Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lazing about.....

I was anxious about leaving Marty home today when I went to work. I was worried the furry foursome might get playing and he'd pop a stich or something....

They did just fine, but Zoey is ready to play..............

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Surgery Day Marty Style

5:30pm update - We're home! Haven't gotten a chance to check out the "details", but he is doing great!!! Thanks for all your prayers and love me, we felt it!!!!! Now we cross our paws for a good prognosis!

2:30pm update - He's ready to leave anytime I can get out of work to go get him...looking like after 4:30pm at this point. I can't wait to see my little man!

11:30am update - HE SURVIVED SURGERY!!!! I have to call back around 2p.m. for an update on him and when he can go home. Now to pray for clean margins!

So we're off for surgery! I will probably not stay at the vet's while the surgery takes place. It has been recommended to me that I would be better off at work, taking Xanax or drinking Jack Daniels. Neither of which I do...sigh. Please keep Marty and the vet performing his surgery in your prayers today! We'll be back later with updates.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birthday Boy

Our first born had a birthday yesterday. Since he has his own apartment, works, and is going to school, he is pretty busy. He had plans to go snowboarding, but those plans changed and we were able to get the "family" together for a birthday dinner. We decided to meet at 4pm to give him plenty of time to make class. I sort of recall asking him which location of this restaurant we would meet at...the one 5 minutes from us, or the one 5 minutes from him....I'll bet you can guess what happened.....we went to one, he the other. At 4:05pm I look at P and say...I wonder if our (my) wires got crossed about the location? A round of phone calls took place and we said...stay put, we're on our way. C was already there with him when we arrived. He opened his gifts, we had a nice dinner and NO CAKE....I just can not believe there was no cake! Wasn't it just yesterday that I was creating firetrucks, clowns, hockey rinks, and skateboards?

I can't believe he's 26!

Saturday Night with friends

On Saturday we were invited to another dinner with friends from camp. The hosts for this time live only 20 minutes from us. We started out with yummy horderves and wine. Then we sat down to our meal. C insists you take some of everything! She did also threaten that we had to eat seconds, but thankfully did not push that! Everything tasted so good. I always like eatting someone else's cooking, don't you?
After dinner we went bowling.....

Notice my great form?????We laughed so hard at one point I thought I'd have to go lay down!

After bowling, we had coffee and dessert. Homemade ice cream cake, double chocolate cake, AND cream puffs. Can you all say CALORIES??????
After dessert the guys played golf and then some baseball. It seemed like we looked at the clock and it was 8:30 and then looked again and it was 12:30! We were all invited to spend the night (one couple lived over an hour away), but because we had no one to check on our gang, we did not stay. They asked us to come back for breakfast, but by the time we got home it was after 1am and it was really hard to get moving on Sunday morning!
We did go to a new restaurant in town with my dad on Sunday and then afterwards I went on a walk with a friend. Not sure why we thought it was a good day for a walk. It ended up being 30 degrees and WINDY. We did our usual 4 mile jaunt and I when I got home I took a hot bath and relaxed on the couch. Hopefully I walked off all that eatting!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Patient...and his sister

Marty had a great weekend! We're sure the prayers and good thoughts sent by all of you helped! He seems to have banished the effects of the tranquilizer and no fainting. Hopefully we an put all the nonsense of illness behind us after Wednesday and get on with happy times.

On Thursday, when I spent the entire night up watching Marty, it was interesting to see how the Pugs interact with each other and me. None of them would go upstairs with P for bed. Zoey, the spitfire, of the family decided to cuddle with her brother......

Being bored, worried, and overtired, I even took a short video......

Silly little Pugs!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Thanks for all your kind thoughts and comments for Marty. He seemed much better yesterday. He did have a couple of stumbles...but honestly, those could just be his age and body and no relation to anything else going on. Last night he sleep on my pillow...oh gosh....that breath! But he has been doing great all morning. Not much coughing, no fainting, and seems great. I guess my big hope is that most of the past couple days was due to that darn pill! Sadly, P had to remind me today that Marty is no Spring chicken! We have no idea of his life or care prior to us, but oh, what a life we have given him! Of that we can take joy!

