Sunday, December 18, 2005

Rescue complete

Got home a bit ago from hooking up with the Pug rescue! We completely drove a different way than directed and ended up at the right place....kharma. Turk (name to be changed) is gorgeous! He has the most coiled Pug tail I have ever seen! He was an absolute charmer all the way home in the car. Sat in his new mom's lap and behaved like a gentleman. It's so nice to be part of a "happy ending". He has a new home for Christmas. I'll post new photos of him soon.

I'm fretting a little tonight...the hubby dropped a pistacho shell and Chloe ate it! I'm hoping that is all comes out okay...if you get what I mean!

Can't believe the weekend is almost over! Also, can't believe that Christmas is knocking on my door!


Shannon said...

What adorable puggies you have!

Pugley said...

Welcome to the blogging world Girls!!! Love that I'll be able to see pictures of you more!!!


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