Friday, August 31, 2007

Wedding Shower & mom's visit

The centerpieces were teapots filled with fresh flowers. Very pretty. If you birthday was closet to the wedding date, you bot to take it home. My sister was VERY happy she got it!
My aunt, sister and cousin's wife.
Sandy this pic is for you! Cookies. After cake, they served these cute cookie trays to each table. Honestly they looked so pretty, but I would have rather had MORE CAKE!!!! LOL

My cousin's daughter is getting married in October. That is the weekend we will be doing our blog meet-up (anyone else want to come????) and I will not be attending the wedding. My cousin and his wife are divorced and I had heard that the wedding was to be VERY small. I made plans for the meet-up and then heard P and I were going to be invited...opps so sorry! Anyhow, the shower was this past Sunday. We got home on Saturday so I was able to attend I can not even begin to tell you all how glad I am I moved on to forgive my aunt. My sister and I sat with her at the shower and had a really nice time. We joked about our mom (her sister) and I know she feels the loss as big as we do. I think she has missed my stable nature in her life. (Her own daughter has "issues" and she does not have great relationships with her two daughter-in-laws.)

Anyhow, here is the strange thing.....I am not sure I ever shared this with you all, but I believe my mom visits me as a crow. I know many of you will think I am whacked, but here is why I believe this. My mom's hospital room was on the 4th floor of a 7 story hospital. Each floor has a lounge with wall to wall windows. The morning my mom died I was in the lounge taking a break. At this point my mom was in a coma. Outside the window was a peak from another building that had a metal tip (lightning rod?) at the very top. As I was standing looking out the 4th floor window, a crow flew in and landed right on that metal tip and just sat there and stared at me. I turned to my daughter and said "grama is going to pass this morning", she is talking to me through that crow. My mom did indeed pass within the hour. Move forward...many times over the next days and months I would be outside and look up and one crow would be sitting on a bush, tree or wire outside my door. This happened a lot. Move forward 7 months. My best friend from childhood stops to visit unexpectantly. She now lives in Colorado, so her visit is a surprise. Seems she never got my message that my mom had died and she is very upset with the news. We go over to sit on our patio and talk and while we're talking, I look to the edge of the patio and sitting in the grass staring at us not 3 feet away is a crow! Seriously! It got to the point over the years since my mom died that I have just taken these little birdie appearances in stride. Move forward to the shower. My aunt starts to talk about her sadness over my mom. We both get a little teary, I look ahead at the window and yep, a crow lands on the back of a chair, sits there, moves closer and sits there. I told my aunt "don't worry she's here". Yep, my mom is a crow......crazy!


AM said...

I believe that could be possible. Or that your mom asked this crow to look after you and appear to you.

After my mom died, a blue bird often came around. She loved birds and often thougth that people that were passed on were birds.

I havent noticed a bird in years, I think that's because I stopped looking. You have to remain open to see things like that.

Oh, and that SHower!! WOW! That is SO FANCY! And I am so impressed that you chose your blog friends over the wedding! I am very very flattered.

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

You could write a book - My Mom the Crow... :)

Great pics of that shower. A small wedding? With a shower like THAT I would expect a very big wedding. Maybe they have different ideas of wedding sizes than me.

kristie said...

that shower LOOKS like a wedding reception! i totally believe your mom is a crow and don't think you are whacked at all.

Christine & Giggs said...

Like AM said, I think you have to be open to noticing , and I definitely believe it's possible.

Sandy said...

That is a sweet story about your mom and the crow. I like that. I'm glad you decided to forgive your aunt and move on...sometimes that is the only way to find peace inside. The shower is so pretty. I LOVE that tray of goodies...I hate to say I'd probably take home any leftovers for myself! Those mimosas are looking quite good, too. Thank you for sharing those pictures with us!

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

I don't think you are whacked at all ..I believe in all That. I believe my Grandpap comes to visit me through a Cardinal. Cardinals were his favorite birds and collected cardinal figurines..when he passed on he left me money. I kept the money until I knew just what I wanted to spend it on...Once we built our home I wanted to buy 2 trees...when we had the Forestry come and plant the trees not 5 minutes after the Foresters left a Cardinal came and flew into the tree that I bought with my Grandpap money he left me...a cardinal comes to that tree a few times a week....each time we see a cardinal we say...Hello Grandpap... now I have a cardinal tattooed on my back....


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