Thursday, April 27, 2006

And so another journey ends.....

Goodbye...grama nancy.

My parents divorced when I was 17. My dad met Nancy when I was around 20...they dated for almost 20 years. Nancy loved the camp at Henderson Bay and from the time my son was 3 months old we spent weekends there. She loved my children as if they were her own grandchildren. When she and my dad broke up we remained friends, but as time passed saw less and less of each other. She didn't live far from me and when my mom passed away, she was one of the first people I this. She was 71. I have to say when I heard she had lung cancer, I wanted to call her, I wanted to go see her, but I was just plain hurt. I lost both my own mom and grama to the dreaded lung cancer..not another woman, close to me, loosing the battle. Tomarrow I will go pay my respects to her daughters and tell them I do know how much this all hurts, yes, sadly I do. It just plain hurts, and now tonight I cry, memories both good and bad, fun and sad....goodbye grama nancy...sleep well and dance with the angels.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Where has the week gone?

Wow, can't believe I haven't posted in almost a week! We have been very, very busy around here. The hubby had his two auctions close on ebay. We sold 81 items! Woohoo. Nice to sell/make money, but then there's invoicing, packaging, shipping, feedback...on and on. I have been busy every night this week with the paperwork end of thing. I have been going to bed at 1am and getting up at 7am, I think I may need more sleep!

In between all of the ebay, we have had the search for a new "camp" location. We are trying to find a spot closer to home, especially since the price of gas is soaring. Our current spot is over 2 hours away. We are on a waiting list for a new spot, only an hour away. We'll have to see how things go with that.

Since Sunday I have been having a real problem with Zoey (middle child). Monday night she started fighting (and I do mean fighting) with Chloe. I broke that fight up, things settled down and all was fine. This morning, my daughter came into my room where we (Chloe, Zoey and I ) were sleeping. She came over to bed, said hello girls and Zoey went after Chloe again! Now tonight the worst.... Zoey was upstairs sleeping with the hubby, Chloe and Rosie down in kitchen with me. Zoey comes down, sniffs Chloe and goes whacko. I literally picked her up by harness and was holding her in the air. We tried 3 times to settle things and she kept going at it. Finally, I brought my portable fencing in the kitchen and put Zoey in it. She settled down and now they are both here in office with me! What gives??????

I thought her attitude before was because of I wonder. Only weird thing, I can think of is that we had mulch delivered. We have it out in the driveway on some black tarp and another tarp over it. Both Chloe and Zoey are fascinated with those tarps. They walk on them and pee on them too! I don't know if there may be some other animal smell on there or if I am just grasping at straws over her BAD behavior. Anyone have any ideas? I am worried that this might happen during the day when I am not here. Do you think bringing Rosie into the picture created a dominance thing? HELP?????? I am thinking doggie consuling, drugs...something. Ahhhh, right now they're kissing! What gives?????

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Rosie mainly plays with Zoey (middle child), however; Zoey has her moments when she just DOESN'T WANT TO PLAY. Today, she went up to bed with hubby at 4:30pm (remember he works nights) and she never got up until 9:30pm. Meantime Chloe has taken to playing with Rosie...tonight went like this.....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"Take Your Chloe to Work Day!

Today Chloe came to work with me. No bosses today (not that they care). Unfortunately, the hubby needed the camera and I don't know how to download off my camera phone. She is loving being with mama all day! Zoey was a little sad about us leaving, but Chloe is in heaven. We are going to go for a walk around the block and stop for something to eat at the deli. Then back to work! Meanwhile at home Zoey and Rosie have been helping hubby write his ebay listings and are now going for a walk too.

Maybe tomarrow will be "Bring your Zoey to work day"!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from Chloe Rosie & Zoey

Chloe doing the bunny thing solo

I found this baby doll buggy on the curb! Perfect for a stroll with the girls!!!!!!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sunny and sad

I have previously posted that I live in the home that has been in my family since the 1930's. Having lived all but 8 years of my life in this town I have seen many changes. Our street in particular has gone from lazy, narrow, road with ditches and fields, farms, and a spattering of 50's built houses is now considered the "hub" area of the town. The private side road that once was the center of my grandparents farm now houses a junior high, senior high, hockey area, soccer arena, warehouse and on the far end a huge company building that now houses a gym amoung other things. Two years ago we found out that the area across the street was being looked at by a developer. The developer entered into contracts with several of the homeowners to purchase and demolish their homes for a hotel. My best, best friend lived in one of these houses. She now lives in Colorado and her parents are not in the greatest of health so the kids (4 of them) made arrangements to be here to help with the move. As busy as she was I anticipated that I would not see her while she was here. I went to pickup my son's car today and driving back towards my house saw her in her mom's garden digging up some plants. She couldn't believe it when I stepped out of the car. We sat on the front steps and laughed and talked. She took me on a tour of the now empty sad to walk those floors. She moved from our town over 20 years ago, but has always bounced back and forth for visits and now as her mom said to me "your the last"...and she's right. My family is the last of the families that has lived on this road for over 50 years. I took a few plants from her garden and a blue glass canning jar as momentos. In a few months a hotel will sit where we spent hours playing, laughing, crying and dreaming....I am the keeper of memories.... the last one left and I am sad.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Hubby

