Saturday, December 30, 2006

This and That

Here is a picture of the cards we received this year...(there are a few missing, as Rosie decided to eat them!)

Here is a picture of my hubby's last home improvement project for 2006. He took down the ugly light fixture (he picked out 20 years ago), painted the kitchen ceiling and installed this ceiling fan.

Marty wanted to show off some of his Christmas gifts and have his own "photo shoot". Excuse the date on the photo, our camera is going nuts.

And not to be left out Rosie has a birthday tomarrow - HER FIRST!!!!! Hard to believe that we went from 2 to 4 Pugs in one year - things really change.


Sandy said...

Marty is too handsome in his different outfits and looks. I like his tie...looks like he is going to the office with you! Happy Birthday to Miss Rosie...another year or two of her wild antics and maybe you'll get some quiet out of her. She still has that "crazy" look in her eyes!

Anonymous said...

I plan on going from 2 to 3 here soon enough. Just after I get Bandit his CGC/TDI this Spring. One more, and black he/she will be. Love that number 4! Maybe some day!

Happy 1st Birthday Rosie.....I bet you'll have a special day filled with surprises and good treats. You are real close to Bandit's. He is a New Years Day puggy, he'll be two.

Coco said...

The ceiling and fan look GREAT! are too cute :) I want to give you a big hug and belly rub!
Happy 1st Bday, Rosie! How excitign!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh mr. marty, u are one distinguished looking gentleman in that last picture :) you look dashing in all your christmas gear!!
Happy birthday to you ms rosie, the big 1, what a milestone :)
yay for puggies & yay for 4 puggies, ur a great family for lovin' them all!!

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

K I think I see 3 of our card up is the Pug Thank you card...the other is of the girls with Willow and Belle and one is from Willow and Belle to your gang! Gee wizz yo have a lot of Pug fan mail!
It looks to me as if Marty has made himself at hime and is one fine looking Fella with that necktie!

Punchbugpug said...

The Marty and mom photo Marty does not like to have pics taken. He does actually look happy around here, but so, so serious in his pics! LOL

Ahhhh, what can we say about Rosie?????? Our crazy girl!

Kara (Turskey) Vaught said...

Marty looks very distinguished - I bet he feels like Hugh Heffner in that house full of pretty ladies!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rosie. You sure are a cutie. And Marty, you look so handsome. Hmm, we only have little Mia right now but 4 Puggies, what an idea!

Leah said...

Happy Birthday, Rosie! Hope you are on your best behavior today and get everything you want!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Marty is stunning! I LOVE that picture with the fishing hat on! Wow! I look at these pictures and think you need to start a book with Marty as the main character.


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