Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Welcome to our hotel, you need fresh towels?

Welcome to my, I mean OUR room. What? I don't get the whole bed???? Seriously?Vinny tried out the shelf unit. He sat up there several times. I think he was hoping *danburymint* will use him as a model!Vinny tried on his shirt that we made him. It needs a little adjusting for the perfect fit, but perhaps this little guy will grow a tad more. He is just 10 months old this week.Then these two decided to have playtime. Vinny easily played and followed Kiki about. Her tags help him keep an "eye" on her.Tuckered out from the playtime.Kiki's Nanny Annie from KPR met me to get take-out for dinner. I did an amazing u-turn in a very busy intersection. Are u-turns legal in Indy? Annie followed me to the hotel to see Kiki for this first time since August of 2010. Sadly I did NOT get photos. It was amazing to see the recognition! We had fun talking while enjoying dinner. Then she had to leave to go take care of her Holly baby who is ill. We told her we would see her on Saturday and got ready for bedtime....uh, hello Kiki....that bed is NOT just for you!

Morning came VERY early when L's alarm went off at 1:45 a.m., which she slept through!

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Liss said...

Some great pics!


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