Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stewie goes to camp!

We popped all six in the back and headed off for camp. Everyone but Kiki napped. She preferred overseeing the drive.

Once there P set up the "pugpen" and everyone got in.Not long after we got there C, PJ, and Charlie arrived. They all decided to go out on the boat, so I decided to grab a quick nap. This is the scene that greeted P when he got back a couple hours later.....Charlie took a rest in between playing. Finally Rosie plays tug with Charlie! She wanted to so bad and finally got the courage.
On Monday everyone headed out and I decided to check the internet. Seems Stewie figured out how to help surf the web....

Then Stewie settled in for a nap. Seems that boy can sleep anywhere.

P and Stewie chilling.

I think this little guy is the perfect fit for our family! Thanks SEPRA!!!


pugsx4 said...

Y'all look quite content and happy.
Go Rosie!

Sandy said...

Oh my...six pugs on top of you! That really is a sight to see.

Payton said...

Can't beat all that relaxing! Seems like Stewie is fitting in nicely.

The Devil Dog said...

Was that you in that pug pile, napping away. Bet you were nice and warm.


Wanda said...

Bless you! Stewie is a gem:) So glad everyone is enjoying the newest addition!!

PS I will never complain about Py hogging the couch again after your nap with six!


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