Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yes, I'm posting!

Why the heck am I having so much trouble posting? Not mechanical trouble....me trouble. Seems I can't seem to sit down and post and take a photo...well, that is next to impossible! I have been reading all your posts....just not writing!

I have been busy though. I am on scrapbook 4 of my son's scrapbooks. I am currently on 11th grade! Woohoo and to think he just turned 24! LOL I am going to a scrap night tomarrow night and will hopefully near completion. I still need to go back through and journal and add some details to a few pages. I also want to write a note to him to put at the end of each book, trying to recap stuff about him. Once I finish that up I am back to work on my daughter's set. I am up to 3rd grade with her's. I am hanging on to my son's until he settles down, but I want to give my daughter her's for her 21st birthday in June. My husband has been worried that I will having nothing to "work on" at camp when he is out fishing (and I have not gone along). I told him not to worry, I still have our "Cape May" books of all our vacations to the Cape May, NJ each summer and still want to work on heritage mini books for the kids and a book about our house. Guess that's enough to keep me busy in between reading, sewing, crafting, etc.

I have also made the arrangements for the great trailer move. We gave notice to the current owners that we are NOT re-renting and paid our lot rent for the new place. We also hired someone from the RV sales place near our current location. We are driving up on Good Friday (we both have off) and are getting our deck (and anything else) we can fit in our truck and hauler trailer. I have rocks around our entire deck now and I want to bring them too. Not that there aren't rocks at the new location, it's just these are really cool rocks and different than the new place. Hopefully, if all goes well we will do the actual trailer move the weekend of the 22nd. I wish I didn't have to go up and help, seems rather sad. I love the new location, it's just that we have been going there since my son was 4 months old....lots of memories.

In Pug news, Spring Fling is at the end of the month and the plans are mostly in place. We joined a new meetup group, it's an hour away, but my friend started it and it's a chance to socialize with her too. The Pugs and I are walking for MS on May 6th. We are getting ready to celebrate Marty's birthday on May 1st too. His first with us, his eighth in reality. He has settled right in with us, I wonder how he'll like boating and camping?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

One More Dog

A cute, multiple dog owner poem......no I'm not getting a fifth....yet! LOL

One Dog Is Not Trouble And Two Are So Funny
The Third One Is Easy,
The Fourth One's A Honey
The Fifth Is Delightful,
The Sixth One's A Breeze
You Find You Can Live With A Housefull With Ease
So How 'Bout Another?
Would You Really Dare?
They're Really Quite Easy
But Oh Lord, The Hair!
With Dogs On The Sofa And Dogs On The Bed
And Crates In The Kitchen,
Its No Bother You Said
They're Really No Trouble,
Their Manners Are Great
What's Just One More Dog
And One More Little Crate?
The Sofa Is Hairy
The Windows Are Crusty
The Floor Is All Foootprints
The Furniture's Dusty
The Housekeeping Suffers
But What Do You Care?
Who Minds A Few Noseprints
And A Little More Hair?
So Let's Keep A Puppy,
You Can Always Find Room
And A Little More Time For The Dust Cloth And Broom
There's Hardly A Limit To The Dogs You Can Add
The Thought Of A Cutback Sure Makes You Feel Sad
Each One Is Special,
So Useful,
So Funny
The Food Bill Grows Larger,
You Owe The Vet Money
Your Folks Never Visit,
Few Friends Come To Stay
Except Other Dog Folks Who Live The Same Way
Your Lawn Has Now Died And Our Shrubs Are Dead Too
Your Weekends Are Busy, Your Off With Your Crew
There's Dog Food And Vitamins,
Training And Shots
Is It Worth It You Wonder?
Are You Caught In A Trap?
Then That Favorite Comes Up And Climbs In Your Lap
His Look Says You're Special
And You Know That You Will
Keep All The Critters In Spite Of The Bill
Winter Is A Hassle
But The Dogs Love It True
And They Must Have Their Walks Tho' You Are Numb And Blue
Late Evening Is Awful,
You Scream And You Shout
At The Dogs On The Sofa Who Refuse To Go Out
The Whole Thing Seems Worth It,
The Dogs Are Your Life
They're Charming And Funny And Offset The Strife
Your Lifestyle Has Changed,
Things Just Won't Be The Same
Yes Those Dogs Are Addictive
And So's The Dog Game!