Today was hubby's birthday. What a crazy day. He was told he had to work overtime until 11am this morning, so I drove my son to work and part way there got the call that he had actually come home. So, later in the morning I get the call my son will be done at 2pm. I send my daughter to pick him up and drive him back home...she was also asked to do dishes, work on laundry and bake a cake for daddy. We decided that hubby, son and daughter would drive back to Red Lobster, near the community college and I would meet them there. My son could eat and leave for his class at 6:30pm in one car and we could have coffee, finish up and drive home in the other car. Well, the plan actually worked out nicely, except during dinner my daughter mentioned she didn't have time to bake the cake and when we got home she had not done the dishes or worked on the laundry....all she says because she had to interrupt day going to pick her brother up. Oh well, I'll bake some cupcakes tomarrow and put them in my cupcake tree and we can sing with the girls...they really can't miss out on a birthday! Hopefully the weather tomarrow will be nice, since we have the day off, and we can meet some puggy friends for a walk.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Enough, enough, enough

Okay, today my lovely daughter I just ran into the car ahead of me at the stop light! Now who feels like crying???? The woman was a b....... She was driving a 2005 mini-van, with 15,000miles as she kept telling me. My daughter was driving her cute little 1994 Saturn. Her car is low and scraped the bumper of the woman's car. We were going to try to pay out of insurance, but the woman was so nasty, I said forget this and called my company. Within 10 minutes of the accident the woman had and "estimate" from her dealer of $950!!!! What a scrap on your bumper?????? I can't begin to tell you the times I have been tapped from behind and said oh, it's fine...yeah, nice guys finish LAST!!! Did I mention this accident took place at the same spot that my son's wheel fell off on Monday????

On a happier note..Chloe and Zoey would like to report that they have been conversing with the Easter Bunny.......

about Rosie and her bonnet

Monday, April 10, 2006


Well, today was a beautiful sunny day. My stomach has been rather upset from all the Advil the doctor has had me taking, but I went for a walk at lunch and was thinking about a nice sit on my deck when I got home from work, then.......

My son stopped home after work on his way to his night class, he mentioned his car was acting up, so I told him to drive his dad's...nah, it will be okay. So, approximately 2 minutes later the phone, my tire fell off my car and the car is smashed!

He was still on our own street, just about 1/2 a mile from home. Yep, there he was, pulled off the road, no wheel on car, fender smashed, rotor smashed, missing lug nut, not good. I pulled off the road and just sat in the car wondering what to do. Of course we were by entrance to plaza where BJ's and a bank are, so our cousin saw us and came over, a friend drove by and yelled, a couple of guys walked over from their house..yep, your tire fell off, must have not been tightened on. I called our local shop, no tow truck, local body shop, no answer, friend, can't tow without tire on, called another company who does 24 hour towing. They showed up about 1/2 later and took another 1/2 hour to get it rigged up for towing. Off it went to the repair shop and back home we came. All I can say is thank God it happened close to home and in a slow speed zone. Yesterday he traveled home from his fiance's, which is 1 1/2 hours away. That would have been really bad! So, no funny Pug stories or photos today. Off to bed I must go so I can get up nice and early to drive my son to work.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Go Raiders!

Last night was the opening game for the Rochester Raiders Arena Football team. As I previously posted my daughter is a cheer/dance for the team. I apologize to Stiner as to not getting permission to post these photos taken at the game....there is no link on his website! I'll have to say sorry to him at the next game! My brother-in-law actually owns the team and this is his dream come true. He had a real replica pirate ship built for the players to come off of and the girls to cheer on. The crowd last night was awesome and they won. Let's hope the fever continues!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My first ambulance ride

Okay, the knee is better, however, last night I awoke out of a sound sleep with unbelievable chest pain. I totally freaked at 3am..I got out of bed shut the girls in my room,called my hubby to come home from work, then called 911, and then went in to wake my dad. We ended up with everyone awake, 2 different ambulance companies, the police, and who knows who else was in my kitchen. My family said they never saw me act so scared. My hands were shaking so bad I was trying to hold them in my I was whisked for my first ever ambulance least in the back! IV's, nitro pills, all very, very scary. Thankfully, I am back home...resting. I was monitored all day, saw the heart specialist, and took a stress test. No heart attack!!! Wow, what a week! I'm off to take a nice bath and lay on the couch with my girls.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Knee is Fine

Okay, so my knee is doing good. Some strange named thing going on with my knee cap, or actually the back of my kneecap. Anyhow, no arthritis, no breakdown, just irritation. Exercises, walk on walking track at school instead of all over town on pavement. So we're through that on to the skin cancer check. All clear no sign of mysterious looking moles, growths, or other weird goings on. I did get some "skin tags" freezer burned. Why am I the only one in the family to inherit my grams's moles and stuff?????

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Another Saturday at Pugsville

Mom - "Let's all take a nice nap on the chair"
Chloe -"I'm outta here"

Zoey - "Okay, kid show me what you got"

Zoey - "See mom, it's all Rosie Mom, not me"

Meanwhile, sweet Chloe.......


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