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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You'd think someone was getting married.....

Our event is right around the corner. Clearly we are over the top......

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


P got a flat tire....

then last night realized his big tv in the den is BROKE.......

Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer Moments

I have forgotten my camera cord at camp the past two weekends....duh... Anyhow, I had forgotten that when I got my laptop I purchased the model with the port for the photo card...double duh.... So this morning I uploaded pictures from the past couple of weeks......

Salmon Fishing on Lake Ontario....notice the rainbow in the background?

P's Salmon weighed about 14 pounds...T's weighed 38 pounds!!!! Morning sky over the bay...

Fishing Derby is ready to go....
Another morning sky shot over the bay...

A chair full of Pugs... HAIL!!!!
Lake side glorious morning....
Yesterday's Bass Catch!
Summer has passed I quickly. I have calculated I have 6 more weekends and then pack up. I do love Fall, but sure will miss the peace, quiet, and all that fun at camp.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pug Family In Need

Normally I work quietly donating to organizations and families and not publishing it. You all know I donate 20% of my clothing sales to Pug Rescue groups all over the country. I realize these are tight times for many of us, but I was recently informed of a Pug family that needs help with a medical bill for their Pug.

The following is a message from Karen Powers- of Green Mtn Pug Rescue....

" I just wanted to tell you about this poor family in NH. She signed up to be a foster home- even knowing she is fighting terminal cancer. She talked to her family and they all agree they wanted to help our pugs-many from puppymills. Its such a selfless act of compassion! Her Pug Sirius swallowed a nyla bone whole and needed surgery to remove it and the intestine was partly removed due to being dead. The bill was 4500.00 and has to be paid prior to him coming home. You can imagine how devastated they are. I know times are hard for us all ( I am taking on a 2nd job myself), but if everyone here gave just 10.00 and sent this story to their pug friends, Maria would have Sirius back in her loving families arms tomorrow!! Here is the link to her fundable account- pls consider helping this needy, loving, compassionate family! Karen Powers"

As an update, Maria was able to get Sirius released. If you click on the "fundable account link" you can read about her and updates. Karen knows this woman personally, this is not a scam!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meme from Norman

Tagged by Norman
We got tagged by Norman to do a Meme. Rules: Obey the Pug, answer the following, and pass on!
1) How did you first learn about Pugs?

After having cats and large dogs all my life I saw a Pug on tv and thought...gosh I HAVE to have one of those. I started reading everything I could find out about them.

2) What made you get a Pug?

After I searched the internet for a puppy and drove P to distraction. I dragged him to a local Pug event to see them "up close and in person"...well, we sat down and one of those little puggies came over and jumped in P's lap...he was done for. The rest is history.

3) Most memorable moment with your Pug (s).
Wow, there are so many, but I think probably the one that will stand out is when I got called from the "waiting list" from the breeder. I took the day off work and when we got to her house we went into her kitchen. She had a huge area that was baby fenced with warming lights and cozy beds. She said to me "there's your baby".....sigh....they was our little Chloe sitting by the gate, all 6 inches of her!

4) What is the most important thing Pugs (or dogs) have taught you?

Well, my Pugs have really taught me unconditional love. I have met total Pug nuts, blogger friends, and gotten involved with rescue.

5) Best Thing You Ever Did For Your Pugs.

Besides taking super care of the health of each of them....rescued Marty....oh, and take them to the Jersey shore on vacation!

6) Post your answers on why you “Adore Le Pug” on your blog and link to the blog who tagged you (or their blog post).
I was tagged by Norman.

7) Tag 5 or more other bloggers.

I tag Harry, Clover, Frances, Mylo, and Preppy Pugs.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Vacation Week 2

This summer the weather has been ever changing. I have not allowed myself to get caught up in the "one rainy day" each weekend, Lake Ontario looking like the Atlantic Ocean with waves, lightning, thunder, water spouts, etc. I have used the rainy days to read and craft, the sunny days to boat, garden, and just be outside. This vacation week went from thunder and lightning, to torrential rain, hail the size of quarters, more rain, more thunder, more, more, more....then the sun came out, the wind continued, the storms could be seen out over the lake, thunder in the between a friend passed away.....expectedly, yet not, a trip home for "appropriate clothing", a drive to another town for calling hours, the week continued....then I came home and saw Lori's Pugsley passed and I thought of the ever changing weather and ever changing life and I cried.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

More Pugstock info....

Clover asked for Pugstock details....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

1 to 5pm

Powderhorn Lodge in Powder Mills Park in Pittsford, New York (close to NYS thruway)

Friday, August 08, 2008

take me out to the ball game....

A company my office does business with invited us to the RedWings game. These were primo tickets to the Power*Alley*Grill. It is right next to the bull pen, behind the outfield. It was great!

This is the grille area. I should have taken pics when we first got there. They had an outdoor bar set up with wine and beer. There were burgers, chicken, veggie burgers and hotdogs, grilled per request. There were salads, chips, water, soda, coffee and even cookies! P and I had a lot of fun and the team won both games of their double header.

This is the view from our seats looking toward the Kodak Office tower. For Shannon....

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Our group is having our event in a few short weeks. We took a trip to the park where it is being held to get a feel for how we want things to be set up.

We rented the entire area...both the lodge and the pavillion. We hope to have the food available by the pavillion, so people will have a nice place to sit and eat. This is the hill towards the back of the area. The tree on the right is where we will have the "blessing of the Pugs"...followed by a group shot on that hill. Can't you just see the happy Pugs and their owners?
This is the walkway from the entrance. We are not sure what we will be using the lodge for. Puppymill rescue is one of the groups that is coming. I'm not sure if they plan on bringing their visual display...this might be a great place for that.
The lodge is good sized as you can see. This area will be the entrance table and raffle tables.

We have lots of great people coming. If you live in the area...or like to travel...stop on by!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Pugpossessed on Etsy

Special thanks to Clover for listing our shop as the first in her line of "Saturday Shopping". To clarify some of the comments posed most of everything I make is one of a kind. I usually try to purchase only enough of a fabric to make 3 dresses (remember my 3 ladies?). I do have another dress similar in the same fabric as Clover's that is not yet listed. So....

1. I am struggling for my next pick for my 20% donation. Anyone have a rescue group that they think should be next?

2. If you don't see what you like on there, or the size is not quite right, convo with me on Etsy, or leave a comment here on the blog with your email. I moderate my comments so your email will remain private.

3. Don't forget the upcoming holidays...yeah, I know it's summer, but before we know it, Fall...Winter...Christmas! If you have a holiday dress in mind, please contact me to order so we have time for creating and mailing.

For fun I'm starting a scrapbook on the dresses and shirtsets I've made and who has them. Thanks to those that have shared pics on their blogs...and thanks to Francis for the note with photos enclosed. It is SO fun to see them go from my dining room table to your puggies.



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