Friday, October 31, 2008

A badge and the winners are.....

Our little contest has come to an end. First, let me say your all WINNERS in my eyes. I am glad "C" was the judge and not me! First, for all of you who entered here is a little badge for your blogs. I wanted a badge, I whined for a badge, yelled for a badge, bugged and bee'd for a friends Girlville and A Shopper Girl, came to my rescue and Shopper Girl created this adorable badge for you all!!!

C wanted me to let everyone know that this was "very hard" and she "doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings", but I told her we had to have winners and she had to pick them...and because we can't put it off any longer the winners are:

Bees - Rukia

Bugs - Clover - 1st, Charlie - 2nd

Others - Oscar as Peter Pan - 1st, Sela the Pirate - 2nd, Harry the Turtle and Salinger the Watchdog - 3rd place tie

The winners can pick up their, no, only kidding. Please EVERYONE who entered send me your snail mail address so I can mail the prizes!!!


Punchy & "C"

Happy Halloween & Contest Post follows...

Time's up!!!! Here they all are!!!!

The Contestants....

The moment you've all been waiting for....





and the Others............

Sophie (on right)

Napolean (on left)

Brutus had to show you back and front of this one...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Keep those entries coming in for Bees, Bugs, and Others Contest!!!!

The entries are coming in!
Things are heating up!

So far....

Bee entry coming...Rukia (no photo yet) - COME ON GET THOSE BEES BUZZING!!!

Bug Category - Clemintine, Charlie, Marlene (no photo yet), Clover

Other Category - Winston, Sela, Mea, Giggs, Harry, Gus, Indy, Salinger, Honey Puppy, Kitty Daisy and Oscar

Pyrite will be joining in too!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bees, Bugs and Others Contest - keep those entries coming in!!!!

C is going to have to work hard to pick winners. Everyone is so darn cute! Keep those entries coming in.

PS - Did everyone see that parts of NY got bombed with snow! We're happy we just got the horrifying winds!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bees and Bugs...and a CONTEST....

C has decided to be a bumblebee for Halloween this year. Last night while giving me a sneak peek...I decided it would be fun to see all the bees and bugs out there and have a little contest.

So....C will pick...

1. Her favorite Bee costume
2. Her favorite Bug costume

and for all others that are so sad they didn't pick a Bee or Bug costume this year.....

3. Her favorite NOT Bee or Bug costume

To enter please do the following:
1. Leave me a comment with a link to your blog;
2. Email me your photo at punchbugpugatyahoodotcom;
3. On October 31, 2008 post a picture of your entry for the world to see;
4. Entries to be received by October 31, 2008 at noon;
5. C's selections will be posted October 31, 2008 at midnight!

The contest is for dogs...and cats too!!!!

Prizes have not yet been determined...heck, we just thought up the idea for the contest!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Shelter Show

Today I joined my bf L for a Halloween event to raise money for a shelter in her area. There were half as many people there as usual...not sure why? economy? busy? no advertisement?, but we managed to fill the couple of hours hanging with our Pugs....

Baby Zoey and her mama Molly, the ladybugs..... Dixie...salsa diva....
Isabella...queen mum diva?????

Rosie is the only one of our gang that went. It was an hour away...and just me and after being sick for two weeks, just not up to taking more than one. Doesn't she look completely THRILLED!!!!

Yep, thrilled.....

"Get me out of here?"

Heh Girlville and 30Something...there was even a "cat section"....scuba diver with turtle kitty?????

Yep...completely thrilled....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Under the weather, but climbing out of it....

Friday morning I saw this.....

Every day things get weirder at this place....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The best thing in North Carolina??????

While in NC Girlville and I went to the store to get bread for dinner. She stopped by the sauces and picked this one out for me to bring home. Being a northern girl I had no idea what vinegar based BBQ sauce was. Heck, we used that think stuff. ya know?

So last Sunday I shredded chicken and added some sauce. P not used to the consistency said to add I did. I then served the chicken on deli rolls. It was hot...yes, it was hot. It does say hot on the label, it was. P added more, his eyes watered, he drank water and LOVED IT. I did like it too, but I might put a little less on mine next time....

But P? He is already worried about the bottle running out. He saw there is a website, and was relieved. Girlville promises her mom's recipe. Maybe I'll make him up a batch for Christmas? I mean he is using it on everything....his shredded pork, his chicken, his chili...OMG, did I just see him put it in his coffee????????????

Sunday, October 19, 2008

P's birthday

We dropped C off at P's parents house for their trip to Vegas. We had a great dinner and couldn't ask for nicer people to love our daughter too! These two are very silly! Not sure how many people turning 21 go to Vegas?????? We have received at least 4 phone calls per day from C. She says cool there, but too smokey and fake. She is taking lots of photos for blogging!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Great Bloggy Meetup - Post 3

Sunday after leaving the hotel C and I went back to Girlville's for the rest of our visit. We hung around a bit and then went to 3 houses from the Parade of Homes. The first house we visited was right in Girlville's "hood". Unfortunately it was sold, so we could not purchase it at 1.6 million. Next we drove to two other houses in the area of Girlville's parents. It's fun to see what's out there that we will never live in. Honestly, some of these houses had 5 bathrooms! A maid would be a must!

After we went back and dined on left over pizza from dinner and strawberries. We sat on Girlville's deck and had a lot of laughs. The Husband's mother stopped over for a visit. I think to see if C and I were as beautiful as we look in our photos! LOL

After C took one of her famous "26 minute" naps and Girlville and I chatted while she prepared Pumpkin Pasta for dinner. We ate outside on the deck again and it was wonderful. Good food, good friends! After dinner The Husband made a fire in their Chiminea and we roasted marshmellows! Oh, and C saw a HUGE bug...HUGE....that served as our entertainment for the rest of the evening. After cleaning up from dinner (did I help???) we sat a while longer and talked and talked and talked...then decided we were all exhausted! We could have each had our own nice room, but C did not want to sleep alone...could it have been visions of that BIG BUG in her head????

I woke at 6:45, but thought everyone was still asleep...which they were not. We went down at around 7:45 to find Girlville and The Husband reading the paper.....and breakfast was ready! Wow, talk about being spoiled! After breakfast The Husband left for his dentist appt. and C, Girlville and I talked some'd think we talked enough, right???? We knew we had to get on the road for our 11 hour drive, so at 10am, we decided to leave....sadly....

Do you recognize this tree from Girlville's Fur Ball photos????

Tearfull goodbyes! What great friends!!!!

Off we went..first stop to get gas....then hit route 1 for the first part of our journey...not sure we made it out of North Carolina before this happened.....

Girlville send bread!!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Great Bloggy Meetup - Post 2

Saturday night dinner started out with bread and dipping oil.....

and talking....
more talking, and eatting.....

RPM for you...the salad....this was the small! Mine had shrimp, C got the chicken....

C and I shared the pizza. Ours was the four cheese...very yummy!

AM has a beer?????? The group....

After dinner we went back to the hotel and Girlville opened a box that had been delivered to her prior to our arrival. Ragus had made us all the cute candy boxes. Swampgirl made us all the paper mache pug ornaments..Kristie and 30 Something got the cat version, and Girlville gave us all soap that was handmade in Raleigh. She made the great tags, which will be good in my scrapbook!

Sunday morning we all went down to breakfast and after had a group photo outside. Followed by more photos and then sadly, goodbyes.....

Isn't he the sweetest????

Courtney and I were lucky to be staying another day with Girlville and her husband......

The end of bloggy meetup tomarrow.....


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