Author Unknown

Monday, March 19, 2007

Go Raiders

Another Raider season started this past weekend. My daughter is cheering again. This season we get to sit and watch instead of work...hoo rah to that! We were sitting in the upper seats and my digital doesn't have a very good zoom. This is a new location this year. It is in the downtown area. The building had been abandoned and the new owner bought for something like $1,000. He had to put a lot of money into it, but the building is very cool! He is getting all different events in there now. The Raiders are using it for their "home" now. My dad told me today that over the years the building has had a lot of different uses. During the 20's it was a dance hall. The National Guard used it for a training center and it was where the men and women met to be shipped out to war. High School teams played there. The circus was even held there! Nice to see something old used again instead of being torn down.

You can barely make the cheerleaders out...

Can you find my daughter?????

A pic of my niece and I. You know my brother-in-law owns the team and my younger niece and nephew are "pirate" mascots. Notice my "pirate" beads.

Oh, ...they lost! We were having so much fun, I forgot!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday Zoey

The birthday girl had a nice day. The partygoers wore Princess Party hats..yep poor Marty too! He didn't care. He saw the cake and would have worn a dress just to get some!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Puggies Day

The McThesing Twins....2005

The McThesing Trio 2006

The McThesing Clan 2007

2008 is scaring me!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring ahead.....fall asleep

I don't know about anyone else out there, but Daylight Savings Time has officially kicked my butt this year. I can't seem to get myself to bed....then I can't get up on time and I'm EXHAUSTED! The entire week has gone by in a blur of ebay listings, sales, and invoices. Every time I tried to get on the computer, my husband had himself there. If I got bad sleep, he got less!

I filled in at the hair salon reception the past 2 nights after working at my regular job. Tomarrow I am working there 9am to 5pm....blah! The good part is that my hair got a lift today and my eyebrows are looking mighty fine from their wax. I'm really loving KMS products right now. One of the hairdressers there uses them and I have to say, there's nothing like good product to keep your hair healthy and looking great!

I also took myself on a little shopping spree at lunchtime today. I managed to buy myself 3 pairs of dress slacks for work, one pair of khaki colored jeans, and 1 dressy top. Now I need to pack up twice as many items for Goodwill. Kind of a rule I make around here for myself....buy something, give twice as much. Long gone are the days where I love my clothes so much that I don't part with them. My goal now is a streamlined closet with only clothes I actually wear hanging in it. I am getting much better! Although I have to admit I still have a few items from the 70's and 80's in the trunk in my bedroom. Nostaglia sometimes gets in the way.

We are having some nasty weather here tonight. Finally all the snow had melted and now we are expected to get anywhere from 2 to 10 inches...blah. I am sitting here blogging and listening for my daughter's car to pull in so I can get to bed...I won't be able to go to bed until I know she's safe at home!

Tomarrow night is the first Rochester Raider's (remember last year?) Football Game. My daughter is cheering again. There is a new co-owner and none of us that worked for free last year are working this year. It will be strange to go and actually sit and watch the game...or should I say watch the cheerleaders? Their outfits are beautiful this year. Much nicer than last year. I will post pics from the game on Sunday.

Well, the dogs are barking and she's safely home.....good night!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Clean floor - Dog walks - Dirty Floor - Dirty Dogs

This is how today went...

