Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm here...really

I really have not fallen off the planet, just been busy, lazy, whatever! Last week I had Blogger issues...seems Blogger thought I was a "spam blog" and I had to moderate my own posts, except the "letter/numbers" your supposed to type in the box were INVISIBLE! That part finally got ironed out and then I was able to post to blogger and they reviewed and removed that from my blog. What a pain! Literally, I could not find a way to email them my problem.

Saturday the puggies and I went to a new meetup group my friend started. It was an hour drive, but we had a nice time. On the way home we drove to our new camp to show my friend the location. There was so much snow there, that you couldn't even tell where the entrance was! If I had boots on and no pugs with me, I may have tackled the walk in...but we satisfied ourselves with looking at the "area" and headed for home. It will be so nice to make the trip home from there...less than an hour! We can't wait. I am now fretting over hiring someone to go get our trailor and bring it to our new place. This is no simple task as we have to take out everything movable, undo the leverlers and floor jacks, move the deck, and hope the tires are still good! This is way too much for our SUV to handle, plus I would be an absolute WRECK just thinking about that 37 feet swaying behind us! It would have been so much easier to trade in that one and buy new! LOL Except for the payment book!

Sunday my husband and I went for a quick lunch, grocery items and then went to see "Wild Hogs". You all know he loves his motorcycle and he really enjoyed the movie. I have to admit it was funny and the theater was full, so the laughing contagious. If you go make sure you stay for the ending credits for extra laughs. Sunday night another case of bad weather rolled into our area. Monday's drive to work was the worst this winter, with cars off the road everywhere. It wasn't much better on the way home. The snow stopped, but the blowing and drifting of the snow, made visibility horrible and the roads were a mess.

This morning the blowing etc. continued, now it still freezing outside, but the sun is shining, making it seem a little warmer.

My husband got some good news this morning. As most of you know he has worked straight third shift for over a year and HATES it! He was told today that he will be going on straight days for a while. He is VERY happy about this. I am happy because I can take the "black" shades off my bedroom windows!

I leave you with some meetup photos.....


Pugalicious said...

I was wondering where you was..

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

You are not the only one having new Blogger issues....Me too!
Looks like a fun meet-up..ours is no longer taking place...so now I have to travel far to attend another one so I have not been going...too bad you are so far otherwise I would come to yours!!!

Magnolia Sun said...

My husband and son went to see Wild Hogs and said it was very funny too. They stayed for the credits, husband said that was the funniest part. My husband also rides.


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