Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Main Event

Here we go!
Put on our Pug sneakers, grab our $$$ and Pugs and on our way!
Getting these 2 to pose in the big crowd was a little crazy
I made Kiki and Stewie "leather" vests for the event.  I can't believe I didn't get a good photo of the two of them dressed!!!   I know I  don't look too happy here.  I lost my camera and was having a bit of a meltdown.  It was HOT outside and had just returned from looking in the car.
We were really having fun...can't tell here!

We volunteered to help out for a couple of hours at the event and our job was ticket sales.  When we got in for our shift...there was my camera!!!  Seems it fell out of the stroller on our way in and someone turned it in!  Woo hoo!!!
Ticket sales volunteers!

Kiki guarding the cash box!

Is it lunchtime yet?

Stewie's skull/crossbones

This little guy was exhausted
So he took a short nap while mom worked
There were TONS of people here.  I was happy to meet up with these great blogger friends!!!  They are all just as wonderful in person!
Gordon, Ellen, Tim, Christy, Gamps and me!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Pugs!  Ellen you so should have won!

and bought a couple of glasses
 and bought lots of other items too! 

The crowd resting between events

Lots of people and Pugs!!!!

We stayed until the end and I still discovered that I missed stuff!!!  Kiki did enter the races, which I'll share tomorrow! 

Pug fest rocked!!!!!

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Rae - Say It Aint So said...

look at that crowd! i want to come to that fest! i love those glasses! and i'm so glad you found your camera, it would suck to lose it ANYWHERE but especialy at pugfest!


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