1. Took out dogs..snow is ice covered...dogs slipping, dogs want in.
2. Read paper.
3. Cleaned bathroom, kitchen and den floors.
4. Washed all scatter rugs.
5. Went to Joanne Fabrics and grocery store.
6. Went home....ice & snow starting to melt due to temp in the 40's...wow, really warming up in these parts! LOL
7. Took Marty and Zoey for a walk to the school and back..got muddy feet and belly's (the dogs not me!).
8. Tracked into cleaned floors.
9. Took Chloe and Rosie for a walk to the school and back...got muddy feet and belly's (again...not me).
10. Tracked more onto cleaned floors.
11. Gave Rosie a bath...followed by Chloe, Zoey, and Marty.
12. Messed those darn floors up more.
13. Recleaned the floors.

Somehow I think I should have done these things in a different order!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Perpetual Pug Calendar

I just had to have the Pug figurine calendar. We won't speak of the total cost. I have never allowed myself to multiply the cost times the number of figurines.

Now the calendar part...well, here it is March 9th and the tiles are still set for February. It is a pain in the neck to re-arrange the tiles and quite honestly I doubt anyone notices if I leave it as is....
Each month the "Pug" of the month goes on the top place, that of course leaves a spot open. Being the type of person I am I could not stand that one oddball place. I have no problem with the month being totally whacked, but oh the empty spot...NEVER. So I took one of my other little Puggy figurines and move it from space to space....can you find the Pug that doesn't belong?????

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Spring, Spring....please come!!!!

Well, this morning it snowed again

But we're dreaming of this.....

Cape May, New Jersey

and this...

Camp, Lake Ontario view

But in the meantime...we sit and wait


and ponder.....

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm here...really

I really have not fallen off the planet, just been busy, lazy, whatever! Last week I had Blogger issues...seems Blogger thought I was a "spam blog" and I had to moderate my own posts, except the "letter/numbers" your supposed to type in the box were INVISIBLE! That part finally got ironed out and then I was able to post to blogger and they reviewed and removed that from my blog. What a pain! Literally, I could not find a way to email them my problem.

Saturday the puggies and I went to a new meetup group my friend started. It was an hour drive, but we had a nice time. On the way home we drove to our new camp to show my friend the location. There was so much snow there, that you couldn't even tell where the entrance was! If I had boots on and no pugs with me, I may have tackled the walk in...but we satisfied ourselves with looking at the "area" and headed for home. It will be so nice to make the trip home from there...less than an hour! We can't wait. I am now fretting over hiring someone to go get our trailor and bring it to our new place. This is no simple task as we have to take out everything movable, undo the leverlers and floor jacks, move the deck, and hope the tires are still good! This is way too much for our SUV to handle, plus I would be an absolute WRECK just thinking about that 37 feet swaying behind us! It would have been so much easier to trade in that one and buy new! LOL Except for the payment book!

Sunday my husband and I went for a quick lunch, grocery items and then went to see "Wild Hogs". You all know he loves his motorcycle and he really enjoyed the movie. I have to admit it was funny and the theater was full, so the laughing contagious. If you go make sure you stay for the ending credits for extra laughs. Sunday night another case of bad weather rolled into our area. Monday's drive to work was the worst this winter, with cars off the road everywhere. It wasn't much better on the way home. The snow stopped, but the blowing and drifting of the snow, made visibility horrible and the roads were a mess.

This morning the blowing etc. continued, now it still freezing outside, but the sun is shining, making it seem a little warmer.

My husband got some good news this morning. As most of you know he has worked straight third shift for over a year and HATES it! He was told today that he will be going on straight days for a while. He is VERY happy about this. I am happy because I can take the "black" shades off my bedroom windows!

I leave you with some meetup photos.....

Friday, March 02, 2007

Missing you...CLB 3-2-39 to 11-12-00

Birthdays Do Not End with Death

Birthdays do not end with death,

But at last as long as love,

A maelstrom of memories

That grace and honor move.

And so we celebrate your day

By visiting your grave,

A place that you have left long since,

But is all that we have.

Dear spirit, come and join us here,

Your loved ones by your stone!

Come sweep across the barrier

To claim us as your own!

Happy Birthday, dearest one!

Oh, happy, happy day!

Not even the most bitter night

Can take this joy away!


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