Saturday, May 05, 2007

Work work work

Slept over at the lake last night, but had to be up by 6:30am to drive back to work at the hair salon. I was so anxious about sleeping in that I woke up before daylight and waited to get up. Finally, at 5:45 am I woke the Pugs and P. I made a nice breakfast, packed the Pugs up again, and took off for home. It was a beautiful clear, drive home. I made it in 45! P stayed behind as he is helping to put in the docks today and will stay over again tonight. I will not be going back tonight at I am doing the MS walk in the morning with the Pugs.

We have all been stressed lately as our daughter found a black "lesion" in her mouth. She went to our dentist and then to an oral surgeon who removed it and sent it for biopsy. We won't know the results until her appt. on Wednesday morning. She is on soft foods, nothing spicy or hot in temperature. Poor thing! Keep us in your prayers on that!

Also, you know we have a carriage house on our property, well our tenants have been "missing" for several days now. No lights, no cars, nothing. On Friday I got a letter from an apartment complex asking me to give a reference for them???????? Their lease with us isn't up until Sept. 1st and we have heard NOTHING from them that they are what?


Sandy said...

I'll put your daughter in my prayers. I know that's scary. Sounds like you had a busy weekend. So funny about the three pugs ending up in the stroller...looks like you might need to get one for future outings.

Michele said...

The stress of life... I hope your daughter is ok. We'll pray for her. I also hope things work out with the tennants too. At least you can get away to the trailer for peace and cuddle the pugs for love.


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