Friday, August 10, 2007

RSVP Please

My sister and I are very different. I think things through, she is impulsive, I am organized, she is chaotic. I love parties that are planned, organized and everyone has a good time, including me. My niece is turning 16 today. In the last week my sister has changed the date of her party 5 times. I have told her from the start that we were not available for the next two weekends, yet she continues to call me. Honestly, she hasn't had a party for her to which adults have been invited in probably 5 years. I have always still given a gift and normally don't hear back about it. I guess I just don't understand the whole thing. I certainly don't expect the party plans to be made completely around our busy schedule, but really, when I say I'm busy for the next weekends...I'm telling the truth. I have plans!

I could further grumble that this summer we have been invited to: 6 weddings, 3 showers, 4 birthday parties, and 3 graduation parties. If you throw in the dinner invitations, picnics and then add on top all the events at the lake... we just can't get to everything. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE socializing, but I really don't want to be overwhelmed with guilt about not attending everything. Summer is short up here in the north, can someone please invite me to something in November or February or March??????


Sandy said...

Wow you have a busy socializing schedule. I think when you let people know in advance that you can't make it to something..that should take care of it. You will drive yourself crazy if you feel guilty about turning invitations down. It's not rude to let someone know you can't make it. I hope you get some rest somewhere in that time!

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

G-wiz! you are a Busy Bee!
I agree with Ragus!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

I hate being invited to a million parties and events too, especially when I'm really just invited to bring a present or food. ugh. My nephews never thank me for their gifts either. It's quite infuriating.


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