Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back home....

We're back home after our week at camp. Sadly the weather wasn't the best. I only got out in the boat twice and the Puggies did not get to go boating at all....sigh.

Since getting home in one swift move I spilled my cup of coffee on the dining room table... soaked the cloth placemats, the lace tablecloth, the underneath tablecloth, the rug under the table....OFF WHITE, and my, I thought the rain was bad - UGH.

We're trying to catch up with everyone's posts.

Special thoughts going out to Sandy and Sugar. Sandy your amazing with your strength and kindness. Pearl, we hope your surgery recovery goes well! Happy "Belated" Birthday to Devil Dog's mama. Happy "BIRTH"day to Brayton! Congrats Rob and Paige! Walter we're happy you continue to recover in a big way.

I've missed you all this week!!!


Libby's Library said...

I'm so sorry that the weather didn't cooperate for you, but glad you all got back home safely.

I can't wait for George's outfit to arrive. I'll be sure to post photo's as soon as is gets here!

Anonymous said...

We missed you too, glad you are home.

Sorry the weather wasn't great, our weather here has been hit or miss too. For the coffee - oxi clean! It has saved the pugs lives many times lol

Sandy said...

Yes...we missed you. I didn't realize you were on vacation or staycation:)...thanks for your sweet thoughts of us while we go through this time with Sugar. She is doing okay at the moment and we're taking it one day at a time.

Unknown said...

We're glad you're back too! sometimes you need a vacation after vacations. Not sure why, but it happens to everybody!


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