Friday, March 09, 2007

Perpetual Pug Calendar

I just had to have the Pug figurine calendar. We won't speak of the total cost. I have never allowed myself to multiply the cost times the number of figurines.

Now the calendar part...well, here it is March 9th and the tiles are still set for February. It is a pain in the neck to re-arrange the tiles and quite honestly I doubt anyone notices if I leave it as is....
Each month the "Pug" of the month goes on the top place, that of course leaves a spot open. Being the type of person I am I could not stand that one oddball place. I have no problem with the month being totally whacked, but oh the empty spot...NEVER. So I took one of my other little Puggy figurines and move it from space to space....can you find the Pug that doesn't belong?????


Sandy said...

That is too cute! I think the one that does not belong is the one with no costume on! You have the best pug collection.

Pyrite said...

The naked pug is my guess! What an awesome calendar:) I don't tend to find many pug items-- I must not be looking in the right place!


Pyrite and Boscoe's peep

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Cuteeeeeeeeee!!!! I love the calendar!!! What a great idea! I think that the "naked" puggy is the little "intruder". Pug kisses!

Coco said...

How cute!!! I LOVE IT!!!
I think the Puggie on the right side, 2nd down (NAKED!) Is the one that you put up....but no one else coming into your home with notice! I would not be able to stand an EMTPY part what a GREAT idea you had!!!
I love, love. LOVE the X ~Mas favorite ;) How cute!


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