Monday, December 04, 2006

Lights, cards, gifts..oh my!

Yesterday our friend put on his "grand" lighting of his yard. His house looks like the Griswald's! He owns 4 acres and decorates most of it. They invite tons and tons of people and everyone brings a dish to pass and there are raffles to raise money for "Comfort Care" a hospice house in our town. It was freezing...and started to snow. Everyone (like at least 100 people) sang Jingle Bells, Santa arrived, the Grinch showed up and the yard came alive with lights..and FIREWORKS. If only silly me could figure out how to transfer the video from my cell phone! Anyone out there tell me how????

Got Lisa's card of Willow and adorable!!! Heh, K...did you loose my address???? I hear Kritter and Rascal sent their's out, but one hasn't shown up in my mailbox...boohoo! Rumor has it my cards will arrive in the next few days. I am a tad behind in that area! If you don't think I have your address and you want one of our cards...drop me a message at MYbUg1999 AT aOL DOT CoM

I have actually begun to force myself to THINK about gifts. I have a few things bought, but FEW. I just went over my list and I need to get some ideas..and fast! Seems I have no problem getting ideas for my's just the family that's a problem. I have told my husband to "BACK OFF" the gift buying. Small stuff, doesn't have to look like Macy's under the tree. He loves the giving and receiving - yep he really does! I don't like people to feel they have to buy me something $$$$ly like my grammy would say "it's the spirit the gift is given in, not the cost"

Car son purchased a "newer" vehicle yesterday too! His "new" car is a 2003 with only 28K on it. Sure beats his 1999 with 128K!!! He was able to get a loan with ME as a co-signer, which I am grateful for. He has started his job at "The Cheesecake Factory" (anyone been there?) This is only their second NYS location. Hopefully he can juggle the job and still continue to work on his EDUCATION. I am still driving with my plastic window. I have to press the car shop tomarrow to fit me in to find out WHERE IS MY WINDOW????? It's getting cold up here and tonight...ICY. Not sure how to scrap a plastic window without pushing it in! Oh, and tonight I pushed the button to open hubby's garage door and the chain and wires were flying all over the garage! The fun NEVER ends here!


Kara (Turskey) Vaught said...

well, Kritter and Rascal sent out the first half of cards and then got busy and haven't written the last half. Sorry! I know how bad it stinks to have a last name toward the end of the alphabet!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that tree/house lighting you went to sounds like so much fun. A tradition I bet you look forward to every year. Kind of kicks of the Christmas season doesnt it?

Leah said...

I was about to give up on Kara, too, but her card showed up yesterday. It's worth the wait! I haven't even taken our picture yet, much less done my cards! So don't expect them anytime soon.

Sandy said...

Cheesecake Factory...I haven't been but I've heard it is so good!! My sister and parents decided this year would be one present giving this year instead of a bunch and I think that will be special. I told the husband there was nothing that I could think of that I really wanted so I'm hoping he doesn't just go get "something"...that ususally ends in something I didn't have a clue why he got me...last year he got me a spice rack??? Guess what?? It's not being used but looks nice on the counter!

Kara (Turskey) Vaught said...

Oh, & cheesecake factory is really good!

Anonymous said...

I concur, Cheesecake Factory is pretty good, but the portions are HUGE! And the Cheesecake is definitely the best thing on the menu.


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