Anyhow, we move towards Wednesday and the lump removal with good thoughts!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Marty = Worry

8pm: Update: Marty is having a rough day (as am I). He has been wobbly, and bad since around 1pm today. As I know the after effects of the pill I give him for his vet visits, I wasn't too worried earlier, but now tonight, I am worried. I did some reading and seems this drug can have effects for over 12 hours! He is still very weird. He has "flopped" over twice on me and is just not himself. I am trying to sort out is it the pill, has cancer spread, or does he indeed have elongated palette that is causing BIG trouble. I'm trying to take one step at a time, but it is hard. I don't want to be too anxious, because I KNOW he is in tune with me and feeds off my energy. Please keep us in your thoughts tonight, that by morning he'll be feeling better.....and so will I.

Noon: Update: Marty was only 85% bad at the vet today...vs...his usual 120% bad! The vet feels the "passing out" is airway problem and to do with elongated palete. This surgery is not one my vet does, as it is a specialist type thing and of course is expensive (aren't they all?). The vet doesn't feel Marty's problem is too bad, although he did caution me that one of these times he "might not wake up".....sigh.....

On a worse note, the vet believes the lump under Marty's arm is a mast cell tumor. Understand that is from visual review only. Because of Marty's distress at the vet's, a needle biopsy is not the way to go with him. It is doubtful we could have even done it. They were able to do a draw for some bloodwork as I held him and got him very relaxed for that....all 27 pounds of him! Silly guy! The vet is 95% sure it is mast cell and warned these are usually malignant. I guess in my heart I've felt this for a while, but was watching the lump for change. Any vet visit is upsetting to him and at nearly 10, I don't want to stress him out any more than he has to be. They can also not do his anesthia the normal way as he gets completely unglued, so he will have to be sedated prior to be putting under....gosh....

I will be taking next Wednesday morning off to be there with him. The good news is they'll be able to cut his front toe nails while he is "sleeping". Once we get through this we'll think about the other surgery......

This morning I am taking Marty to the vet. Over the 2+ years he has lived with us, he has "fainted" 3 times....that is 3 times that I've actually witnessed. The first time I heard him coughing during the night, I thought he was going to be sick, so I put him off the bed onto the floor and he literally fell over...flat...out...cold. I shook him (great CPR, eh?) and he just looked at me like I was NUTS. The second time happened about 12 months ago. He was in the hallway and was doing his little grunty cough thing...and over he went. The last time it happened was last weekend. He was standing in the kitchen by me....did his coughy, grunty, thing and PLOP. I yelled for P, while yelling "marty, marty"...he came too, looked at me and was like "what?".

Yesterday when I came home at lunchtime. The gang greeted me by the door, we all went into the kitchen for fresh water..I looked over at Marty and saw his back end starting to go over. He did not pass out that time and in my mind I thought...well, maybe his legs are asleep, he got a cramp, the moon is full of blue cheese...get my drift?

I immediately called the vet and described the antics. I am taking him in today at 10am. Please send good vibes our way. Marty has a HUGE dislike of going to the vet and ANY kind of attention. He will have to have his "calm your butt down Marty drugs" 2 hours before our appointment. He will be going back to work with me to relax for the rest of the day..under my watchful eye.

Many things are floating around in my head...heart trouble, liver trouble.....not what I want for my little guy. He has always been a noisy Pug. Grunty, grumbly, coughs when he gets crazy. Anyone else ever have anything like this??????

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pug at work

Zoey went to work with me today. She had a great time! She helped print....

She took calls......

She checked the calendar for appointments....

Looked cute.....

and even had time to tell me some Pug secrets..........

She barely napped at all, so tonight after dinner she's catching up on some zzzzzzzzzzz's

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Whose up for a swap?

Girlville suggested a fun swap for everyone to help "de-funk" the mood. Pop over to her blog for the details on this fun swap. If your interested follow her directions and join in the fun!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Valentine Meetup...

