Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Marty & ANOTHER RESCUE

Well, we were all set for Marty's first birthday celebration when I got a telephone call from a woman who was interested in another Pug I found that needed rescue. I called my husband and he said "go for it". I told him I felt bad because it is Marty's birthday and we'll be out, again! He said if anyone would understand it would be Marty! How true! So I called and made arrangements for the pickup, and told the new mom I'd call her when we got to the thruway....did I mention she lives an hour and a half away????? Anyhow, the story goes this woman calls me saying she has a pug she needs to find a home for. Her husband (now deceased) bred Pugs and when he passed they still had 3 adult Pugs. She gave the 2 fawns away to her nieces, but still had the black female Pug...age 9. When I got to the house (in a less than desireable part of the city - not my town!) she was not home! A young lady answered the door and said "she'll be right back"..what the heck! I went back out to the car with my husband and waited. After about 15 minutes I called her cell, she said she was around the corner.....1o minutes later she showed up! She let the dog out of her car...no leash, no collar, busy street, stressed out me! The poor thing looked like she could use a good meal and a good brushing! She said "Buger" had been at her son's house. She stays there during the day????? She was alone, inside from 7:30am to 6pm....no water, no food. She said she needed to feed her and give her a drink..no duh! I asked what type of food...her reply "oh she eats anything, but my son feeds her people food" and the proceeded to open a can of SPAM and feed it to her!!!! She didn't even break it up! The poor thing was trying to grab
huge chunks and eat it. I wanted to whack that lady up one side of her head. Then she tried to look for papers...it seemed we'd never get out of there. Finally I said, look we have to go, I don't care about papers. You've already told me she needs ALL her shots and HEARTWORM test and probably a lot more! She gave me her bed, which was actually pretty nice and put her in my car. Did I mention she had NO COLLAR, NO HARNESS, NO LEASH?????? As always, I had my spares and she put a set on her. She even had to ask how to hook the harness?

She was a little uneasy at first in the car, but settled in on my lap for the drive. It was funny to have a very QUIET, NON-MOVING Pug in my lap for the drive! We pulled in the rest area off the thruway where we were meeting and just sat and talked and waited. I think my husband was nervous about me not giving her up! LOL Then her new mama pulled in. We got out of the car and she was so scared! I felt so sorry for her. She was so vivacious at her own house, how terrified she must have been! We comforted her and I took her over to the car. We opened the door and she hopped right in! I KNOW her new mom will shower her with lots of love. She joins 2 rescue brothers and a sister. Hopefully another happy ending! This makes my 7th rescue. I am proud that I didn't cry at this one!

Then finally back to home at 9:15 pm and the birthday celebration. Good thing dogs can't tell time!


Leah said...

Happy Birthday, Marty! Looks like you had a wonderful celebration. You are so handsome and look great in your new clothes!

Manda Girl said...

Happy Birthday Marty!!! I hope you were spoiled and covered with many kisses!

Sandy said...

Wow, Marty has some nice duds on! I know that boy understands his mama doing good work! I love that girl pug. Old pugs make the best pets! It's down right scary to think what people do to animals...even when they don't mean any harm...but gee, Spam??? No food and water all day long??? Keep up the good work!

AM said...

Happy Birthday Marty! Love you! Lots of kisses!

Kara (Turskey) Vaught said...

We are so proud of you doing all these wonderful things for the pugs and people you find for them!


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