Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Pug Transport Train Rides Again....

11 Mill dogs were released this weekend and we drove a leg of the transport. As many of you know Emmitt of Pug Notes passed away this weekend. Emmitt was a well loved and happy guy. While we all wish our Pugs could live forever. Emmitt did LIVE. He had a wonderful life with wonderful parents, my wish for every rescue dog I come into contact with. Just to be LOVED. To be fed, to be safe, to be taken care of. Not to be used or abused!!!

So, on for the Valentine exchange Melissa sent along Puggy prints of Emmitt. I knew I had the perfect little frame for it and it has been on my desk at home. When I heard Emmitt had passed I decided to dedicate our leg of the transport journey to Emmitt. My wish for all the little rescues.....a life like Emmitt's life. So the little framed artwork joined us on our journey... One of the boys....
and a little girl.....whenever I say goodbye to my passengers I tell them about the wonderful life they are going to have. Today I told this group about Emmitt and all the wonderful Pugs I know and love. I wish them well with a hug and a kiss....may they all be loved.....

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Emmitt runs free.....

We are leaky eyed over here at Pugpossessed...our dear friend Emmitt at Pugnotes went to Heaven. Please take a moment and stop over to give Melissa & Fred a cyber hug....
Run free sweet were and continue to be a true gentleman.
Those that are gone will continue to be as long as we hold them dear in our hearts.
Punchy, Chloe, Zoey, Rosie, Marty & Kiki

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long Weekend Recap!

Saturday we ventured to the Boat Show. I was a frantic mess by the time we got there! The thruway was HORRIBLE. Cars off the road, white-outs, just a mess. But thankfully we arrived safely and spent the next several hours looking at all the boats and talking about Summer! Our friends met us there, so it was double fun!

Lately it seems people are getting more and more into "party boats". They had some VERY lavish ones...this one looked like a Cadillac! This wine area actually disappeared into the console with the touch of a button....P and our friend S we really enjoying this boat!The drive home was equally horrible and I was one VERY happy person to walk into our house!
On Saturday morning we jumped back in the car and headed back on the thruway for a Pug transport..... We got back home in time for P to enjoy the Daytona 500 and for me to go grocery shopping. I was SO tired the Pugs and I went to bed at 8:30!

Monday was a day off work, so after puttering around the house all morning I finally settled in and got to sewing. Some St. Patrick's items are now in my shop......

What did you guys do????

Friday, February 18, 2011

Something new for Spring.....

something new I'm making....what do you think????

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sweater Day - The Green Stubby Way!!!!

Today is Sweater Day - The Green Stubby Way!

Zoey here to tell you about today. Our buddy Winston is holding an awareness day honoring our dear friend Stubby. Click here to read all about it. We can all help bring awareness of what people can do everyday to improve our environment and protect our planet!

In honor of Stubby (whom mom said had "the sweetest face ever") AND our planet I asked my mom to get my sweater and turn the thermostat down 3 degrees. Honestly I would have done it myself, but I just can't reach. I did ask that nutcase Kiki to do it first, and even though that crazy kid can jump, she just couldn't turn the dial. She could have probably chewed her way up the wall and taken care of that thermostat, but that's an adventure for another day.....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Special Valentines.....

as part of the Valentine's Exchange we received some wonderful cards!!! I loved going to the mailbox every day and finding one or two to add to the display! It's going to be sad today not to receive any :(but I have to say the card I received that is near and dear to my heart was this one.....I think this pretty much says it all!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm sure many of you are also enduring the COLD temperatures. We have hot water heat and old fashioned radiators in our house. The one under the bench in the kitchen has become the spot where the Pugs hang out. P moved blankets and a bed along there so everyone would be comfortable. They are SO comfortable that we had to move the table away from the bench so we can sit at the table.

The openin on this end has a spot where a little bed fits nicely. Chloe really enjoys this spot.
It also helps to have the table away from the bench because a certain little girl likes to sit on the bench. She asked to remain nameless, but I'm fairly certain you can all guess who it is!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Party on Pugs

Scenes from our *super*bowl*pug party. The gang really isn't into football, but where we are, they are. I'm sure you all know how that works!

*note, many of you are asking which one of the crew is passed out on the back of the sofa...that would be Zoey and that is HER spot. She will walk all over your head to get to that spot and sleeps so sound....'cept...her eyes are open......creepy!
Please note this is NOT how our furniture is arranged. P arranged it so everyone could be comfy....well, everyone but me!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Friday, February 04, 2011

Kiki loves Fergie

In the Summer before I met the KPR bunch and drove a zillion miles to Indy to get Kiki we had a chance to adopt a Pug we heard about that came from an ad. Long story short our friend M adopted him. At the time P said NO MORE PUGS. Then came Kiki. Well you all know by now that Kiki is super naughty. While discussing how naughty she is P said wow, why couldn't we have adopted Fergie. I gave him the "huh" look and said we were offered Fergie and you said no. He couldn't believe it! Now don't get me wrong P loves Kiki, but he LOVES Fergie's face. LOVES it!

Funnier part is that Kiki LOVES Fergie. Kiki loves Fergie more than P loves Fergie. She seeks him out at meetups. The minute she realizes he is there the party starts.....
they are both pretty active....but she wears him out!

Yep, Kiki loves Fergie! He does have a pretty great face! Too bad P....M won't give him up and that would mean SIX and you said NO SIX PUGS.....

Rest up Fergie, tomorrow is the Valentine Party Meetup!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Pugs are artists....

they built this while I was at work..... I'm fairly surprised any of those blue Gerties are still alive....

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

If I had a snow day this is where I'd be...

HOME SEWING!!! Actually over the weekend I finally got myself settled! Since my dad moved in with us, I lost my downstairs office with my BIG CLOSET. It seemed my sewing room (previously known as my son's room) became the catch all for everything.P was going to handmake me these cube shelves, but they were really pretty cheap and since the weather sucks and he can't work in the garage much, we went the pre-fab way. I bought the black bins at *target*...but I kept thinking at almost $6 each this might get expensive. Then P went to *christmastreestore* and found the green ones for $1 each!!! They are shorter, but I think they look okay. I love having everything organized!!! Besides being my sewing room it seems to house extra furniture. This is my great-grandmother's desk. C has claim to it when she moves out...until then..... it is holding fabric... It's pretty cool having it visible. Yes, my fabric is sorted by color. The drawers are also full of more fabric and trims.

The other wooden cabinet is an early 1900's wardrobe closet. My great-great uncle made it! I have all my scrapbook supplies and wrapping supplies in there. The chair...well that is where Marty sits when he visits. The trunk was a gift to me on my 18th birthday. P made me the rack to hold my completed dresses. I use it at shows, but at home the trunk is a good place for it to sit out of the way. The corner cabinet houses my bell collection. My son has dibs on this. He also has dibs on the rocking chair, which was a gift to me from P when I was pregnant for our son. The Christmas tree is my Pug tree. Probably not the perfect place to store it, but I love all the ornaments and HATE taking it apart each up it stays!

I have really been enjoying my room now! Oh...all the rest of the junk that was in here...I can't lie, it's in the front hall outside the room! One step at a time!!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Let's call her Pinky...

Zoey modeled this cute little pink shirt I made for my Etsy store. I wish I had yards and yards of this so I could have made all the girls these little pink shirts. Oh, all the pinkness there would have been at our house!


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