Saturday we went to a "double-header" meetup. We got there at 10am to setup. The Pug Meetup was first. It was great seeing some of our friends that we had not seen in several months! L and I took turns manning the booth with raffles, info, and items for sale.

Recognize this blogger? First person to tell me her blog, gets a big kiss from MARTY!

As the day progressed L and my gang sat it out.....

Here is Isabella (Rosie's mom) and Chloe.

The Pug portion ended at 1:30 with a break before the small dog portion arrived. In between there was a mobile grooming truck there and I had Zoey's ears cleaned and nails done. I hate clipping her black nails. Then we had them cut Marty's nails! I'm happy to report they got 2 1/2 feet done before he started getting NUTS! Better than nothing!
By the time the small dogs were there mine were EXHAUSTED. They did play for the first 1/2 hour or so, but then honestly, I think all they wanted to do was go home!

We got home at 5pm. A long day for 4 little furry ones. They slept on the drive home and when we got home ate dinner and went right to bed!
I do have more photos, but unfortunately, they are not uploading...not sure why...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Chloe sends pug "smooches" your way!

We're off to a double doozy day of meetups....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feeling the luv.....

Swampgirl thought that Buster was feeling left out of the fashion here, so she sent him this cute little tshirt! LOL - I'm not all that sure he's "feeling the luv"!

Monday, February 09, 2009

New Thought for each day...

Earlier today my receptionist talked about her current financial crisis, later in the morning a friend talked about being able to afford a vet visit, then tonight at dinner P started talking about something he had heard on the news....I YELLED "STOP".... we all know things are bad. We hear about layoffs, closings, bankruptcies, every day. You can't turn on the radio, the computer, the tv, without hearing about it and frankly I have HAD IT. So when P started talking about bad news...I looked him straight in the face and said "in a few months things are going to get better". He looked at me like I was crazy...heck, maybe I am crazy, but I think the power of positive thinking can't hurt, right? So now when I hear something bad, I'm going to say it "in a few months things are going to get better"...I am going to repeat it and say it and spread it. I made P promise that tomarrow at work he would say those exact words to 5 co-workers, I promised to repeat it and continute to repeat it.....

it sure can't hurt!......

so blogland...."in a few months things are going to get better"!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Valentine Meetup

Today was the February Meetup for the downstate group my bf L runs. The furry ones and I drove the hour trip alone as P had much to do at home. They acted up the entire drive...Rosie whining, Chloe authority barking, Marty grumbling, and Zoey doing her little high pitched cry to get in the front seat. I turned the radio EXTRA LOUD, opened the passenger window for the panting Marty and turned the heat on my feet. What a ride! We were ALL happy to arrive at our destination!
One friend followed dress making instructions and turned out her own CUTE dress! She informed me she has now "crossed over" to the dark side....people who dress their
Zoey was exhausted...

A little boy befriended them with treats...

Remember Duncan? His first adoptive home did not work out. He just wasn't happy there and so a new home was found. He is thriving with his new mama.

On the drive home I wasn't paying much attention to cars driving next to me on the thruway. Twice I looked over and realized the passengers of the vehicles were smiling and laughing. I realized driving my vw beetle that those people in SUV's and higher riding vehicles could look right in the back of my car to see my four...lounging about and relaxing on the ride home! When we got to the toll booth I thought the woman next to be was going to jump from her vehicle and come over! These little puggies sure do bring smiles to people!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

An Award - I iz kreativ

Pam gave me this award....
So here are the rules! List 6 things that make you happy. Pass the award on to 6 bloggers for Kreativ. Link to the blogger who gave you the award. Link to the blogs receiving the award. Notify the recipients.

Things that make me happy:
1. Pugs (bet your all surprised about that!)
2. My family
3. Blogging buddies
4. Sound of the ocean
5. Vanilla Ice Cream
6. Crafting

I'm passing this one along to: Devil Dog, Libby, Outside the Lines, Tink, Melissa, and Puglette!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Golf anyone?

*Marty will be turning TEN on May 1st!

Sunday, February 01, 2009


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