Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No more Punchymobile?

Got a distress call from P this morning. He was in a car accident on the expressway on the way to work. He called me from the center lane, sitting in the car, hooked on the trailor hitch of the truck in front of him. Have to love those cell phones??? He said he was okay, thankfully and needed me to come get him and take him to work. That's my guy, worried about getting to work.

They couldn't get out of their vehicles until the police arrived and could guide them off the road. Actually the guy he hit "towed" him off hooked to his truck! The "Help" truck that monitors the expressways helped them get the two vehicles apart so the other person could continue on his way in his "undamaged" vehicle. When I first saw it I thought, wow, that looks okay....okay until I looked into the hole. The radiator is smashed into the engine, so we are not sure of the actual internal damage. The insurance company says it will most likely be totaled due to age and mileage. I bought this car off the showroom floor 11 years ago, it doesn't owe me a dime. It just seems like such a waste..... So if anyone is keeping track in the last few months we have had:

broken washer
broken dryer
mushroom eatting Kiki incident
broken fridge
virus infected computer
tenant who left like a thief in the night AND trashed fridge and stove
broken car

but heh, I still have my sense of humor and my faith...I'm hanging on to those for all I'm worth!


PugMommy said...

Wow, hopefully good luck is around the corner for y'all, I wish you the best and hope you all have great holiday.

kristie said...

nooooooooooo, not the punchymobile! i think you are due some good luck. i'd buy a lottery ticket if i were you.

dw said...

That is just so wrong! Hopefully the new year will bring new and better times for the Punchy crowd!

Sandy said...

Punchymobile sure does not look 11 years old. I hope it can be salvaged. Surely things will get better soon.

Southern Fried Pugs said...

All that bad is preparing you for something really good. Sounds like you are in for a spectacular Christmas season.

agent99 said...

You bought the car ELEVEN years ago? I'd say you've gotten your money's worth. Glad hubby is OK, and hope your ins. co helps out towards a new Punchbuggy - you deserve it!!

The Devil Dog said...

Wow, you certainly had a whole bunch of bad happenings lately. I hope things take a really sharp turn for the better real soon.
Can't believe that car is 11 years old. It looks awesome. Glad hubby is okay.
Take care.


Those Elgin Pugs said...

Oh Punchy~
I am glad your hubby is okay!!
Now, I am sorry about your Buggy!!

I would have my hubby sell you a car, but he lost his job the monday before thanksgiving...

So, we are all in this together I guess right?

We have to keep our heads up and our hopes high!

Katy & puggies

Winston Wilbur said...

that is quite the list.... but hey the main thing is... you still got the pugs and that is what really matters, right!

Pam said...

Doh! Glad that P was okay though.

We've had a string on bad luck the past few months as well. Hope the tide turns very soon for both of us!


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