Thursday, December 22, 2005

dog tired..........

Wow, we're all tired tonight. The girls were desperate this evening as the Eukanuba can was EMPTY. Zoey was trying to dig for it in the empty dish. I finally relented and drove to Petsmart. We just heard that locally the "Diamond" brand of dog food has been pulled from store shelves in our area. Seems certain dates of the food has grown mold and several dogs have died from it! We do not use that brand and don't know of anyone that does. I was paranoid tonight looking at the expiration dates and ingredients on the bag.

While I was out I made one last walk through Joanne Fabrics and Barnes and Noble Bookstore (they are in the same plaza as PetSmart) I bought a book for my son, a magazine for the hubby and that was it. As I walked to my car I said "enough already". I have plenty for everyone and need to stay away from the stores. Earlier today on lunch break I went to the liquor store and bought some cordial type things. My husband does not drink at all and I only occasionally. I thought maybe some fun martini type drinks that are colorful and can be made weaker would be fun to do. I also bought candy and stuff for stocking stuffers. It is amazing how much it adds up to. I AM DONE!

Hopefully tomarrow the boss will relent and allow me to leave before my Friday time of 3pm. I would like to just finish up the wrapping and relax.

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