Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Excuse our delay!!!

Sorry for the delay in talking about our fun weekend!!!  I switched to the new Blogger interface and was a little slowwwwwwwwww working it out!!!

We waiting Saturday for our houseguests to arrive.  Finally at 7 p.m. they rolled into the driveway.

Now we would have normally taken some more photos of the arrival.  But it was pretty much like "welcome to camp crazy"!  Our gang were barking their little wiggly butts off when our friends Jess with Miss Mia and Vikki with Mr. Ernie came into the house!  Miss Kiki has already been to Ernie's house twice, and we all met Mia, but frankly the poor thing had only been with Jess for a day, so everything was very different this time around.  We pretty much decided that Mia and our Zoey were "birds of a feather".  They looked alike and sure acted alike!  They took MANY more photos of Saturday night than I did, so be sure to check out their blogs to see the action from their view! 

We ate a late dinner and sat and talked.  We got to talking about Lilo and our other little furry friends that have passed.   This year has been an especially hard one for our little world of Pugs.  Jess has a glass bead that she had custom made for Lilo from Maybeads.  Jess and I were talking about how Maybeads was working on a huge order of Pug beads.  I told them how I secretly SO wished that one of my own friends had ordered all those custom beads and that maybe I'd get one as a gift.  So they went outside to get their bags and when they came back in they were bearing gifts....

Wine from Vikki
A pen Jess made me from a glass Maybead charm!!! 

A canvas print of sweet Lilo in my favorite dress.
What a good laugh they got from me and all my wishing!!! 

It was so wonderful to have friends FINALLY visit NY!!!!


Payton said...

What awesome company! I can't wait to see all the great pug pictures!

Pug Posse said...

We had so much fun visiting your gang! Wish you didn't live so far away so we could see you more often! Next time we want a ride on the Pug Boat :-)
Ernie and the Pug Posse


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