Thursday, August 20, 2009

A couple of unanswered questions

I seem to always forget to answer the questions that come about in the comments. I should probably start a list? Oh, gosh, another list, not sure my life can handle that right now.

A couple of recent questions -

The bridge from yesterday's post.

It takes FOREVER to go up and least it seems that way when your late for work! It groans and creaks and makes me very nervous. It is well maintained.

The stairs on the side are so people can cross in the event the bridge is UP. I have never seen anyone use the stairs. Everyone walking mills about and waits for it to go down.

Did I ever tell you guys about the time I was walking across, with high heels on? P was meeting me in town, I messed up the location so I was walking BACK across, I had briefcase, purse, etc. He calls my cell looking for me and at the same time my high heel gets wedged in the bridge and I walk out of it!!!! At that point I'm deciding whether to a)leave the shoe b) drop my phone c) cry. I'm sure the drivers had a good laugh. I did manage to hang up the cell, unwedge the shoe and carry on....sigh....

Opps, back to the questions. There was a question as to why I don't eat the fish. Well....first off I can't eat anything I've seen alive and breathing. Second, I'm not fond of the taste of the strong fish like Salmon. Believe it or not P also does not eat much of it. I have NEVER cooked anything he has caught. We mainly give it to people we know love it. Plus isn't there Mercury in fish?????

And speaking of fishing. Remember the Fishing Derby we hosted a few weeks ago? Well, some of the guys had fun and when P went to his boat at 5am this is what he found.

First he thought the dock had problems, then he realized the joke!


Page said...

I totally understand. I can't eat much fish and certainly not if I've seen it alive. I never cook any meat...that is all Rob. And the smell of seafood always grosses me out, so I avoid it.

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Haha great pics!
Oh I just love fish and seafood - I will blame it on genes or something. My family is from the East coast. But you are right about the mercury - levels are more elevated in specific fish.
We have a bridge kind of like the one you posted about, that I cross on my way to and from work. It's along the Rideau Canal, so when the locks open for boats to pass there can be a long wait! It's the worst at rush hour.

kristie said...

i can only eat very small amounts of seafood and the smell of lots of it makes me sooooo sick. the picture of the 'crime scene' is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

How embarressing! Atleast you didn't break your shoe!

I love fish, I cannot eat clams or muscles or anything, they gross me out.

I don't mind catching it or cooking it, I cannot handle the cleaning part. Yuck.. who wants to disembowel a fish? Not me!!


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