Thursday, May 10, 2007

Yard work

Taking care of our yard is no simple feat. We have over 1.25 acres. If it was all grass that would be one thing, but 2 houses, a barn, playhouse, swimming pool/deck, creek, countless trees, bushes and flower beds. I get tired just looking out there. I started cleaning out the flowers beds and the patio by the swimming pool. I mainly have perennials and it is always exciting to see them come up each year and multiply! Today was lawn cutting. P came home from work at 3:30 and raced to weed whack and cut the lawn. When I got home he was about half done. Phew! So while he finished cutting, I made dinner. While dinner was cooking I started racking up the lawn clippings. After dinner/dishes back outside I went to finish raking. Now there's a job that really stinks. I would have taken a nice picture of our pretty, freshly cut green was almost dark by the time I finished!

Tomarrow we will put all the lawn work behind us and head for the lake. One thing about work around the will wait for us!

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