Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy First (8th) Birthday Marty!!!!!

Today is our boy's first birthday. First birthday with us that is. We have no idea if he ever celebrated before, but he shall celebrate each year with us until there are no more! We have no baby photos, no tiny teethmarks, no little coat or sweater to mark his change in size. Instead we have this grumbly, snorty, loving guy....the guy who looks at me with adoring eyes and when I'm out of his sight...he cries! We love you Marty!!!!


Pyrite said...

Happy Birthday Marty! So glad you are celebrating turning 8 with your family:) I am sure the girls will be fawning over you all day!


Pyrite and Boscoe's peep

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday to Marty Man! One good man to every three girls! And extra special mama's boy!

Christine & Giggs said...

Happy Birthday Marty! Here's to many more with your wonderful family!


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