Sunday, December 12, 2010

Meet Baxter....

A chip-in has been started to help Green Mountain Pug Rescue with his vet needs. Please consider visiting Meet Baxter a sweet little 3 year old Pug found wandering the streets. Who knows what life he led before, but he has a bright future! Baxter is just a wonderful little guy. Super friendly and despite obvious skin happy! He loves to just be held and will fall asleep in your arms and stay there as long as you'll let him! You can NOT help but fall in love with this little guy!!!! Help GMPR help Baxter, get him well and find him the loving home he SO deserves!

Baxter came from a kill shelter in Ohio. He was our overnight guest at Hotel Punchy. Despite his tattered exterior Baxter has a heart of gold. So loving, so happy, so trusting. These situations just break your heart. Kudos to all the loving people who rescue, transport, foster, donate, and do whatever they can to make the world a better place for these little guys.
It was like having a little baby! He was happy to snuggle all night long.


PugMommy said...

Stories like this is one reason why I want to get my Bailey fixed, as much as I love pugs, there are way too many in the world who have been abused, neglected, or even kicked out to defend themselves. It's sad :(


Wilma said...

Oh Baxter looks so sweet. We are so lucky to just get all the love and attention we deserve without a struggle, ever. I know all Baxters hardships are behind him and he will have the best life he ever imagined thanks to folks like you Punchy. Thank you!

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Hotel Punchy is heaven to the Baxters of the world. Thank you for helping him on his way to a better life.

julie said...

Baxter is so sweet i wish him all the best as every pug deserves just that and more.


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