Sunday, May 06, 2007

Pugs walk for a cure!

A friends who has a co-worker with MS, started at team to walk for MS. I think we had around 9 walkers and 16 or so Pugs! The walk we were signed up for was in Canandaigua NY. It is a beautiful city of historic homes. Because of the Pugs we did the 2 mile version. Chloe last about 50 STEPS! She is so lazy. My friend had an extra stroller, so one of the girls that was with us was pushing Chloe in it. Marty decided he was the "watch Pug" of the bunch and was growling and barking at all the big dogs, so he went into the stroller too. After about a mile Zoey was looking a little pooped, so in the stroller she went. Now I was pushing a baby stroller with 60 pounds of Pugs! Our little friend walked Rosie who pranced along the 2 miles. It was a beautiful, sunny day for a very good cause. We were going to go right from there back to the lake, but the Pugs were hot and needed to get home. When we got home my dad was at our barn and invited me to lunch. I called P and told him I wasn't coming back, which is wasn't thrilled about, but he said he was going to work on putting the boat in anyway, so he wasn't too upset. After lunch I came home and did some garden work and around 5pm took a Pug nap.


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Ha! Good ole' Rosie - you can always count on her!

AM said...

Is that Marty perched ON TOP of the stroller!? I cant believe that! What a balancing act! A brave little pug indeed.

Anonymous said...

How fun! And for a great cause too. Wish we could have been there to walk, too. Great pics!

Pork & Brown

Punchbugpug said...

LOL AM that isn't Marty on that stroller, that is Rosie's half-sister Dixie!

Pugalicious said...

wow wish they had one of those here.. I would do it


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