the significant other I need to convince!!!

Not sure how Zena will like the idea, but I figure she will get used to it-she'll have a man to boss around!

We'll keep you posted!


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