Friday, March 02, 2007

Missing you...CLB 3-2-39 to 11-12-00

Birthdays Do Not End with Death

Birthdays do not end with death,

But at last as long as love,

A maelstrom of memories

That grace and honor move.

And so we celebrate your day

By visiting your grave,

A place that you have left long since,

But is all that we have.

Dear spirit, come and join us here,

Your loved ones by your stone!

Come sweep across the barrier

To claim us as your own!

Happy Birthday, dearest one!

Oh, happy, happy day!

Not even the most bitter night

Can take this joy away!


Sandy said...

S0 sweet. She is so pretty.

AM said...

That's a nice tribute. THey dont make pictures like that anymore do they!


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