Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Weekend Recap

I would love to show you photos of our extended weekend at the lake....however....someone left the digital camera in the cooler with the soda. Not sure why he thought the camera would be safe in there? with 3 inches of melted ice? We did get the card out of it, but haven't had a chance to take it somewhere to "read" it.

P: "well that camera was old"

Me: "it still worked, didn't it?"

P: "your taking it all pretty well"

Me: "what the heck good would screaming do?"

Guess I'll start looking for a new camera. Maybe I'll buy him a $99 wonder and it can be all his. If he looses or wrecks, not my problem! Of course, I'll need a nicer one. Afterall, I have blog friends who need to see photos!

Back to the weekend without pics....

Friday, showed Carriage House to another idiot, I mean applicant.....it was not going to work for him as he had chosen to NOT read my very detailed ad....2 bedrooms, living room kitchen. Meaning NO DINING ROOM, NOT 3 BEDROOMS! I left for the lake feeling dejected about the whole renting thing...what a bummer.

Saturday I facilitated the sale of our parrot cage on Craig's list...woohoo it SOLD!!!!! Saturday was also the 50's party at the lake. It was fun, but I thought started a little early...2pm. They had 50's music, with burgers & fries, lots of bubblegum, some hula hoops, and raffles. I made a 50's dessert off the internet, "Mom's pineapple frozen dessert bars" The ingredients included, vanilla wafers, marshmellows, pineapple juice, heavy cream, and orange juice. Bet you'd like to see photos....sorry no can do! I have to say it was yummy!

Sunday we went boating with the Pugs. The bay was nice and calm but P wanted to go out on the lake. The 4 to 5 foot waves were more than a little Puggy could take and both Marty and Rosie got sick....blah....P did catch two HUGE Bass, which I had to net, whilst handling sickPugs. Ugh!!!

Sunday I did some crafting, which I also cannot show you photos of. I will post more about them later. Sunday night we had a nice dinner and campfire. It was a beautiful night.

Monday we both had off. P left for Salmon fishing at 5am, but returned by 8, as it was too rough. We went beachcombing and then I packed up myself and the Pugs around noon to leave for home. P decided to stay and go fishing....AGAIN!!!!

Monday afternoon I had another person come to look at the carriage house...and she loved it! Thank goodness! She is a widow with a teacup poodle. Perfect! I am happy to have all that behind me. Now we have to hope our present tenants leave things orderly. There are a few things to do once they are out. They are supposed to be gone 8/31 at noon. Of coures that's the Friday of Labor Day weekend. We won't be finding P wanting to be home to do any work. I may have to hire it out......you know he has to go FISHING!!!!!

So now today back to work, tons to do!


AM said...

Oh, a widow with a T-Cup poodle! That does sound perfect. We will need pictures. Which will mean you will need a new camera!

Leah said...

I just don't see what men like so much about fishing....but I guess we do things they have no interest in. Congrats on the new tenant--sounds like a good fit. Hope it works out beautifully!

Sandy said...

The new renter sounds good so far! I hate that your camera got ruined in the cooler...but A NEW CAMERA IS ALWAYS FUN!! And they are so expensive that you need a good reason to buy another one. You must hurry so we don't miss to much! You sure do a lot on your weekends!

Magnolia Sun said...

Sounds like a good weekend except for the camera incident. Hopefully the new renter will turn out good. I wish we still had our boat - we can't wait to get another one when we move.


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