Friday, December 23, 2005

Is it Christmas yet????

Seems like Christmas is weeks away and then all of the sudden here. Seems like I am down shopping, yet still yearn to go into the stores. HAHA Luckily we got out of work today at noon. My coworker and I went out to lunch and then I picked up some last minute food things at the store. Came home and picked up....put the leaves in the table, set the table. We have 12 tomarrow night for dinner. There is the possibility of a few never know. Wrapped my son and his fiance's gifts. Still need to wrap dad's but need to get a large box first. Seems none of the stores had the right boxes when you checked out this year. We got my son a beautiful chess set, dragon theme. Last year I saw a set that came with a chess table. This year I couldn't find it anywhere. I finally found the chess set 40 minutes from home. I had one of my mother-in-laws side tables in our barn. Sent hubby over to get it out and now and in the process of doing some painting to the top. I put a silver specialty paint on top and on the edges, where the board doesn't cover am going to paint dragons. The theme of the set is dragons, he likes dragons, hence the reason to paint....dragons. Of course, I would like to give him this table Christmas morning, which means I will be painting and varnishing in between things all day tomarrow. Why or why do I do this to myself????? I am tired thinking about it. I think I'll take a nap!

Almost forgot. I mentioned before that we are getting another Pug puppy. A good friend bred her Pug and we are going to be parents, again. Anyhow, she went 2 weeks ago and took her for an x-ray, the vet said he didn't see any puppies, but saw 4 sacs. Last night she had another x-ray done and there are 9 puppies!!!! She is due Christmas Day. We are so excited! We get first pick of the will I pick?????

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Pugley said...

Wowee! A new baby...and pick of the litter. Hmmm, is going to be a boy or a girl? I hope you decide to wait a little while to pick it out. Wait until you can see personalities and stuff. Come know you want a boy. I need a boy penpal instead of all these girls! hahaha...just kidding, I LOVE the girls!


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