Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Where have I been?

Wow, such decisions....work on gifts or blog, write cards or blog. As you can see I have NOT been blogging and I'm sorry to say I don't seem to have anything completed this year! The time is REALLY getting away from me.

Recap of the past few days:

Hubby finished the floor, steps and trim in our den.
Hubby reversed the door to the garage, which has opened into the room (in the way) for the past 17 years - WOO HOO

Daughter picked up her car.

Son's loves his car and new job and got "grand opening" employee. Now for the paychecks! HA

I have written out about 1/3 of my cards, which finally arrived today. IF YOU HAVE NOT SENT ME YOUR ADDRESS - NOW IS THE TIME! Email me at mybUg1999 aT aOl DOT coM

I have finally packed up my dad's stuff. (Yes, he moved 2 months ago) His closet is full, but the room is empty. I have been stripping off the wallpaper. Wow, I really did a good job hanging it all those years ago! The plan is for the room to be painted, the blinds hung, rug cleaned, and the recliner and shelf brought down from my office upstairs prior to Christmas Eve. (I want the office back downstairs, but hubby is putting up a mild stink) We'll just move it a little at a time and before he knows it, it will all be down there!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You've really been busy. I wish I was so ambitious. I have had the same "to do" list for three months now, and haven't done any of it! I know what you mean with time getting away from you. I can't believe we're so close to Christmas! I need MORE TIME!

Kara said...

I think my least favorite remodeling chore is taking off wallpaper - that or painting ceilings!!!

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

we both are super busy.....I am thankful my laptop died this time of year( it melted and smoked up and boy did it smell bad!)...just so I could get things done around the house and My Christmas wrapping done...now That I got a new laptop...My house is neglected! I am anxious to see what you have for a Christmas card! did you get ours yet??

Glad your are back! you started to get me worried!


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