Thursday, July 28, 2011

Money Plant

Who says we can't grow money? That is a Money Plant. Years and years ago we had these plants growing everywhere! Seems my granny must have gotten some seeds, either on a trip to her homeland or from one of her many friend's gardens.

Over the years the HUGE abundance of these plants has diminished in our yard. I always thought they looked VERY weedy and hated them for popping up in my neat flowerbeds. I tugged and pulled them out.

But now? Now, I love that the butterflies love the purple wildflowers that these start out being. They turn in to flat green shapes and then eventually dry up. They will naturally shed the two outer layers and leave behind the "coin" looking dried flowers. They look beautiful in a vase or dried arrangement!

So this year a whole crop of these came up in the creeping myrtle in the front yard....and I left them. The dry Summer made them change sooner, but I cut about half of them and have been peeling off the outer layers a few at a time. I have saved all the seeds. I am going to take most of them up to camp to scatter along the woods on the way into camp. Maybe next year I'll see my granny's Money Plants grow miles from home.....

PS - Anyone want some seeds??????


The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

Us Pug Mamas would love some. We live in the barren Kansas plains...LOL...and we could use some interesting plants and we LOVE butterflies and purple send the on to us.
Much love,
Mama Mindy and CJ of the Slimmer Puggums

Sandy said...

I've never seen a plant like that. Very interesting. Could you find one that grows dollar bills??

pugsx4 said...

They will not bloom the first year in a newly planted area but you should see a lot of blooms the next year. We had a lot this year too. I love them, they always bloom here around Mother's Day and last for weeks.

kristie said...

we are on the lookout for any 'free' plants for the mountain house yard so save some for us please! my granny had just the already dried plants in her house in a vase...she didn't have the plant in her yard.

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Those look cool! I'd love to plant some of those seeds in my yard, but I am pretty sure it would be illegal to bring them across the border. :(
Hope you have a great weekend!


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