Wednesday, December 01, 2010

In between the madness

I've been trying to get my Etsy updated! Many items to add, but no time to get them listed. I need a personal least an assistant that has digits and not paws...the paws are NOT HELPING.

Anyhow, the artwork is not listed yet, but is available. If your interested drop me a note...

20x20 - SOLD

There is also still time for custom holiday orders.


Minnie Moo said...

Wow, it all looks fantastic. Going to have to check it out :)


Minnie Moo

Wilma said...

So lovely, I want them all!

kristie said...

OMG, that last painting - the pugs with sweaters on. LOVE it! their tails are adorable. i spent a couple of hours listing stuff on etsy last week, it's time consuming...i may have been at work at the time...sshhh!

Pam said...

Your paintings are just too adorable! I love the gray cat one I got from you. It's sitting on my dresser.

Leah said...

Punchy, I LOVE the 20x20 with the two pugs and blue background!!!! How much is it?! It reminds me of Daisy and Oscar!

Unknown said...

Hi, I'd like to see what paintings you have... we have a fawn and a black pug. Can't find your e-mail... e-mail me at dwalter523(at)netscape(dot)net


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